A Little Catch Up

Hi! Apologies for not blogging lately (and yes I KNOW nobody cares, whatever! ;-) It's just been one of those months where I have like five half written blog posts, plus I joined the gym, plus we are going on vacation in two weeks, excuses excuses!

Anyway I sit here today, not gymming it, on Friday the 13th, with an absolutely grotesque case of pink eye. I seriously look like Quasimodo. (Thanks gym with no germ spray for member use, I so called this, and yes I have written a really perturbed email to said gym). On what planet do they think having employees half heartedly spray the equipment a couple of times a day is sanitary?! I am super annoyed, because I am/was getting into the whole gym thing, but now I am super paranoid about how filthy and gross this one is. I accept that is is vaguely possible I caught it somewhere else, but it seems highly unlikely.

So I can't get in to see the eye doctor until tomorrow - so far I have tried aloe vera gel and green tea compresses, with zero effect.

Anyway this is what I've been up to the past few  weeks, for anyone interested (yes this post is mainly just me procrastinating walking into broad daylight looking like this!):

-Going to see Ryan Adams play in Edinburgh. I'm not going to lie, while the performance itself was amazing, it was my least favourite Ryan Adams show (it was our third time seeing him) for many grumpy old lady shouldn't go to concerts on a Friday night reasons. DRUNK PEOPLE YOU SUCK. And yes I had a couple of glasses of wine before said gig, but I have long passed the stage of being blotto at a concert - like why would you spend £30+ on a concert ticket to not remember any of it? Anyway I'm glad it wasn't my only time seeing him, and hopefully next time I can get seated tickets and bring a blanket and slippers because apparently I can no longer tolerate humanity! ;-)

Kinda blurry, soz. There was a giant flailing drunk man in front of me for the most of the gig so I did the best I could!

-Celebrating my wedding anniversary -16 years whaaaat. Crazy. My wedding was a funny one, it was planned in three weeks, because we were star crossed transatlantic lovers and all of that fun stuff, so basically it was get married or leave town (it is really supercalifragilistic extra hard for Americans to get work visas in the U.K.). My husband and I had known each other for just over a year when we got married, half of which had been long distance. Looking back it seems sort of crazy and whirlwind and I'm sure not many people thought it would last. But we're doing ok so far, knock wood spit spit. :-)

Add caption

We went to Rustico for our anniversary meal, they have the BEST calimari!

-Writing numerous to do lists for the holiday. I am an excellent list maker. Actually doing said list in a remotely orderly fashion is another story! The main things I need for the holiday (aside from the obvious meds and such), is a spare swimsuit (or "cossie" as they say here!), and maybe some sandals. And maybe some cropped trousers, because I seem to have accrued several pairs of shorts in the sales which I'm not 100% look remotely decent on me.

I find shorts a real struggle - my legs aren't terrible, although I do have the middle aged podge knee thing going on now, and I'm working on the whole loving myself as is thing, but like, when did shorts get SO short, is it just me that wants some semblance of thigh coverage? Why is it so hard to find cargo shorts that hit the knee (I don't care if they are "mom shorts", they are my safe zone). I hate bermuda shorts, as well, so it's legitimately a fashion quandary, they are nowhere to be found these days. I have a ratty old pair I am hoping to squeeze into.

-Reading the Amy Schumer book "The Girl With The Lower Back Tattoo". It's quite good, a lot more reflective and poignant at times that I had anticipated. I am a sort of medium Amy Schumer fan, I like some of her sketch comedy show very much, but didn't find her latest Netflix special to be that hilarious if I'm honest. But she is a smart and engaging writer, if a tiny bit self congratulatory at times (I know it's probably just her schtick but it's a hard thing to get right in print). But I would definitely recommend the book, it's told from a strong and unashamedly female persepective that is powerful at times, and the sections where she mocks her old journals is pretty hilarious!

-Watching: The Good Place on Netflix. I had seen a couple of episodes in America last year, I am a Kristen Bell fan since Veronica Mars, and this quirky show is both fun and sort of mindless/non taxing. It's about a woman who accidentally gets sent to a heaven-type place, The "Good Place", when she should have been sent to the "Bad Place". It is light yet sort of dark, and I admit I did not see a fairly major twist coming. I am caught up to U.S. pace now, it is super bingeable!

Anyway I have some blog reading/catching up to do - how are things with you?


  1. 16 years! Congratulations!!!
    The Good Place is SOOO FUNNY. I love when they do the "reveal" and Ted Danson does that delicious giggle, my favoriiiiite.
    Sorry about the pink eye, that's terrible :(

    1. Thank you! I love Ted Danson in The Good Place, too. :-)
      My eye turned out to be a stye, it's just so crazy swollen and inflamed I didn't realize. I still blame dirty gym germs though lol!

  2. It is my wedding anniversary too (15th) and I have just read Amy Schumer's book which I really enjoyed, very honest and funny. Great minds think alike!

  3. I am totally with you on the 'sitting down at gigs and bah humbug why are you people talking drunkenly?" and I don't care if that makes me old.

    Hope you have a lovely holiday. How did your mom's place fare in the storms? (at least I think that's where you're going? Oh well if not the question still stands!)

    1. Bah humbug indeed...I mean. it's Ryan Adams, not some hepped up rock band (although his newer stuff is quite rocky, whatever!;-)). I mean, I am usually more than happy to flail around myself, I think tbh the band just wasn't loud enough to drown out the crowd. Plus there was a Sasquatch stood in front of me, grrr!

      Thanks yes we are away to Florida, we never go anywhere else so I forgot to mention ha ha. She was pretty lucky, just some minor yard/gazebo damage (she just put up the gazebo last year and was all "hmmm wonder what will happen if we get a hurricane?!"...now we know! They are actually very luck prone where she lives, a hurricane has not hit them hard for almost a century, there is even a local legend that a Native American blessing protects the land (I would have thought they might have removed it when they were pushed off their land but hey ho!)....:-0)

  4. Happy (belated) Anniversary! Hugs!
    I hope your eye feels better (by the time I am commenting on this post.)

  5. Steff, you are hilarious as always! So sorry about the pink eye. Could have been from a shopping cart handle or a door knob... anyhow, get better soon! I so totally relate to the shorts thing and capris always hit my leg in the wrong spot though I still make the mistake of buying and wearing them. They hit me mid-calf at the fattest part my make my legs look weird. I sent you an e-mail, did you get it?