Sunday Confessions

I confess: I'm very much over this whole "It's Spring but still feels like Winter" thing we've got going on (I know it's not just a Scottish thing, it seems Northern America has had a pretty ridiculous time of it too). It's April. Do you know what I remember about April growing up in Va? I remember my best friend V's birthday was Aprill 22nd and it was hot as Hades, like 90 degrees. Which is a bit excessive, but still! I am fed up of living 8-9 months of the year freezing my arse off.

I confess: I may be extra ranty this week for reasons that have nothing (*cough) to do with hormones.

I confess: In that vein, things that have annoyed me this week include:

-Emails from p.r.s asking for publicity for things regardless of if I am interested/attending said things, and even if I were, there would be precisely zero incentive for me to do so. I mean, seriously, do these people think bloggers just sit around twiddling their thumbs and awaiting the opportunity opportunity at all?

-Having to sign in to web sites just to look at clothes, like I can remember that one time I gave them my email and now have to re-register a password for the millionth time in my life? Puh-lease. Also what's up with every competition, be it blogger/whatever lately expecting mass social media promotion/me to make a freaking movie or design a collage or some other b.s. just to enter a freaking contest for some free nail polish or whatever?

-Scented candles that have no scent: You are nothing but coloured wax made of LIES!

Colony Candles, they smell of...disappointment.

-Amazon Prime adding a million weird/not even B movies and other stuff that isn't even movies, like fishing and white noise and other random stuff, and it's totally cluttering up the "New Movies" category with a sea of crap. Honestly, it's a mess, sort it Amazon!!

-This beautiful pup Tully waiting for a home for three years. I know other dogs are in more dire straits, but this dog is just so symbolic of the numerous stories I read everyday about pit bulls being abused, put down, ignored, banned, taken from their homes and families when they have done nothing wrong (this dog Edith is a therapy dog for an autistic child and the family can only get her back if they move).

Breed discrimination is something that simply does not work. Pit bulls are banned in the U.K., which has only resulted in idiots who abuse dogs moving on to another breed, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Sensationalist news stories love painting the animals as innately vicious/to blame, when the real blame lies with a system that allows people to abuse animals without fear of real jail time or punishment.

Friends and family of mine have pit bulls and staffies living in their homes with small children, the dogs are not remotely dangerous, far from it, and no, it's not "how they are raised" either, as evidenced by the numerous heart-warming stories of formerly abused dogs becoming family pets and even therapy dogs like Calista the Pitbull or the Michael Vick Victory dogs. And let's never forget Lily the Hero Pit Bull, who only jumped in front of a train and lost her leg to save her owner (Lily was a rescue dog who just proves even further that shelter dogs are the best dogs). I really wish more people would stop believing the sensationalist media that jumps on a story every time the dog is a certain breed. They are much less quick to share stories of hope or positivity with these breeds, which makes their numbers in shelters pile up (the same thing has happened with Staffies in the U.K.). It's a vicious cycle and it has to stop.

um...ok sorry that was less confessional, more ranting!

Speaking of Confessions, is anyone watching the deliciously guilty pleasure show Lucifer? The bit of the episode where Lucifer takes confession was hilarious. I love how Tom Ellis is playing him so mischievous and full of fun, it's a less obvious way to portray the devil and gives the show a lot of breathing room.


  1. Every decade has had its "evil" dog, the pit bull has been a little bit longer though. There are no evil dogs, just evil owners. I grew up with various pit bulls and they have been nothing but loving.

    We had a day of 90 degrees and today its all rainy and in the 50's. what.

    My list of annoyances kind of involve my roommate and are petty and just make me feel like everything annoys me so i keep it to myself. she retires this year and i just can't waaaaait to have my house all to myself.

    1. That's so cool! I'm kind of obsessed with them/sad I can't have one here. I agree, they are so overdue a reprieve from their "status" as the "bad dog"

      So when your roommate retires she has a plan in place to move?

  2. Nothing wrong with the occasional rant session. People are assholes about dogs. I...okay, I seriously can't even talk about it or I'm going to go off the deep end about what people who abuse animals deserve.
    Sometimes the "dumb" little things (like the amazon videos thing) build up and it just gets where you have to spew it out so it doesn't take over.

    1. The Amazon thing just drives me bonkers, what idiot decided to clutter up new films with all this junk? It's very off putting as a customer, I might even send them a rant-y email!

      The heartbreaking thing with abused animals is how many people out there are doing such am amazing work, mostly volunteers and charities, they are literally cleaning up the worst of humanity's mess, while the government and local authorities do zilch to punish animal abusers. They are the some of the real heroes of society, totally unsung.