A Few Things To Look Forward To That Do Not Suck

Hi. I apologize for being a very bad no good lazy blogger of late. I don't want to be the person blaming (U.S.) politics for my bad mood/lack of mojo constantly these days, I don't want to just go on endless political rants on here because I feel like we get enough of that everywhere else online. I don't consider myself knowledgable enough or in a position to make any real change beyond online armchair activism seeing as I no longer live in my homeland, and so I feel I should shut up about it.

 But it's hard, y'all. Yes I'm watching Nashville again, hence the Y'all! This season has been pretty terrible thus far if I'm honest, my husband and I fell in love with the show in its first season, as a guilty pleasure anyway, because it sated his need for quality music straight outta Nashville (only ever pronounced "Nashvull" on the show!), which I also enjoy, and then it had the straight up at times crazy soap opera goodness going on, too. At any rate, the show got cancelled last year and rescued/moved to CMT and....kinds sucks now. They didn't learn that no one wants to see an excess of teenage brattiness (cough Maddie) dominating the show, they have really let the music slide, with nary an entire tune being played per episode, and the songs themselves are just...meh. Anyhoo I don't know where I'm going with this Friday ramble. Here are some things that are coming up that don't suck, imho.

-A new Ryan Adams album! Released yesterday! Ok so I don't actually own it yet, but I have heard enough to know I will be ordering it asap.Yay! Also, just generally there is some new and exciting music happening soon: new albums coming this year from Aimee Mann, The Magnetic Fields, Liz Phair, Katy Perry, and plenty more hip and/or mainstream type acts if that's what you're into. All good things. :-) (also just found out Adams will be touring the U.K. in September! Huzzah!)

- The Twin Peaks reboot! I was a HUGE Twin Peaks fan, and I cannot wait to see what is going on in the spooky, og eccentric Pacific Northwest town 20 odd years later...did Agent Cooper make it out of the Black Lodge? What's up with Audrey? And yes, a great excuse for coffee and donut fuelled viewing parties! (we totally did this when I was in high school, yes I was a dork). True story: I saw Kyle Machlachlan at movie theatres, twice, in New York...and I may or may not have stalked him to the popcorn stand/and or down the block like a really weird fangirl (I'm not a celebrity stalker I swear, that is the one and only time I ever acted like that, I just couldn't help it, he's like a beautiful shiny man doll!).


-Spring! It's gotta happen am I right? ;-0 I asked for some spring type flowers for Valentine's day and they have cheered me no end this week. We also have what feel like the latest snowdrops ever blooming in our back garden.

Also this happened which I already shared on my Instagram but whatever, we thought this was kinda hilarious! #oldmarrieds #greatminds etc...

- A new Oreo! Ok I'm not sold that the world needs a new, thinner Oreo at all, but still, we have a new cookie to try and that's...something?!

- Two words, and you can thank me later if you don't already know what's up: Ben Mendelsohn. Starring in various new films later this year, like the bomb ass leading man character actor hybrid he is. We watched season one of Netflix's Bloodline recently and I have to say....no one, and I mean no one, has made that kind of impression on me, acting wise, in I don't know how long. He's a freaking crazy wonderful Aussie genius and I'm just a little obsessed. Apparently most people now know him as the baddie in Star Wars Rogue One - he is great at playing baddies, for sure, but check out his other stuff too.

- Lots of new Netflix goodness happening, imminently. From Better Call Saul to Orange is the New Black to House of Cards, and of course Stranger Things but that feels like forever away -I still have lots of catching up to do of course compared to most people but I take the challenge willingly!

- David Tennant, back on the West End in Patrick Farber's Don Juan in Soho from next month I believe. Ok so I have a very minimal to nonexistant chance of getting to see this, but if you are in/near London, I would so recommend seeing him in live theatre. I got to see him in Hamlet a few years back and it was ah-ma-zing - and I hate Hamlet! (or I did, Tennant made Hamlet funny and riveting and not moany or boring at all). It's also on in the Wyndham Theatre where I saw American Buffalo, it's a lovely theatre right in the heart of the West End....(a girl can dream!). In other exciting theatre news Hamilton is branching out all over the States and is even coming to London! Hm yes so it may make it to Aberdeen by 2030 lol! (I only wish I was kidding...the theatre here is basically really old touring musicals/mysteries and tribute acts). But anyway, another excuse to get to London again at some point!

- Easter is ridiculously late this year, which means we have all of these extra days to try and fail beautifully to resist the Easter candy in the stores...am I right? How is that a bad thing? Gimme them Mini Eggs! Shoutout to my poor Mom, who is is candy mourning over the fact that they have for some horrible reason removed jelly beans from the coconut nests...like WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING dumb American candy company? Aren't we having a tough enough time right now? You really think people want coconut nests...with no eggs?

-This: (sorry couldn't resist!)

Anyway I had to switch from my down coat to my "Spring/Summer/whatever" coat this week, which I don't expect to last, but still, that can only be a good sign?!

Yes, my fashion pics continue to underwhelm and amaze with their awkwardness. Also I need a new bag, this thing is falling apart!

So anyway I hope you have some things you are looking forward to this year as well, especially if like me you are fed up and worn out by certain world events! We have to keep on keeping on or some other McConaughey-esque sentiment, am I right? :-)


  1. Your fit pics are so cute!!! I love the layering!

    Can you believe I've never seen Twin Peaks? It's on my list.

    My cats are definitely over winter, they are getting cabin fever. So much crankiness! They need some outside sun :D

    1. Thanks! It's all about the layers here! Do the cats go outside in winter at all? I would be grumpy also! :-)

  2. I'm with you on Spring, let's hope it's here very, very soon :)! Very pretty Spring flowers and how funny that you both got each other the same Valentine's card :D. I never watched Twin Peaks the tv series but I watched the film Fire Walk with Me many years ago and I was sure I liked it. Made Steve watch it a few years back and he was like wtf am I watching?! The little man that spoke backwards gave me the creeps as did Bob (shudders).

    The Life of Dee

    1. Fire Walk With Me was super dark! I didn't love it tbh. The tv series had a lot more humour and quirk to it, still completely weird of course, just more fun! X

  3. Ahaha the Valentines card thing is so funny! I love it when stuff like that happens - you were one of two couples I saw on Insta this year who'd done it.

    Also the new Oreos are freaking amazing. As a fan of the cream but not so much the biscuit, they're a dream come true.

    1. Ah interesting, I was afraid less cream would be problematic! I must test for myself! ;-)

  4. New Oreo? I have to try it! I wonder what they changed, is it just a cookie being thinner? It looks like Spring, feels like it so I think we might be up for a treat! Iga x

  5. I like your coat pics. :)
    I've never actually seen Twin Peaks, but I want to watch it someday. I'm sure I'd like it. So many shows!
    Spring will be here...someday. Here's hoping.
    Can't wait to hear everything you have to say on OitNB.

    1. Ha don't worry I have many OITNB thoughts! Twin Peaks is a hard one to recommend, I don't honestly know if I would be as obsessed with it today as when I was a teenager. S.2 kinda went off the rails once David Lynch left, so I am hoping his creative involvement in the reboot will rectify that. Anyway let me know if you do watch! :-)