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So I nabbed this idea from Heather at It's Like a Potato who I believe borrowed it from Forever Amber. (I feel like I've seen it elsewhere too?...). Anyway I'm struggling to find blog inspiration right now and the simplicity of this type of post idea appeals!

WATCH: This month has been all about the Netflix Californian "rom drams" or "tragi coms" or whatever is the latest hip word for the still newish genre. Specifically talking about Flaked and Love. Is it because they make living in Venice Beach look like hipster Brooklyn with the added bonus of dreamy hazy California sunshine (Flaked), or that they knowingly or not steal their best moves and looks from Annie Hall but in a fresh and fun way that makes me want to dress like a California tom boy who just doesn't g.a.f. about impressing anyone with their slick fashion sense? (Mickey Flanagan, Love).

Flaked got bad reviews from snarky types obsessed with Will Arnett's character Chip dating younger women who were a tiny bit Manic Pixie dreamgirl-esque. I mean whatever, his script totally points out and makes fun of the age difference numerous times, his character is a man full of flaws and it's hardly like "Yes all men should and can date young hot chicks!" It's more like "Look at the middle aged man children alcoholics barely keeping it together." Anyway, I honestly didn't have any issues with it, I thought it was funny and low key smart and ok maybe a bit slow but again, so pretty, I want to go to Venice Beach stat, and yeah, looking forward to season 2 soon.

Love is, if anything slightly whinier. Boo hiss shows about whiny white people you say? I love whiny too clever for their own good people, so long as they have some redeeming character traits, too. Mickey (Gillian Jacobs, in an unquestionably well written and fleshed out role) and Gus are unlikely love interests, they are sort of friends, sort of lovers, they fight a lot, one of them is in AA, it gets messy, but it's mostly entertaining and the supporting characters, particularly Bertie as Mickey's Aussie b.f. is dryly hilarious.


BUY: With the warm(ish!) weather in Scotland I have been refreshing my t-shirt collection and found a surprisingly good t-shirt at....PRIMARK. I KNOW, Primark, but trust me when I say their "Slouchy t-shirt" is indeed slouchy, and comes in lots of lovely colours (sadly they have already sold out of a lot of them, hoping they re-stock). So far I have bought three, in pale blue, grey, and white. It has a scoop neck that's not too low, a cap sleeve, falls to the hip on my 5'5" self (so perhaps too long for some), and a genuinely "slouchy" fit - i.e. not tight, not baggy, just...casual. It washes great and doesn't shrink (I bought the first one for Pilates and have subsequently bought more). I did size up, because Primark, but other than that for £2(!) they can't be beat. If people have a problem with shopping at Primark I respect that, and generally I don't shop there much at all, but truthfully I am tired of spending a lot of money on basic t-shirts that shrink up to nothing (H&M is the WORST for this unless you are careful with what you buy there), or spring holes for no reason. I'm not made of money t-shirt manufacturers!(sorry America I know Primarks are just opening over there).

READ: This is What Diet Culture Feels Like by Anastasia Amour. Amour's writing on the subject  is just perfection, I guess she's not a life coach for nothing! Also her piece 11 Whopping Lies You've Believed About Diets is killer.


  1. I'm always on the lookout for that "perfect" tee for me, so I can buy it in all the colors times two, but I have yet to figure that one out. I do know I prefer scoop-neck over v neck or crew, ha. SOME DAY.

    I think my husband and I started watching Love (when she put on a bathing suit instead of a bodysuit, hahahaha but her style is definitely California beach town look) and Flaked but I think he wasn't that into them. I'm not much of a TV person, despite watching so much, so I just watch whatever he puts on if I like it. If it's another hour of Japanese Wrestling then um,no, I'm good.

    1. I can't do super low cut with my scar, I just feel too exposed. But crew necks are not my best look either tbh. V necks can be good , again if they are not too low cut (why do all of the t-shirts want the boobs hanging out lol!).

      I think you might like Love (and/or Flaked). Flaked is somehow lighter in feel despite dealing with some heavy issues, it's just really...chill. Love is more like neurotic people fighting Woody Allen style (or uh Judd Apatow style, same diff!). But it manages to tackle a lot of relationship minutae and people's hang up's minutae and I'm totally spelling minutae wrong aren't I. Minutaie? Feck. (OK I LOOKED IT UP ITS MINUTIAE!) That still looks weird!

      ANYWAY...yeah we try to like the same shows too, mostly we agree, if he's watching something I'm not into I just do other stuff though as I'm the one with more free time I don't really care. I read an article about Mickey's style/interview witht he show's stylist and it was actually based on the stylist's own style when she was younger, the bathing suit thing too, which I thought was kind of funny! ;-0

  2. Thanks for the tip re. Primary tees - I'll give them a go!

    1. Ugh, autocorrect - Primark not Primary!

    2. Ha!I turned off my phone's autocorrect and now I spend all of my time typing and spelling things wrong anyway -it's a lose lose situation! ;-) Let me know if you like the t-shirt, I think it's pretty good! You might not need to size up, I bought it a size larger for Pilates and just liked the fit, it's not like hugely off size wise though.