September in Pictures

Wait, so it's October what now?! Am I the only one whose September flew by? I feel like it was a particular blur, yet I know I did some stuff....there's photographic evidence! I think maybe because the first week (and a bit) was probably jet lag city for me, I then promptly went into planning for next big trip (in three weeks tomorrow, ack!) which tends to consume me. Following are some pictures which I took, many thinking "I'm going to blog the heck out of this!" and never did....such is life for an underachieving procrastinator blogger!

I took this picture which I thought was all glossy blog worthy - I got super excited when I realized that the Dublin Mavala nail polish is a PERFECT match for Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle lipstick shade, for real (I know, crazy times up in my brain!)...and then I read online that Chanel only went and changed the formula of this lipstick (mine is a couple of years old I admit, like I can afford new Chanel every season lol!) and in doing so, apparently wrecked the most perfect pinky browny nude shade ever, grr! So I feel weird blogging about it when you can't buy this awesome lipstick shade anymore. But man did I flat lay the shiz out of this (for me!), sigh....

Dublin Mavala, Chanel Rouge Coco Mademoiselle


I made apple cinnamon pancakes, they were yummy.

I also made butternut squash risotto, the squash is so much yummier this time of year, roast it up, add to risotto, winner!

And in case you go thinking I'm some amazing domestic goddess, I burned this banana bread (still ate it though, it wasn't that burned!

Went for a weekend in the husband's hometown, Forres. There was a town festival/celebration on which meant the mostly sleepy town was full of visitors and that was lovely.

 Back roads driving:

And ended up at local beauty spot Randolph's Leap - a fabled spot of (possible!) historic significance! (there are a lot of these in Scotland!)

Hints of Fall foliage..

Ever since I started following @facesinthings on Twitter I see faces everywhere! They did not retweet my awesome "Tired old rock face man", clearly they are blind! ;-0

Also Mr. Ghostly Foam Face!

I took this picture because I have been trying to get pictures in natural daylight of what I think are "my colours" in the whole seasonal analysis shebang. But my new phone has some weird selfie setting I can't figure how to turn off (er..."Beauty!") which blurs/softens things, which I don't really want because I want to know what my my truest best and brightest colours are.

I mean I am wearing soft colours here that fall firmly into Autumn/if not "Soft Autumn" category, but I feel like it's hard to tell if they actually do much for me because my face has been pinkened somehow by the stupid effect. Also it made my double chin look warped/worse than nature intended! Also I thought my hair looked really nicely under control this day until I saw the picture! Crazy curly haired lady dragged through a hedgerow backwards more like!.

I have warm hair and warm eyes (apparently green eyes/eyes with any yellow are ALWAYS warm) - my skin is the tricky part, it is definitely cool, but also freckles, can tan, which is why I think I am more likely a warm season than a cool. I have been talking to Shawna over at The Director of Awesome for months now trying to figure out my season, she has been nothing but patient and a font of helpful advice, do check out her posts on the subject, they are pretty awesome indeed! Anyway this is another one of those things I keep meaning to blog about and don't, partly because I am still kind of confused about it all!

How was your September? I am feeling excited for October, I love Halloween and crunchy leaves and yep pumpkin spice too (I have been known to mock the whitebread adorkableness of the Holderness Family but their latest Pumpkin Spice video did get me giggling!). It's not nearly so bad in the U.K., I am kind of looking forward to the Pumpkin Spice overload when we hit Florida in a few weeks!


  1. lovely pictures ! I know September flew by!!! :)
    I am glad its October one of my fav month with November and December .

    1. Thanks Marie! I love the Autumn months too :-)

  2. I love that you included the burnt banana bread. :-)

    1. Burned or no, banana bread always merits inclusion! ;-)

  3. Blimey! You've been busy. Sympathies over the lippy, they're endlessly changing the formula of my favourite shampoo... stuff like that is actually really annoying.

    Loved Randolph's leap!



    1. Oh losing a favourite shampoo is much sadder than lipstick! There will always be more lipstick, a good shampoo is hard to find!

  4. This is the second thing today I've read about choosing your colours for your 'season', which is so weird - I thought this was a concept that died in the 80s but nope, I just fell down an internet hole all about it!

    1. I remember it from the 80's too, my Mom had the og. Color Me Beautiful book. It's now like several different subdivisions of each season which makes it even more complicated if you buy into any of it, which I am completely of the mindset to get obsesed with! What season do you think you might be?

  5. Hah! You are so funny! And I must have you to thank for the steady traffic to my blog lately. You are a sweetie! Thank you. It's not easy to tell from that one picture but I see what you mean about thinking you aren't a soft. I wonder about clear. A clear spring? A quick google of clear spring palette even shows a woman who looks like she might have your colouring. There is something clear and sparkling about your face in your avatar too. One thing I've learned is that we aren't always reliable about what we have ourselves judged to be our best or worst colours. Other things cloud our judgement, I think. Like me, being so convinced I am cool toned because everyone said so, but I ignored all the little signs that I wasn't, like a makeup artist doing me up in soft, warm apricot tones, my golden undertone, teal-green veins and reddish hair tints. But everyone liked me in pink or blue. Eventually I learned that there are warm versions of pink and blue. As you know, I do 'buy into' this personal colour thing. It makes sense to me that we are composed of a set of colours ourselves so of course we will look better wearing those that match or compliment them. I don't think that is arguable. I do think that we are free to ignore that if we wish and make up for it with makeup and personal style. I'm just too minimal and natural in my style for that to work. Bummer about your favourite lipstick. It always seems to be the way-you get a favourite and it's discontinued or changed! Living in a small town I don't even have access to all the brands. Oh, final though (lol-no such thing) I don't think the expanded seasons makes the personal colour thing more complicated in a bad way, and perhaps you don't either. It makes it more accurate and actually Colour Me Beautiful was not the first personal colour system and it drastically simplified the previous ones, which was obviously not a good idea. No wonder I don't have the stamina to comment on blogs anymore. I always have too much to say! xo