Hamish Munro Autumn/Winter Style Bloggers' Evening

Hello! So a couple of weeks ago I was invited to a local bloggers' Autumn/Winter Fashion Preview evening at Hamish Munro in Aberdeen by the lovely and amazing Anastasia over at NatBees. Just a couple of days home from my sweltering August visit to Massachusetts, I figured it was as good a time as any to resign myself to the fact that, so sayeth the Starks of Winterfell, winter is indeed coming to Scotland!

I won't lie, the thought of Autumn and cooler (even cooler in Scotland) temperatures does not fill my heart with joy. Saying that, I am partial to a nice wooly knit and a cozy boot, something Hamish Munro has been offering up the local citizens from their West End boutique for almost 90 years! I have often had a browse through their particularly bountiful and elegant selection of shoes and boots over the years. So the opportunity for a private snoop was indeed tempting!

We were welcomed with Prosecco and cupcakes and millionaire's shortbread from local West End bakery The Eatery. I am ashamed to say I did not indulge, I missed a delicious treat according to everyone apparently!

A rainbow coloured shoe cabinet display is basically the wardrobe of my dreams.

The selection of quality footwear really is hard to beat -the shoes are all quality brands sourced in Europe. The lace up Victorian boots below left are definitely calling my name!

I think what I really loved about the dress shoes in store were the great selection of  modest/retro type heels that feel far more do-able to me than most dressy shoes. If I am lucky enough to have any holiday parties to go to I will be sorely tempted by some of the offerings here.

Along with the amazing shoe selection, Hamish Munro does a rather impressive balance of carefully selected party wear, cozy knits with an emphasis on Scottish cashmere, a great selection of stylish winter warmer jackets, and probably my favourite, a sweet plaid (sorry tartan!) shirt selection that brings me back to my college days when flannel and plaid were my wardrobe mainstays. Yes, I am officially old enough that my college wardrobe is now a fashion re-boot! ( I apologize I lost some of my fashion pics in the "Great Google photo wipe!" :-0)

I found Hamish Munro's accessory and jewellery collection quite funky and modern. The pieces are dotted throughout the store casually, so when I spotted something I liked I did get that magpie discovering a shiny new thing feeling!

The icing on the cake of this sweet event was that Hamish Munro collaborated with several of their brands, as well as local gift shop Nova, to treat us to some beyond lovely goodie bags. 

Hamish Munro also generously gifted us all with sets of jewellery by Miss Dee and a chunky heart keyring- some of us got silver, others including myself rose gold, in several different variants. I have to say I really love mine, I had a rose gold heart shaped gap in my jewellery drawer I didn't know was there!

Hamish Munro gifted us all with pretty scarves by Part Two in all different colours and fabrics, I was really pleased with the colours of my muted autumnal scarf, it will be perfect for the upcoming chilly weather.

Also keeping out the winter chill will be these bejewelled gloves by Powder which match my clutch!

We also received a mug and some mini lotions and bits and bobs from Gabor, one of my favourite "I wish I could affort to wear only their comfy half sized shoes" lines! It was a very generous collaborative effort from Hamish Munro and the West End business group, and we learned they often do things like this for one another for customer nights and events, which I think is really nice. I think so many people who come into Aberdeen to shop nowadays forget there is life outside Union Square - yes, it is convenient to the train station, but the cobbled streets, boutiques, cafes and personal charm of the West End are a very important part of what makes Aberdeen unique, it is well worth exploring on your next visit!

Thank you for reading. I wrote this post as a courtesy, I was not asked to write about the event and all opinions are my own.


  1. Looks like you were in shoe heaven, love the sparkly Mary-Janes as well as the suede wedge boots. Also the Barbour jacket is on my wish list. I admit to forgetting about the West End and tend to stick to Union Square/Bon Accord Centre. Glad you had a fab night, sad that I couldn't make it :( Need to catch up with you & Iga soon xx

    1. Thanks Denise! I live down this way so I'll often have a wander down that end, I think the new cafes and things will maybe help draw people to the area too. Yes, hope to catch up soon, let's make a date! x

  2. I was just thinking 'Gosh I did not see half of the things you showed'. Reading your post was a great way to notice what each of us paid the most attention too! I totally did not even remember about shortbreads! Iga Berry

  3. Some gorgeous things there! I teally wanted the sparkle mary janes too...

  4. The leather ankle boots and the tartan shirts are on the top of my list. As for the goody bag, wasn't it the best ever? I still cannot believe how generous they have been :)

    1. Oh Anastasia I lost one of my earrings already! I cannot be trusted with nice things! :-( I am loving my scarf this week though! x

  5. Ooh...nice shoes! I agree with you about the modest or more retro heel. I loved the shoes you pictured here.
    I am quite sure I would have indulged. And that red thing with the deer print in the accessories photos...was that a scarf? Because if so - how cute!
    Glad you had fun! :)

    1. Yes I think they had the deer print scarf in other colours too, very Scottish! :-) I never mastered high heels, no idea how other people do it!