Aberdeen Ministry Of Crafts Fair: Some of My Favourites

Hello! So last weekend I went to the Ministry of Crafts fair, which has been going for a couple of years now locally in Aberdeen and Dundee. It had been a couple of years since I attended a fair, so I was overdue for some local crafting goodness!

One of my first stops was at Quirky Creations, a fun jewellery line by Ashley Morris. Her cheerful Christmas themed jewellery really delighted me, and I couldn't resist picking up these adorable snowflake earrings (below right -Merry Christmas to me! ;-0). She does a whole range of all sorts of things, I think her designs are fun and cool and maybe too young for me but whatever, I like them!

Next up I stopped at the handmade candle stall of Haven Scent, which had scented soy candles in all shapes and scents - I couldn't resist these cute little tins in the gingerbread and peppermint scent. (apologies I lost my picture of these in the great GOOGLE+ picture wipe of 2017! :-(

Next up I popped by local photographer Calvin Robert's table - I didn't take any pictures but his work was stunning, and he wanted to assure me none of it was photoshopped - modern days, eh! At any rate he has some beautiful matted scenic nature scenes and 2017 calendars of Scotland that I think would make a great Christmas gift.

I picked up a really sweet Christmas card that is top secret, plus the nice older lady who made them was not a "Here's my Facebook/Etsy shop" type to be honest but her craftsmanship was so lovely.

Next up were the SO GORGEOUS Christmas wooden candle and tree/light sculptures of FaitMaiz.

I just loved these so much, rustic, Little House on the Prairie style holiday decor is right up my street - plus, Scrabble tiles spelling out festive words, how adorable! The only thing that stopped me buying some of these is the sad fact I have no room at the inn for storing any more Christmas stuff until we move.

I then stopped at several jewellery stalls, all of whom were super friendly and keen to tell me about their creations.

I really liked the passion that geologist jeweller Carmen of Carmen's Jewellery Tree had for her work - if I picked up a piece she would quiz me if I could identify the stones; being a tiny bit of a crystal geek I scored maybe higher than the average passerby I think! She pointed out qualities in the stones she used that marked them as high quality specimens, and it's true the closer I looked the more I could see that each stone in each piece had been perfectly selected. Her attention to detail and quality really impressed me and I will definitely be having a nose around her Etsy shop soon!

Next up the (pretty!) bug and other themed works of Leenu of Handmade by Leenu were very charming and had a lovely Victorian flair to them that would have a wide appeal I would think. I really liked her dragonfly pieces in particular.

Another Aberdeen jewellery maker whose unusual designs caught my eye was Roelene Lawtie's Curiously Charmed: her pieces are very unique indeed. They range from fairytale goth to steampunk amongst other things, and she has several artists that she works with to create the designs themselves. I thought they were so adorable and a tiny bit dark at the same time, kind of like if Tim Burton decided to design jewellery (in a good way!). Her Etsy shop is having a 10% off sale for Christmas, I am definitely curiously tempted!

Walking around this fair did help me begin to feel a tiny bit more Christmassy - I admit I'm not in full Buddy the Elf mode yet this year, but discovering so many local artisans was fun and got me thinking about how nice personal gift giving can be if we make a little bit of effort to seek out that something unique and special for our loved ones, plus buying local/small does have an innate feel good quality to it I think :-) How about you, are in in full festive swing? I still have to put my tree up, eek!


  1. Those Christmassy brooches at the top are lovely!

  2. Some years I do peruse Etsy to find gifts for people, one year I found the cutest candles that could be personalized with names. How fun though to see the stuff in person! People are so super talented, and it's nice to support individuals :)

    1. I think it's amazing and I am definitely going to make an effort to shop there more often from now on. :-)

  3. Lovely! People have such creative ideas!
    I love that you get out and do things and take pictures and shit! ;)

    1. Ha! To be fair I have been doing much more this month than usual! ;-)