Sunday Confessions

I confess: It's been a dark week in the world, with horrible things (Brussels) and unexpectedly sad things (Garry Shandling's can Garry Shandling be old enough to die of a heart attack?!). I confess I never watched The Larry Sanders Show, but I grew up with The Garry Shandling Show being a quirky weird non-sitcom in a sea of let's be honest 80's turds. I'm not sure I understood it fully at the time, but he obviously had a huge influence on everyone from Ricky Gervais to Larry David, and hearing the irreverent theme tune again alone brought back so many memories.

Also I was sad to hear that Phife Dawg passed away, I have many fond memories of listening to A Tribe Called Quest in the 90's, particularly when I lived in NYC. It was smart, funny, jazzy, melodic rap, and I don't know, it sounds super lame and white but listening to it made me feel more in tune/less out of place in the big city. Some of the riffs and raps have been running through my head all week.

So yeah, in looking for moments of light....

I confess: this video got me!

I want a piglet to dance with, to Rhianna, that is all. You have to watch it at least a few times, I guarantee it will cheer you up. Look at his little face! His jiggling belly! I demand more Rhianna pig videos!

I confess: I looked up lip injections on the internet, because doing a blog post this week I discovered something weird about my face:

I have NO LIPS!!! And have morphed into Ricky Gervais...This is why I don't beauty blog more often...

I swear I have some lips in real life, they're not huge lips but they're...there. I guess it's an age thing...sigh.

I mean, I'm not quite ready to take the plastic intervention route yet, but my god, where are my lips?! If anyone finds them let me know!


  1. ha omg thanks for sharing those photos!

    I use to think hell no, no surgery ever... but I'm thinking I might feel different in a few decades, mainly the turkey neck look... i don't know, that sounds so vain. but is being vain such a very bad thing if it makes you feel better?

    1. You are welcome, if my lip-less face can bring joy to the world then it is not in vain! ;-0 I am not anti-plastic surgery per se, but it does scare me enough that I haven't tried any of it, which at my age, when women are now getting botox in their freaking 20's, does make me feel kind of weird. The lips though, I don't want duck lips, I just want my old lips back! But that's where it begins?...:-0

  2. Ok, so the stern look is... interesting, but I mostly noticed your incredible eyebrows! Oh teach me the secrets of such perfectly shaped brows.

    1. Ha, thanks! my case my eyebrows were falling out recently(I think) from an asthma drug I was they're actually a bit sparser than usual, maybe giving them a better arch though! I think all I have on here is maybe some clear eyebrow gel, I was trying to do a (virtually) no make up face using only concealer, Benefit posietint and mascara. ;-0

  3. Thank you for sharing these photos with the world. It makes me happy. Sometimes I have no lips. Worse - sometimes I have corpse lips. I should share THAT pic. Like, I wake in the morning and because I have sleep apnea, my lips are kinda pale and drained and colorless and I feel like I should be in a zombie video. :)
    I have to admit, I probably won't go injection with my lips, but I could see myself going to a dermatologist for help with my skin. I am obsessed with my skin.