Everyday Thoughts of An Introverted Blogger

My Secret Blogging Life (aka weird thoughts I have during the course of a day!)

* I need to finish one of the half dozen blog posts I have lined up. Attempt to write Amazon Prime review which results in 1400 words pouring out about Transparent season two, making it a post all in its own entity and then some. Agh. So that didn’t go according to plan…how do bloggers blog without using all of the words? I mean, I regularly read blog posts that have like, 50 words. Does not compute.

* Ambles onto Twitter, looks at “to follow” list as suddenly bizarrely am 2 followers away from 700 (what?!). And yes, shamelessly I now want to reach the big (to me!) round number. Except most of my “to follow” suggestions are not interesting, or 23 year old beauty bloggers. Now, I am not ageist when it comes to blogging, how could I be, but lately it does feel like I am the oldest blogger on earth. Where are all my non-zygote non-niche bloggers at?

* Cook homemade chicken soup for ill husband. Feel very proud. And hungry, the soup took three hours! Kitchen is a tip. Think about how many bloggers would now take time out to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and blog about the soup (or at the very least photograph it for posterity – which would take like a dozen attempts on my part as am world’s worst food photographer).

Feel less impressed with self as have not boasted to the world about soup making ability, eat soup anyway, is delicious.  #domesticgoddess  #soup  - do people really care about constant posts like this on their feeds? Is a life not lived unless every tiny detail is shared? This is why I am not, and will never be, a “lifestyle blogger” I guess. (No duh I hear you say!)

* Wanders onto Bloglovin', reads and enjoys and comments on several blog posts which I know will (likely) not result in reciprocal reads. Not that that is why I read posts, and I never do the “Drop my blog link and run"/ generic “Great post” comment,  I always try to leave thoughtful comments. Maybe too thoughtful; I mean, whatever, but it is kind of tiring trying to connect to other blogger sometimes – just me?

* Mosies back on to Twitter – Ah, it’s Sunday Blog Share, a bloggers link up. Share two posts from this week (usually I limit it to one). Read a handful of posts, enjoy a couple muchly, retweet and follow a few. No re-tweets for me this week. It’s very hit or miss the Sunday Blog Share. I am not great at seeking out blogging hashtags though and for whatever reason I always remember to do this one. I notice “Sunday Blog Share” has been taken over a bit by spam this week, also idiot jerkwad internet-preneur types hogging it with multiple posts. It’s hard out there for a blogger.

* All of this blog networking is exhausting. I mean, why can’t we introvert bloggers get by just introverting? Retreats, writes little “Sunday Confessions” post which is fun and stress free, feels better.

* Ponder forcing husband to be my fashion photographer so can finally do a Buyer’s Archive, but he is snoring soundly on couch, seems cruel! I mean, most of the time he is physically capable of taking pictures of me, but honestly, the whole “Spend your day off taking dozens of photos of me which I will probably hate” aspect of blogging is not one I feel adds much to our relationship.

* Question why I bother blogging at all, is totally unnatural and stupid thing for a private, overly sensitive and needy introvert to even contemplate in this Insta-Millennial ad age of hashtagging how brilliant you are for drinking a latte or buying shoes. Will obviously never be good at it or make a splash or get a book deal or writing job or anything useful. My time has passed, I should just get a job at M&S or crawl into a hole or something, as no one cares what an old blob like me has to say or think about anything.

* “Ok well that’s a stupid attitude to have, you should never forget that you are a very special flower who was once Juliet and only had Oscar nominated actors tell you you’re the bomb, made people weep with your talent, conquered and flourished in the Lower East Side when the Ramones were still playing St.Mark's Place*, and held your head up high to much scarier stuff than this blogging lark before you were 12, and oh YEAH, by the way, kicked cancer’s ass!!” (um my inner INFP kicks into self defense mode!) “who still has LOTS to say about culture and fashion and film and food and life/whatever you darn well please, in whatever way you deem fit, outside influences and extroverted shouty types be damned!” "Just because you're not so good at the bragging about how great you are/ putting on a glam blogging face does not mean you do not have a voice!"

* (shrugs, not comfortable with all this personal big-upping - but seriously guys and gals, Big Up yourselves when the self-doubting creeps in, especially you quiet ones in the corner!) ”O.k. I guess I’ll keep at it”

I could not think of an appropriate photo for this post, so here is weird creepy face carved in a tree deep in a Scottish wood!

*Lest ye forget I am o-l-d! ;-)


  1. Okay, I will totally admit that you had me cracking up with a few of your thoughts. Mainly the bit about showcasing your talent of soup making to the world of Instagram and other social media. Much like me - I think about sharing that type but then rethink it because in all honestly who would want to see it? Most likely just me and then I just don't share.

    Kudos on your awesome soup making abilities and sorry that your husband is not feeling well. I'd still totally make mine take oddles of pictures for me and then most likely not use any of them because I look "too" something...

    Totally agree that sometimes networking can be exhausting. (I'm always on Twitter too. I think that's my favorite form of Social Media.)

    Hope today and the rest of the week is a good one for you. Cheers!

    1. Hi, thanks for reading, glad you enjoyed my introvert's rant! I get the instinct to share, but I find it sort of exhausting when people literally post three meals a day and every hot drink or whatever! Like when do they find the time to just enjoy the things?! ;-)I do like Twitter but I struggle to find like minded people/blogs sometimes, it's so vast! But I'm grateful when I do, thanks for stopping by! :-) xo

  2. This made me laugh, very Bridget Jones! And I especially agree with this - "is totally unnatural and stupid thing for a private, overly sensitive and needy introvert to even contemplate" - which I've been thinking a lot lately.

    Also, reciprocity of blog comments... it does annoy me a bit when people on whose blogs I often comment literally never comment on mine. I know it shouldn't be all about getting comments in return but, c'mon, if I've commented on a post a week for a year and you've never commented on mine? Rude. (Not you, you are a very regular and valued commenter!)

    1. Thanks Janet, can't help my inner Bridget creeping out sometimes! ;-) I am conscious now that this reads kind of snarky. I don't begrudge people who blog in whatever style they want, lately it just feels like a lot of my ideas about blogging are square pegs in a round blogosphere type deal. And I know people are busy/way too big and important to read every little blog that comments on their blog (*cough* apparently ;-)but I am with you, if I am regularly reading and commenting on a blog it's hard not to feel a bit rejected if there is no reciprocation regardless of if we are the same niche or whatever. I get that not everyone will like my blog, truly, I am pretty self aware of the fact that my blog requires way more reading than is the norm, but I do try to have a little something for everyone at the same time. Anyway, thanks for reading! ;-) xo

  3. Love this post, hilarious! And true. As an obsessively private and moody introvert I feel your pain.

  4. SOCIAL NETWORKING IS EXHAUSTING. I get into bouts where I feel like I need to reach out and grow my blog, but then I fail mercilessly and decide that no, that isn't for me. Because, once you do have a bunch of followers and commenters, that just that much more effort you have to put out, right??? SO why would I want that!

    I kind of don't bother to read a blog if they are under 25... age-ist yes, but I don't have anything in common with that age group and it becomes more of a hate read. Again, a waste of time.

    1. I mean, I feel like I put in the bare minimum effort, I don't do scheduled or repeat posts if I can help it, I don't use Instagram for my blog really, I just can't be bothered with most of it, basically! Some young bloggers are amazing, like I can't believe they are 20 and have written so much inspiring life wisdom! (Which makes me feel old and un-evolved!);-). But yeah, generally, finding a way to not interact with millenials, simply because any common ground we might have is ancient history/retro to them, is probably the way to go. Plus most of them hit me in my old lady rage spot! ;-0

  5. Oh man, you nailed it. It's nice when people do thoughtful comments (I try to do this as much as possible) and it's annoying to me when people comment on my blog with just their link and a "great post." Grr. At least comment about something where you can prove you read it?
    Trying to connect with others is freaking exhausting. I mean...I kinda feel like in blogging it's almost like what calling people is when you're in junior high. I will comment and follow and read and comment and be genuinely interested (i.e., I'm always calling them) but they never reciprocate (call me back, comment on my posts, etc.) and so I kinda get to the point where I'm like "why am I doing all the work?" Social media and networking is hard and frustrating, especially if it's a blogger or someone that you kinda are like "we could be friends!" but you don't want to say that because it would be weird. Or just me?
    For what it's worth, I do love your blog, however I know what you mean about the non-niche and post-pubescent age bloggers. Ugh. I have no problem with product reviews, but I honestly have no interest in blogs that are entirely fashion/make-up/etc.

    1. Thanks Becky, I am super grateful to have connected with you and the handful of bloggers who do read/comment lol! I mean most bigger blogs are just a lot of back scratching in the comments, it feels sort of soulless (that looks weird - soul-less?) sometimes. But yeah,it sucks when you feel like you are making a real effort to "network" with no noticeable return, especially when you aren't comfortable doing it (a connection - the extroverted butterflies can smell the introverted awkwardness? ;-0) As you say, it can feel like you are back in school/not part of the cool club/whatever. But would we even want to be? I guess (and I'm rambling here when I should be making beef stew!) it just feels harder for blogs that don't play the game to find each other. There needs to be a better category system on Bloglovin' for one thing, it really is like the most popular most superficially glam blogs rise to the top, and when you try to find blogs "like yours" they really are nothing like it most of the time. Anyhoo. Crap, gotta go be domestic! Thanks for plowing through my back catalogue today, much appreciated! xo