Weird Things I....(Christmas Edition!)

Weird Things I Do at Christmas....

(part of my thus far slightly infrequent series "Weird Things I...")

1. Take 5 million (mostly blurry) pictures of my Christmas tree for posterity.

2. Become some crazed wannabe Martha Stewart (who let's be honest has lemmings to do her crafting grafting!), usually in the last few days before Christmas. As in, I am not a crafty person, at all. Yet something about the holidays, I decide I am a person who needs to attempt some crafting majesty well outside my wheelhouse. Last year it was a ribbon wreath which frankly when I pulled it out of the box of Christmas things this year swiftly buried it right back where it belonged as it is such an eyesore! This year, two days ago I decided to make a giant bow for the top of my tree (I have yet to find any of the type of ribbon I need after scouring the town - apparently Scottish women don't make giant bows?!). So it's not looking likely/probably for the best. But still...I yearn to do this.....for WHY??? Seriously though I watched a dozen of these tutorials and Nancy's is the BEST.

3. Ok also on the subject of bows now I think about it, I become quite the little bow making elf with Christmas presents: it's one thing if you are gifting to someone who cares about such things, but my husband truly does not, though bless him he feigns appreciation.

Yeah so I spent the better part of an hour curling ribbons today....listening to....

4. Christmas music. Not indie or cute Christmas music, but corny old standards and (gasp) Michael Buble. I am a real Christmas music egalitarian. I actually even love country Christmas music, which normally I hate anything (mainstream) country. The only kind of Christmas music I do not enjoy is Christmas music that is trying to be overly cool or gloomy.

5. Giving presents from "Santa Claus". I don't have kids. And yes, the poor other half has now been unwittingly sucked into the Santa trap. Of course I don't really believe in Santa (ahem), but it's a bit of fun (madness?!) to pretend certain goofy gifts or whatever gifts you please were selected from Santa's sleigh, because you know him!!

 6. Wear gingerbread men on my ears like that's an acceptable thing to do.

 7. Insist on putting out ratty but beloved childhood stocking even though I have a snazzy new one. SO now I have two stockings, that's totally normal, obviously. I have been extra good this year I think! ;-)

8. Go a tiny bit Nigella, all at the last minute, of course. I am making my traditional annual cranberry bread (er, tomorrow I guess?!), handed down from my Grandma to her family via ye olde Ocean Spray packet recipe ;-0. And I went on a mad candy cane hunt (they only had them in one store this year, Poundland!) because I decided these cookies look and sound too amazing...oh and I was toying with the idea of making homemade eggnog, you know, because I live in a crazy land with no eggnog. Yeah so hmm...when am I going to make/bake all of this stuff, pre Nigella Roasted Squash soup/Turkey a -thon? How did Christmas get here so fast???! Pass the Bailey's!

How about you, do you get caught up in last minute Griswold style Christmas madness or are you full of festive chill? Why do we do this to ourselves? Just me? Anyway I hope everyone who reads this has a wonderful and relaxing Christmas, thanks so much for reading my blog and thanks for being you! This month marks two years since I started my Blogger blog. I am genuinely so grateful to have met so many lovely bloggers both online and in person, here's to 2017 being a great year for us all! 

xo Steff


  1. I pretty much do all these too! Although when it comes to Christmas music I love it all, from the winsome indie ballads by Low or Sufjan Stevens, to the sleigh bell-tacular Phil Spector Christmas album, to traditional carols. I hope you have a lovely Christmas x

    1. I want to like cool Christmas music but I can't get into it, I haven't tried Sufjan Stevens either though. I like the Phil Spector stuff too
      :-) Hope you have a wonderful holiday! x

  2. Wearing gingerbread men on your ears is PERFECTLY ACCEPTABLE.

    For the ribbons (definitely not a UK thing unless you're planning a wedding), you could try George Sim on Holland Street - they're a stockist of all the crafty stuff florists and event planners might need (they're also a fruit wholesaler); they've got weird opening hours, though, so do a quick google first.

    1. Ahh thanks! I just thought of the bow because my angel is too heavy for my tree. Maybe next year though, tomorrow is looking....chaotic ;-)

    2. And have a lovely Christmas! :-:

  3. Those chocolate peppermint cookies look pretty good though!

    I never really thought about it but I guess I'm super chill because dang, I am not trying to do crafts or bake or anything. I did wrap gifts, even though my husband never wraps anything, he just hands me my gifts in the boxes it came in.

    1. I remembered your sugared cranberries I wanted to make too! ;-) I hope some year we will go away at Christmas and maybe then I will be chill!