Sunday Confessions

I confess: I have been re-watching Parks & Rec, and I am loving April way more than I remember the first time around. I remember thinking she was kind of a (funny) psycho the first time, who eventually grew on me. Maybe I'm just feeling extra nihilistic and approving of deadpan bitchiness, or maybe it's just I'm familiar with the character now. Whatever, April is my spirit animal - in my dreams anyway, I wish I was so flat out tell it like it is!


Also: controversial opinion(?) I do not think seasons one and two were like, so much worse than the later seasons (I saw a panel once where the cast were all like "Oh it sucked at first") and I uh...disagree. I feel like Rob Lowe and that other dude Ben are fine, but actually pull a little too much focus sometimes. Btw I still have to see the final season (it starts on t.v. here next week or something) so no spoilers please!

I confess: Also I am reading Amy Poehler's book, and very much enjoying it. Ok that's not really much of a confession. I am enjoying it in a different, possibly deeper way that the Mindy Kaling book I just finished (the second one). Not that Mindy's wasn't funny and awesome, but it's kind of a bit popcorn-y at times. Not that it wasn't very good, I just kind of felt like she could have waited another year and had a bit more material or something...Amy's treads the waters of heartbreak and regret and just trying to be a decent human and that being hard sometimes, and it is speaking to me.

I confess: My Mom told me that the town we used to live in, Norfolk (the one where she grew up, I only lived there on college breaks and for a year after I graduated), just ranked the no.2 safest town in Massachusetts, and even made the top 10 National safe town list last year. It's not a huge surprise, it's like even more podunk than Pawnee, Indiana, but I still thought that was cool and it made me miss it some. I won't lie. I found Norfolk super boring, but I worked in the town's only late night convenience store for awhile, was usually kept company by at least one local cop who had nothing to do, so I can definitely see why it ranks so high! The town where I went to high school was bigger, slightly more ghetto (ok, it's a former industrial town in Mass., so not exactly ghetto, but you know, there is some crime). I do wonder if I could deal with living in a small town again, where everybody knows everybody's business, and I'm not too sure. But it would be nice to not worry about being robbed or whatever.


  1. i kind of want to rewatch parks and rec now that i've seen the whole thing. i feel, once you get to know the characters, it gives you a different view.

    i do not know what it's like to live in a small town! it seems kind of neat in theory...

    1. It's a good re-watch, I forget so many things though so I can re-watch most things! But yeah, it does feel different once you know the characters better.

  2. I have never gotten into Parks & Rec - I watched the first two episodes and just didn't find it funny at all. Maybe I should keep going a bit? I have seen bits from later seasons when Chris Pratt was on it and those bits were hilarious.
    Though I have to tell you, what you said about Amy P.'s (I didn't want to look up how to spell her last name) book is the first time it actually sounded interesting to me. Have you read Bossypants, by Tina Fey? It's a good one.

    1. It does evolve, I can see why some people didn't like it as much at first. It definitely grows on you, and I have loved Chris Pratt since Everwood so right away I was all "Yay Chris Pratt!" Watch the "Lil' Sebastian" episode (season 3), or any of the Ron & Tammy episodes -Nick Offerman's real life wife Megan Mullaly (Karen from Will & Grace)is freaking hilarious in it. Just if you have it on demand or something! Season 4 I actually didn't love as much as 3, so I'm curious to see how I feel about 5.

      I loved Bossypants. I feel like I was harsh on Mindy's book, it's just that her first book blew my socks off, this one felt a little filler-y. Like a couple of times I lost interest, but that could just be me. Amy's book is kind of scattershot, but she lays a few things on the line, and just comes across as really honest and grateful, but funny at the same time. Have you ever read Caitlyn Moran? I would be curious what you think of her!