My Thoughts On the U.S. Presidential Candidates in the Medium of Song

How I feel about the U.S. Presidential candidates, in the medium of song!


I think I love you, but what am I so afraid of...

Hilary: How I wish I felt:

How I really feel:

Ok so this song never made sense to me but now I'm obsessed with the Hep Alien (Gilmore Girls fictional band) version of it with Sebastian Bach singing lead...which I couldn't find...anyway and yeah, I don't know. "Hollaback Girl" kind of feels like what Hilary expects of people like me who sort of want to believe in her. She's saying all the right things to incite agreement, but I don't really buy what she's selling sometimes.

Trump: Nothing but straight up heavy DOOM!


Some combination of


I don't know, that one is harder to put into words! Basically under Cruz I envision some Wickerman level religious weirdness and female oppression and other creepy sh*t.

Basically...if we're not smart...



  1. this presidential election is something special. i really wanted to like Hilary, but she seems so artificial. of course i want a woman president. just not her.

    1. Me too, I would LOVE a woman president, and I get soo annoyed by some of her famous supporters, the "I'm With Her" hashtag, because she is a woman that is enough, ugh no Hilary it is not!!

  2. This was great.
    I am with you about Hillary. Like, I want to support her, but...I can't. And I actually did support her way back in the early days. But now...I just can't. I really want a woman president, but...oy. Not her.

    1. Maybe we should get a cat to be President.

    2. Hm can we have a dog as v.p.? Cats can be sorta ruthless! ;-0

  3. That would make a great balance. Cat President approves.