Watch/Buy/Read: July!

Hi! Remember when I blogged semi regularly and tried to do series type posts? Good times he he. Anyway as may be obvious I am having a bit of bloggers creative ennui/aka it's too hot to write or do anything but seek air con and ice lollies. I don't know. Anyway here I am trying to come up with something!

Watch:Hm. So much STUFF. It's kind of overwhelming am I right? A hidden(ish) Netflix gem I found recently is The Let Down. It's an Australian dram com about a new Mom struggling to cope, which to be honest I wasn't sure would be my bag, but it has that dry yet quirky feel of Australian comedy that I love, like Kath and Kim or Muriel's Wedding, everything feels true to life and acerbic and a little bleak and sometimes that's funny and more real to me than a lot of what passes for comedy. Oh crud only old people say what passes for comedy. Whatever, check it out if you want! ;-)

Along these lines I am also looking forward to the final season of Casual, a Hulu show that is on Amazon Prime in the U.K. It is "dropping" next week I believe, I really love Tommy Dewey and Michaela Watkins' characters' slightly unhealthy codependent brother sister relationship. It's a sometimes bittersweet but real and funny slice of life type show and I will miss it when it's gone.

Buy: Hm...we are in the dregs of the sales now, I seem to have missed the best bargains and it's now a bit of picking over the leftovers which I hate. We are going away this weekend and have a night out with friends and I spent all day yesterday looking for a black or a white top and came up empty. Why is it so hard to find specific things when you need them desperately?* Gah.

Anyway what have I bought recently? Well I went to a "pamper party" with Temple Spa skincare products in aid of Marie Curie cancer care, it was run by the lovely blogger Karen of Tiny Bird Heart, and I have to say I LOVED the products. They are all natural and gorgeous feeling on the skin and cruelty free. I was so impressed I ordered a spa sample kit with a little bit of everything, I cannot wait to try them!

Also I have turned pale again after managing to build a tiny bit of a tan a couple of weeks ago in this unprecedented weather (too much gym time lol!) so I caved and bought some fake tan, the Bondi Sands mousse which I have heard good things about. I am waiting to wash it off as we speak, I didn't want to risk getting it on my sheets (I have read, and can concur, it transfers, so be careful I have no idea if it washes out of linens or what). I will let you know how it goes, fingers crossed.

Hm I haven't really tried either of those things properly have I? I guess interpret "buy" to mean "things I have bought". So don't buy them yet under my recommendation. Wow I have forgotten how to blog ha ha oops.

Read: Body Positive Power by Megan Crabbe aka Bodposipanda of internet bopo fame. If you're into body positive love yourself as is inspiration and realness and want to kiss diet culture buh bye, buy it! Deserves a proper review so I'll come back to that one at a later date if anyone is interested.

Also read recent-ish-ly: Chasing Harry Winston by Lauren Weisberger. This is an older book by the author of the Devil Wears Prada fame. I really loved that it had three different unique narrators, a group of girlfriends living in New York, all about to hit 30 and at various life crossroads. This book had a couple of awkward time/place jumps that were pretty clunky, but overall I liked the characters a lot and really wish there had been a sequel (it's like 10 years old though so seems unlikely?).

Also one of my favourite authors Lindsey Kelk has a new book out this week called One in A Million. I am a big fan of everything she writes, she always has the perfect mixture of humour, romance and sassy girl power in her books, so I can't wait to read this new one off.

Oh well I better go pack (I hate packing! Just me?) Please let me know what are you are enjoying recently in the comments!

*Some might argue with my use of the word "need". Of course I own black and white tops, but they are a bit grotty and boring and old and I NEED A NEW ONE FOR THIS OUTFIT OK! ;-)


  1. I find basics to be the hardest things to shop for! I would love to find the perfect opaque scoop-neck short sleeve t shirt in all the colors. Hope you have fun on your weekend getaway!

    1. They really are! Why is it so hard to find the perfect t-shirt? And YES opaque, for the love of god why is everything see through?! ;-0