Sunday Confessions

I confess: I'm totally going to watch RSC Shakespeare live on the BBCiplayer and fast forward to the good stuff (David Tennant! Though I guess he's in it a lot!) because no way am I sitting through some of the random student-y weird-ness I saw when I flicked past it live. That said, while I don't love a lot of modernizations of Shakespeare, I did get to see Tennant's Hamlet in Stratford - god like what was it 8 years ago now? Eek. Time Flies. And it was set in modern day, and snazzy, and the only time Hamlet didn't bore me to tears, because it was so funny (although a lot of that was down to the Scottish one! ;-0). Also heavy on the Tennant theme, I just finished Jessica Jones. And SPOILERS SPOILERS LOOK AWAY NOW IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED - ahem. Kilgrave is totally not dead (in my opinion!). He can't be, he makes the show.

I confess: Weird things seem to come in bunches it seems. Our upstairs neighbour flooded our bathroom (accidentally left his tap on, he's getting on a bit) last Saturday, so that was fun. I'm talking buckets of water raining down. The day had started badly when D. woke up and realized his credit card was missing (luckily it was at the shop where he left it the day before), but that was super unlike him, he is the fastidious/organized one between us. ME losing something like that would not be unusual at all. Then this week someone graffiti'd our front door (I think it is graffiti, it's like a white spray paint splodge), which is quite weird as Aberdeen isn't that bad for that kind of stuff, and our flat is hidden up a close*. There have been other little things too, things just not going right, routine things taking longer than they should, technical stuff not working.

I think in response to all this weirdness I did a major clear out of my clothes, I feel sort of..cosmically cluttered? Four large bags of clothes went to charity shops. And um, now I have no clothes...(ok I have some clothes, but I know a month from now I'm going to be all "Where's that shirt I never wear that I totally want to wear right now?!").

I confess: Prince dying this week was oddly not that shocking to me. It was shocking, of course, and sad, but I almost feel...numb/incapable of being shocked by celebrity deaths right now? This freaking year, I don't even wanna know what else you got. Anyway I of course grew up with the Purple One in the 80's, I do still remember that moment in time when he broke through and smashed everything. My favorite songs by him are actually better known for their cover versions - Sinead's Nothing Compares 2 U and When You Were Mine by Cyndi Lauper. No one did break up songs better than Prince.

* A "close" is like a small alley I guess is the best way I can describe it to Americans!


  1. That is a bunch of weird things! i always feel a bit fuzzy when my surroundings are cluttered, but i don't think i could get rid of that many clothes! maybe one bag...

    i'm not that attached to any celebrities (that i know of), so even though the young deaths are sad, i'm not personally sad, just a general sad?

  2. 100% with you on the Prince thing. And it was sad and stuff, but it's almost like I've lost my capacity to be shocked or even upset over celebrity deaths anymore. Hmm...part of it is just who it is, I think. Like, I enjoy Prince, but never SUPER INTO him or anything. *Shrug.

    Okay - weirdness. What the weirdness? Is Mars in retrograde or something? I don't know, I don't really believe in astrology but what the chicken? Hope it sorts itself out and soon. Maybe it's a seasonal transition thing. Fingers crossed.

    1. Apparently all of the planets are in retrograde right now! (well a lot of them anyway!). So we should just lock ourselves down!