Sunday Confessions

Last year's Solar Eclipse...astrological spookiness returns this weekend!

I confess: This weekend was/is what is known in astrological circles (apparently!) as a "Thunder Moon", a full moon named such for falling in the summer, when lots of thunderstorms happen, and also symbolic as it is meant to stir sh*t up generally for all of us. It is also a Capricorn Moon, and as I am a Capricorn that means it is supposed to directly hit me like some cosmic asteroid or some such. Honestly these big astrological events tend to come and go for me without incident, but I am a bit of a hippy flake and do enjoy the suspense - I will keep you posted! In the spirit of that, here are some songs I enjoy with the theme of "Moon":

Killing Moon: Swoony Echo & the Bunnyman tune that never fails to make me feel all dreamy and such.

Whole of the Moon: I was reminded of this song this week because they played a cover of a World Party song in Fargo, so I looked that up, and David mentioned the lead singer was also in The Waterboys, who sing this song, and who have strong connections to where my husband is from in Scotland and also I happened to randomly play this tune on a jukebox when I first met my husband...also, I never tire of the rhyming of "moon" with "Brigadoon"!

Moonshadow: When I was in high school, my friend Jon & I had a deep love for Cat Stevens, we went through a phase where basically all we did was drive around and listen to his gentle folk and pretend we were hippies, plus his songs are the soundtrack to some of my favourite indie films like Harold & Maude and Rushmore. Anyway Moonshadow was always one of my favourites - I still find his music very soothing and relaxing.


I confess: I am reading "Inside Out" by Anastasia Amour, it is a 14 day manual of sorts on really embracing and building lifelong tools for body positivity/self love/body neutrality, call it what you will! I am enjoying it, but I feel bad mentioning or recommending it as she retired from her life as a self love/body positive coach, after being at the top of the movement for several years, removing all of her online presence for personal reasons, so the book is no longer available as far as I can see.

What I really enjoy about her philosophy and writing on the subject is that it is very down to earth and realistic. You have to read a chapter a day for 14 days, with each one having an affirmational type exercise - so far none of them have felt ridiculous or un do-able, and I am someone with a pretty high cringe factor with the self help stuff.

Anyway, today's exercise is that I am not to venture onto social media for 24 hours, which honestly feels like a relief at this point. It's something I keep meaning to do and caving on, so having an outwardly opposed "Do not do" is helping me (so far!). I am also supposed to restrict social media to a half hour a day for the remaining days of reading the book, so that will be an interesting experiment!

I admit that lately I have been feeling confused and irritated by a lot of social media, in regards to blogging anyway, it just seems like it's getting ever more fake. I continue to get followed and unfollowed on the regular by big accounts (it's how they boost their numbers, betting on the smaller accounts not unfollowing them back I use an app called Unfollowers to stop the madness ;-)), and Instagram engagement has plummeted for little guys like me as some sort of misdirected punishment for the big accounts abusing the system with bots and pods, and lately I wonder why I even bother with it.

Hopefully I will find a more positive and productive use of my extra free time this week. I keep meaning to try to write something non blog related and wussing out, I want to try my hand at flash fiction for the heck of it, just to see if I like it. :-)

The link up aspect of Sunday Confessions seems to have gone a bit quiet lately, but feel free to join in if you would like!

I will put up the rest of my London trip as my next post, for anyone interested, I had to stay off Facebook today though so I can't access some of the pictures. ;-)


  1. As much as I love Instagram (I mean, vs Twitter/Facebook/Snapchat) I really feel we are ready for a different platform. I get about five real likes and the rest are either bots, businesses, or larger bloggers. And followers? I haven't had a new/real follower since forever, since everyone I know already has an Instagram account and added me ages ago. I get about two new followers a day sometimes, and they disappear by the end of the week. It's annoying.

    1. I don't get why it's so dramatically altered, I looked up my account to see if I was on Instagram's mute list or whatever it's called and I'm not, but my stats and follows are dramatically down, other than the occasional bot jerk. I agree it feels dead, and Pinterest is wrecked too...we def.need a jazzy new platform that doesn't only reward fake/bought popularity.

  2. I love Cat Stevens! His music reminds me of being a kid and listening to my mum's old vinyl records.

    1. He's da best! I got into other 70s music via my Mom too-Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, The Velvet Underground, all good things! Which makes my household listening sound way too cool-that stuff was when I was a teen/it was just the two of us. When my parents were still together I had to put up with my Dad's southern rawk and country, blech! ;-)