Sunday Confessions: Spring Awakening

Random old pic of Shakespeares's house in Stratford Upon Avon, looking forward to more warm, sunny days soon hopefully!

I confess: I transferred my domain yesterday. It was kind of painful to abandon the old one, in terms of starting from scratch with domain authority and all that jazz. Like, uugghhh why you gotta be such ripoff merchants GoDaddy?

Apologies for any inconvenience, I hope eventually people can find me as my old address will not redirect automatically, so I don't know what I can do other than try to start sending links to this blog, linking back to old posts etc. (I have wiped my Pinterest board for the blog and begun pinning new links, changed all of my social media, etc. but it will probably take time). If I have missed something obvious for how I might fix this please do tell, I am as is obvious a tech dunce. Like I could have sworn when I changed address last time it redirected? I shouldn't be allowed near the internets really lolz.

I confess: Yes so expect a few extraneous shameless backlinks in upcoming posts, and lots of recycling them elsewhere (um which I know is what most bloggers do anyway but I am lazy!). Hmmm what can I reach for here...drawing a blank. OH. I know! The above picture is from when we went to see Hamlet in Stratford Upon Avon starring David Tennant something like ten years ago. It was amazing.

No, I didn't have a blog back then, but I did write a review of seeing his other play Don Juan in Soho in London a couple of years ago (see what I did there? ;-)). I was also made aware this week that David Tennant has a podcast, right back in ten hours. Honestly I haven't listened to it yet but he has chats with his actor buds and am sure it's amusing and diverting and worth checking out for fans.

I confess: Some perverse part of my likes the idea of having to start over from scratch with the blog (in some senses). I can totally see why some blogs change their look often or even their names (usually in a smarter way that I have done though!). I have contemplated moving to Wordpress because the benefits of Google seem less and less, especially with the imminent disappearance of Google+, which everyone always talks disparagingly of but actually sent a decent amount of traffic to my blog. R.I.P. Google+, you were kind of random and weird but you sent me more love than Pinterest ever did!

It's not that I have an urge to change my (nonexistant) niche or how I blog really, but lately I do feel the appeal of a clean slate. I quit my local Facebook blogging group, mostly because it's just not relevant to my life or my blog. The blogging community in my town has grown ever more niche, and while I've met some nice people I decided it was healthier to remove anything that makes me feel like less of a blogger for not getting invited to every envelope opening or whatEVER. I like what I do, and I am not allowing negativity or competitiveness into my headspace anymore.

It's funny because last week I randomly had two emails from old friends, and yesterday a friend spontaneously offered to do me a super thoughtful favour from abroad, and even though I don't get to see them very often it just reminded me that I am lucky to know what real friendship is, and it's a waste of my time to fret over people or situations that don't matter to my life at all in the grand scheme of things.

So anyway, onwards and upwards! I feel like such a cliche but something about Spring showing signs of arriving has lifted me out of a bit of an admitted fugue/fog that I was in since my cancer scare at the start of the year (if you think I am above using my cancer history for a little backlink bump you know nothing Jon Snow! Yes we are mainlining/rewatching ALL of Game of Thrones before the big daddy final season hits. We are on season...4 onto 5 now I think? Ygritte! Sniff.).

I have a couple of March favourites type posts almost ready to go (well one is, the other one is written in my head so that counts too right? ;-)). I am splitting it in two because I liked a lot of things recently :-). Expect ACTIVITY on the blog. It's Aries season b*tches (see I'm getting all feisty and cheeky which has not been my m.o. for ages. Who says astrology isn't real?! We are out of Mercury Retrograde too, seriously, am I the only one who felt like a slug last month?).

One of the main things that makes me believe astrology is a tiny bit real is actually an Aries friend of mine. I don't know the rest of her chart or anything but she is just like a human dynamo of Aries energy.

When I met her a million years ago at first internally I admit I was all like "Ugh this person is too much for me. Leave me alone! I don't want to do all of the things. I don't want to ride bikes or horses or climb things or play sporty things with balls!"

She was/is such an unstoppably positive, won't take no for an answer type person, which kind of drove me nuts at first. I'm not saying she was always like this, once I got to know her she definitely had her own low energy times, which bizarrely, made me take on her motivational role, not a natural one for me at all, but her example made me better at it.

So anyway yeah, I can't help but think of her at this time of year, when we are coming out of our shells and comfort zones a bit. Introverting and self care are important, but too much for too long isn't healthy in my experience. Life is more enjoyable when we are trying new things and sharing good times with other people, for the most part. Or maybe that's just the sunshine and daffodils talking! :-)

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  1. I have definitely been feeling like a slug lately! I have so much I want to do/get done and none of the energy for it, so annoying!

    Every introvert needs at least one extroverted person in their life, to make us go out and do things. For me, it's my husband. Left to my own devices I don't think I would ever do anything.

    1. I feel like a lot of people are saying last month/the beginning of this year has been a very slow start so I think we are not alone! It's good your husband brings you out of your shell, sometimes I think I married the most introverted LEO ever lol.