Sunday Confessions

I confess: My blog has been getting a weird spike in traffic for a week now (nothing major or you know enough to bother Donald Trump about! ;-0) and I don't know why. The paranoid part of my brain thinks it must be spam bots or other nefarious nogoodnooks because obviously that makes the most sense! Anyone else? I had like 300 hits from Russia one day (that's a lot for me) so now I'm all "Don't come after me Russian spies..." yes I watch The Americans too much! But seriously...I am an expat, maybe they are scoping me out for my spy potential! I did have a brief phase of wanting to be an FBI Agent after I watched The Silence of the Lambs because I don't know...I'm weird.

I confess: I'm still trying and failing to get excited about Hillary R.C. I mean, team #Imwithher obviously but I'm still pretty...."Meh".

I confess: This week has been bumpy, I have to make a decision about something in the next couple of days and it is stressing me out. I want to do it but it costs money and those two see saw factors are pulling at me constantly. At any rate hopefully I will decide one way or the other soon and won't be stressed any more. I hate dithering but I fall into a weird cycle of it that I can't get out of it feels like sometimes. You can only weigh the pros and cons of something so many times before you start to lose your mind!

I confess: I had this nice looking little sample of some lotion that I finally got around to using this week. I got out of the shower and smothered myself in it and realized it wasn't rubbing into my skin much. I looked at the package and realized it wasn't lotion at all, it was hair conditioner!! Eeew so slimy! Had to take another shower right away and my skin still felt sticky and smelled like conditioner. Oops. Too bad though, it might have been nice but I used it all! In my defense the  picture did look more like I right? ;-0


United States of Becky


  1. Ha, I would have totally made the conditioner mistake!

    I get weird spikes on my blog sometimes (never that high! 300 is like a whole month worth of views for me... if I'm lucky), but I use StatCounter to get a better idea of what are real numbers.

    1. Yeah I might check that out! Google Analytics is like "Yeah no one visited your blog" it is ridiculous how low it is compared to the blogger number. That is a high number for me too, esp from one country.

  2. Yep, I get Russian spambots a couple of times a month. Sometimes French ones, too. Google Analytics is much more (depressingly) accurate than Blogger stats so I try only to look at that.

  3. The hair conditioner/body lotion mishap is something I would totally do!

  4. Once my specs are off Any white tube looks like toothpaste to me: handcream, athlete foot cream, spot cream you name it.

  5. If it's any consolation, the choice between Hilary and Trump looks like a choice between Chicken Pox or Bubonic Plague - both are curable and neither is much fun but you can die of Bubonic Plague more easily than chicken pox!

    If you do postal votes and thing, good luck with that one! ;-) Although we in the UK are mostly hoping y'all are going to vote for Chicken Pox Hilary rather than Bubonic Plague Trump. Snortle.



  6. It does look like body lotion.
    I am not sure about the Hilary thing, either. Ugh. only choice is algebra or trigonometry? Ick.
    Sorry I am so late with my comments. :(