Tomorrow's Makin' Valentines*...


I'm at a loss of Valentine's Day themed ideas...I mean, I'm not really one to wear pink or put on lipstick or frilly things just because Hallmark tells me to. But I do believe in love, the warts and all kind, ok hopefully no warts OH MY GOD what am I saying! This is why I can't write about this stuff! Anyway(!) I'm recycling my Films For Valentine's Day That Won't Cause Sugar Sickness (thar be no Katherine Heigl in here!) post I wrote last year because I think it still have a read if you like. It's got good stuff like Bill Murray and Diane Keaton and Cat Stevens soundtracks.

Here is a song by The Replacements called Valentine. It's not really romantic but I like it: "If you were a pill, I'd take a handful at my will." Oh Paul.

 I have Paul Westerberg on the brain this week, I don't know why. We went to see Bob Mould last Sunday (note to self, write blog post!) so maybe just a 90's thing (although it's not like I ever stopped listening to Westerberg, went all the way to London last year just to see The Replacements brief reformation). Anyway this is why I haven't blogged this week. Scattershot all UP in here.

Also the very recent, weird and lovely apparently(!) romantic and musical pairing of Paul and Juliana Hatfield has resulted in a new album, Wild Stab - it's very lo-fi/basement-y (I've only heard it online, still need to acquire - can't actually see it anywhere in the U.K. other than i-Tunes grr) by their band The I Don't Cares.

Anyway, on this album is a solo ballad of Westerberg's, Born For Me. It's been re-worked, rocked up and ramshackled, which initially I thought "Ugh no" because I loved the sweetness of the original. But then Paul, in an interview, did the unheard of for him and opened up, saying he had written the song about Juliana all those years ago and had always intended it to be more "desperate", and I can't help but like it now. Love is desperate sometimes, after all. Not always sweet and pianos tinkling like the original. Here are both versions for anyone interested in my 90's musical meanderings!

*title: lyric, care of Paul Westerberg, Valentine...

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