Sunday Confessions

I confess: There is man flu in my house. Unlike most strains of man flu, it involves the man denying there is an illness or medicating in any way, stoically going to work all week, only to become a sad weak little immobile kitten who sleeps all weekend, awakes to proclaim he is "much better", then promptly falls back asleep again. There is no reasoning with this particular strain of man flu, I imagine it's what it must be like to have a child who won't listen to reason, so you let them do something silly/potentially mildly harmful to "teach them a lesson." If he's not better in a couple  of days I may have to put physical restraints on him and take him to the doctor.

I confess: I'm really giggling more than is humane at my recently discovered favorite thing ever: Cat brain freeze gif's!


I don't normally go in for this sort of thing, but I can't help it. I thought cats were supposed to be way too smart for this sort of human ice cream greed induced agony? Mwahahah cat who can't resist ice cream, now you know the pain of humanity! Also see: Napo the cat who is LIVID WITH DROOLING RAGE at the horror of brain freeze! (ok so I see that post is almost a year old, apparently I missed the buzz of cat brain freeze when it was at peak zeitgeist). At any rate, do not feed your cat ice cream, I guess, it's mean.

I confess: I can't stop watching the cat.

I confess: I am freaking out about Donald Trump being in any way possible the next President of the U.S. of A. Only, as much as I'm horrified at the prospect of him being anywhere near the White House, on a mainly selfish note, I really really do not want to have to deal with sanctimonious British people giving me attitude if he does get elected. It will be George Dubya all over again, where I regularly had to fend off rude people approaching me at parties/weddings/whatever, usually drunk, usually strangers who hear I'm "''Murican", merely to say how stupid my country obviously is for electing such a giant poopyhead to office. I hate confrontation, I'm not super interested in politics, but having a dimwitted leader at our helm is always a surefire target on my chest to have to discuss it and I freaking hate it.

With Master Trump, it would be a thousand times worse I imagine. (Some!) British people looove to lord it over/make fun of us dumb Americans (yes, they're still bitter we told the monarchy to stuff her tea where the sun don't shine! ;-0), and this will be one orange tufted goose that laid a golden egg which they will relish. So PLEASE for the love of all that's holy and you know, not batshit crazy, my beloved homeland, I BEG of you, reconsider my plight, if nothing else. God forbid it does happen, I might be the only person to move back to America just to avoid the perpetual shame and derision!


  1. My cat likes to share my ice cream, but I've never seen her get brain freeze! ive never had it either...

    Trump just can't. He can't. CAN'T. That would just be... I just... no. How is he a real person with real followers.

    1. I feel like way too many people have underestimated the amount of crazy town people in America...again :-( Wow you are lucky you have never had brain freeze! I mean, it's momentary, but it's AGONY!

  2. HA HA HA HA HA I laughed so hard at cats with brain freeze! I have never seen that before. :)
    Oh, Trump. WTF is wrong with America? I would say he's the Antichrist, but apparently he's supposed to appear to be a good guy at first, so that rules that out. This guy...oh my god.

    1. I know, I mean it's so mean, but hilarious!