March Favourites: Part One (T.V. and Music)

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March Favourites (Part One)

Hi! So I thought I would try to do a favourites round up type post because why not! :-) Also I have liked a lot of things lately and writing individual blog posts about them all seems daunting right now! I am separating this into two posts, the next one will be more beauty/other random stuff focused(!).

T.V. Favourites:


Call My Agent! (called Dix Pour Cent in its native French). If you had told me my next favourite frothy feel good comedy was going to be a French show about an acting agency set in Paris I might have said “Sacre Bleu! Mais Non!” or some such. Call My Agent actually has three seasons already on Netflix, I admit I had seen it come up before and thought “Looks beezare”, saying that I am a cinematic Francophile so it seems silly now, of course I was going to love a show that has various well known French actors parodying themselves in cameos, as many of the episodes feature.

I love the core cast’s chemistry and the show’s fizzy, frenetic pace and occasional romantic pathos. ALSO IT IS FILMED IN PARIS DID I MENTION AND IT’S SO PRETTY! Sorry to shout. But some of the camera shots in this show are so cinematic and adoring of the streets of Paris, it really does make you want to visit. Imagine Entourage without the misogyny, the pillorying of the ego of the artist and the great lengths their agents will go to to please them is a universally amusing theme if you are interested in such things.

The characters in this show all really grew on me over time, it’s occasionally sort of silly but it’s a great veg out, fun, warm hearted watch. Plus you have to read the subtitles so you are forced to give it your full attention/unplug from your phone, which for me is a good thing! Warning you may find yourself walking around saying things like “SupER!” in a French accent, it’s just that infectious. I really hope they make another season.


One Mississippi. I had heard good things about this autobiographical comedy drama from comedian Tig Notaro. We finally got around to watching it recently (it has two seasons, sadly they cancelled it after that), and it is a really special and low key binge worthy show.

Based on what she calls the worst year of her life, the show portrays Tig (who plays this version of  herself) going home to rural Mississippi for family reasons after recently completing breast cancer treatment at home in California. Tig is a d.j. come life chatter (it never calls her show a podcast, I get the impression she sort of was doing podcasts before they had a name? I don’t know, but that is basically how her show comes off to me).

So anyway, she comes home after her Mom has a bad accident and stays with her stepdad and brother. It all sounds a bit bleak but it is a very low key, occasionally bittersweet comedy about coming to terms with your past. Tig’s stepdad is a comically repressed, obsessively orderly man who she has a strained relationship with. Her brother is initially a bit of a goofy, aimless sort of guy but sweet and obviously attached to his sister. I also really liked the soundtrack of this show, it's kind of indie with a little bit of roots country and it fits the show perfectly right down to the theme tune.

Tig is also a gay woman who has a wry, sort of bemused attitude to the prejudices she inevitably faces in her hometown. Her romantic life is treated in a very rounded and at times comedic way, but at its core is an unlikely love story that you can’t help but root for that is possibly aided by the chemistry of Tig’s real life wife co-starring.

This show faces so many often unspoken issues about womanhood and sexuality head on and with a gutsiness that is belied by its gently ribbing barbs and southern charm setting. It accomplishes this strange thing of being gentle and brutal at once, it's hard to describe but I really loved the tone it set and it made me a big fan of Tig, I really want to check out her Netflix special now.

It is worth noting that Louis C.K. was initially a producer on the show, so you might see his name associated with it - but he had no creative input and never appears in it, also worth noting is that Tig called his messy ass OUT in a devastatingly good episode in season two that addresses the issue, long before his gross-ness was made public (which some people have speculated got the show cancelled but I honestly have no idea).


Bob Mould, Sunshine Rock: We went to see Mr. Mould touring his new record along with his now long running band comprised of alt rock staples Jason Narducy (Split Single, Superchunk) and Jon Wurster (Superchunk), a couple of weeks ago in Edinburgh. He was excellent as always, if more than a bit raspy of voice from a serious cold (he still gave it his all though!). 

His setlist was heavy on the new album (not a bad thing in this case), but had plenty of old solo, Sugar and Husker Du fan favourites to keep the crowd revved. A personal highlight for me was seeing him perform Sinners and Their Repentances, a searing, bleakly beautiful classic solo Mould song - something he hasn't had in rotation for quite a while and was a first for me in yikes, I think 7 times seeing him live now?

I am not even kidding when I say this is the best picture I took at the gig. Can I blame my phone? Also it's a middle aged bald headed minefield in the rest of my pics too, whaddya gonna do/ short-ish chick at a man heavy concert problems.

This is Bob Mould I swear. :-)

His latest album Sunshine Rock is probably the poppiest (though obviously as one would expect with Mould still seriously guitar driven) record he has put out in some time, possibly since his band Sugar in the 90’s. It  has numerous catchy yet rockin’ tunes that scream driving down the road with your windows down in summer to me, along with a couple of Bob’s trademark shredded guitar anguish tracks and a dizzyingly fun, breakneck cover of 60s tune Send Me A Postcard.

Mr. Mould's last couple of records especially have felt like him uncovering if not necessarily a new direction (why fix what ain't broke?), then a freshly enthusiastic drive towards refusing to be tamed by life/middle age.

If you have never dipped your toe in the waters of Husker Du or Mould’s solo work this is about as mass listener friendly as his sound gets (He isn't playing this particular track yet live and we love it in my house!).


Sigrid, Sucker Punch: I adore pretty much everything Norwegian dance pop pixie Sigrid has put out and have been awaiting her first album for some time (she put out a few EP’s in the past couple of years, but for someone who has had something like a half a dozen singles it’s been quite a long journey and an education for me in how modern music gets released now).

So what makes Sigrid stand out from the masses of other dance music acts?

For me personally it is the sensitivity of her lyrics, this feels like a young woman coming into her own and there is a lot of  feminist sentiment going on for such a deceptively dancey sweeping anthem queen. Her album contains a few hits I am familiar with (it also left out a few which is quite brave). She is always experimenting with different versions of her songs and putting out live acoustic versions of many of them, almost as a response in case there was any question of her authentic talent.

Sigrid’s innate musicality and Adele reminiscent vocals layer an added depth to even her boppiest anthems, and there are quite a few tracks that have experimental ranges of pace and play with a few musical genres along the way. 

I like how many of her tunes have an empowering/uplifting vibe. There isn't much crying over guys that done her wrong - sure there are a couple of heartbreak type tunes but largely Sigrid's message is uplifting and has a great girl power vibe for gen Z (and all of the olds like me too lol! ;-0).

Also, the undeniable fact is most of her tunes are super catchy and just make you want to dance, like the week I got this album I was feeling kinda low energy but every time I put it on I found it impossible not to get up and have a bop round my living room! If you like artist like Tegan and Sara, Robyn or La Roux you might also want to check her out!

So those are my recent t.v. and music favourites, is there anything you have loved recently? Drop me a message in the comments!


  1. I’m currently glued to Arrow and American Gods!

    1. I tried and failed to get into American Gods I admit! ;-)I love Ian McShane though!

  2. Haven't heard of the first show, might have to check that out! Right now binging on Santa Clarita Diet and Crazy Ex Girlfriend (my husband doesn't like this one at all so I watch it alone, got my younger sister hooked, she has now finished it before me!). Just finished the Umbrella Academy.

    1. Ahhhh Crazy Ex Girlfriend I loved the first season SO much. I admit I am struggling with the final season right now. I am one of those "Original Greg is the only Greg" loonies ha ha! Normally we would be bingeing the new Santa Clarita too but we are on a Game of Thrones power binge it all before the last season kick so that is basically all we are watching! You might like Call My Agent, it's a good mindless frothy sort of watch (except you have to read subtitles ;-)).

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