Sunday Confessions

I confess: I actually did have something mildly confessional to confess and now I can't remember it to save my life. um...

I confess: Does anyone remember that 80's song that went "I confess"...I feel like it was in a John Hughes movie...

Here it is, sorry that was bugging me

...The English Beat..(known simply as "The Beat" in the U.K.?) I must admit I prefer Save it for Later. Wasn't that song in a Farrelly Brothers movie? My brain is so tired yet fizzy with inanities.

I confess: Someone on my Twitter feed started a poetry blog and I think a poetry blog is just about the bravest thing a human can do.

I confess: I feel guilty every time I tweet about Donald Trump even though I feel like I am using all of my self control not to tweet every minute of the day, not that the fanatics who buy into him will care but anything to help stop the madness. But I feel like we have reached peak Trump and people just don't care anymore that a freaking egomaniacal, misogynistic, racist, nitwit brain fart* is a hair's breath away from the White House. And Hilary, could you c*ck it up any more if you tried? Is this real life or an episode of Veep?! (U.K. In the Thick of It etc etc.).

I confess:

Someone adopt this dog please it's driving me nuts: he's on my Facebook everyday and it makes me sad. I need to stop following so many creatures. If you live near Long Island or can go there please do, he's adora-bull.

*repetitive sorry...I am tired...insert....lying, bankrupt, crooked, draft dodger** etc....

**Ok so I HATE when people are all "Draft Dodger" because lbh most politicians were draft dodgers in some shape or form, and I respect the right to object/be a pacifist/go to Canada, I do. But Trump somehow "deferred" FIVE times! And he slagged off Muhammad Ali for doing the same thing, on principle and with public dignity. Agggh. My Dad went to Vietnam when he was a teenager so yeah...I've got no time for this bloated bilious tank of mass destruction (Trump, obvs.).


  1. It was hilarious a year ago when Trump was running. It's no longer hilarious. It's like, people are willing to overlook all his nastiness because they think he is so good at business, and will make America super rich and everyone will also then be super rich. That's the best I can figure. Even though, HE IS NOT GOOD AT BUSINESS. He is just good at making it LOOK LIKE he is good at business. How did this become real life. And his wife as the first lady??? What is going to be her charity/cause? Donating her trashy shit to the less fortunate? Where's that indian curse when you need it. You know the one,

    1. Ohhh I forgot about that creepy curse! We are not blessed in 2016. Oh that's horrible, I'm a horrible person. I know, he is definitely THE WORST AT BUSINESS, yet so many people don't see it, I really don't get it! I feel like there is a lot of really hyper freak out type reactions (including mine sometimes!) but we need way more serious, methodical take downs of the guy's actual b.s. out there. And Hilary is just handling it the worst, because she is battling her own sh*t storm, it really is a nightmare.

    2. I honestly can't even handle the Trump thing. A lot of it is a SERIOUS lack of education. You have so many people in the lower tax classes all "yeah, I want to keep my money!" and you're like - um, you know those tax breaks only affect people above a certain income, right? So much of economics and politics is glossed over and NOT taught in public schools and we still have people bitching about cursive. Fuck cursive. People have no idea- I need to blog about this. #rant
      Anyway - I agree. Trump be crazy. (PS - my dad & stepmom have a "Make America Great Again" - Vote Trump sign in their yard.) WHUT?!