Sunday Confessions

I can't find my Sunday Confessions pic, maybe I will change it to this abandonned/overgrown church anyway, I like it! #spooky

I confess: Yes I was all "Yay Fall" this week like everyone else. But also something weird happened - I had a couple of  involuntary "Aww Christmas is coming!" what?! That is so not me, seriously. I don't know what is happening.

I confess: I put up a Facebook picture/post sort of declaring my body positivity and intuitive eating track... I mean why do I do this stupid stuff - well I will tell you why, I was reading one of the body positive accounts I follow on Instagram, Choose Life Warrior, and she was asking people what they have done in their real life to be a bopo warrior and I was all (Looks at floor).

So I thought, ok, I am sick of reading about weight loss journeys and "jokey" fat shaming memes every day on Facebook, so I'm just going to say "Hey there's another way, for anyone sick of the diet treadmill". And people took it as me calling myself ugly and fat of course, despite me saying I am fat and that is ok by me thanks to all of this awesome self acceptance/body positive stuff, because they don't get it, because society is like "No one in their right mind wants to be fat, she must be really needing compliments, all women want is to be told they are acceptable." And I know it was well meaning but uggggh why do I bother.

Real life bopo warriors I will leave it to you and just try to handle my own situation (to be fair I did have one friend who sounded interested so I sent her some links, so maybe it wasn't all for naught).

I confess: Also I joined the gym, which yes, you can exercise and be body positive. But I am a little nervous they will try to indoctrinate me with weight loss and nutritional b.s. speak.

I confess: I am trying not to freak out about everything in the news this week but lately it's hard. :-(


  1. I like the church photo, perfect for the season!

    I need it to be fall so bad, its just too flippin hot!!! But not ready for Christmas, ha.

    Sorry about the facebook post :/ Sometimes things just don't translate well and sometimes people just misinterpret. Also people seem to not like the word "fat", like it's always an insult, which I mean, depending on context it can be. My husband is a little sensitive about that word and doesn't even like me calling our cat fat. Even though she is fat. I love her little rolls :D He's gotten better now that he sees I don't mean it in a mean way. (I never call my husband fat, just the cat)

    I had to rewrite my comment a million times, trying not to sound like an a-hole over here :/ If I ever write something that rubs you the wrong way, or feels insulting, call me out on that please! I use to be kind of a "mean girl" about body comments, but I think it was partly due to people constantly commenting on mine but I cringe now thinking back.

    1. Omg you never need to worry but that is super thoughtful of you. It wasn't that anyone offended me, it was more that we are all (many of us) just seemingly deaf to talking about our bodies in any way other than "Gotta lose weight", "Got to get that beach body". I very possibly didn't word it as well as I could have, but I genuinely think the minute I brought up my slightly rounder form people just glazed over the rest! ;-) I am learning to use fat in a positive way as the bopo movement reclaims it as such, it is a descriptor, not a slur, but I totally get that it makes people uncomfortable. Then I am also conscious of the fact that I'm not in any way challenged by society in the way that many people are, I'm just relating so much more to the movement/group of women embracing themselves instead of spending any more time in my life beating myself up for things that I seemingly can't change without making myself miserable in the process.