Sunday Confessions: Oh Hey, 2016!

Happy New Year to everyone! Here's wishing you all good things for 2016. It kind of felt to me like 2015 was a weird year for a lot of folk. It seems to have flown by particularly fast, and yet many people I know went through big life changes. Wow I sound like a an astrologer!

I confess: I’m kind of glad the holidays are over. I am fooded OUT and feel sluggish and have mega cabin fever because it has been raining non-freaking stop for three days now. I feel grumpy and unproductive for lack of blogging, basically October- December were pretty jam packed/didn't leave much time for blogging. I don’t enjoy scrambling together blog posts from a few pictures and “here’s what I did” all that much. I don’t think the world needs to hear my opinions on Bill Cosby or Portlandia*  (ok yeah I totally do otherwise why would I be here!), but I do miss having the “me time” to just think and write and plan a post.

I confess: I haven’t even had time to think about resolutions. But I do want to make some changes in my life this year. But they are unformed and uninteresting I’m sure so I’ll keep them to myself!

I confess: I was so charmed by this early Michael Fassbender t.v. movie called "A Bear Named Winnie" about the true story of Winnie the Pooh (the bear who inspired him anyway!) who was actually a female North American black bear cub rescued and raised by a Canadian WWI soldier. I had recently become aware of the story as there was a book being published by a relative of the man, and then randomly this film appeared on the Drama channel, which was odd as they mostly just repeat Pride & Prejudice. It’s adorable and inspiring and yes I know I will never have a pet bear, but a girl can dream!

Black bears are so misunderstood – yes they are wild animals capable of being dangerous, but they are typically non-aggressive, shy, omnivorous food seekers. They are being hunted in states like Florida again (where they were endangered until recently) for no good reason other than fear-mongering, catering to the greed of the hunting industry and lack of common sense when it comes to land management and waste disposal, and it infuriates me. When will we learn to respect nature? For anyone who is vaguely bear inclined I highly recommend the work of Dr. Lynn Rogers at the WRI/North American Bear Center (subject of numerous BBC documentaries) for a deeper insight in the big black furry creatures!

It's a quiet time of year as bears are hibernating (lucky them!) but they have been doing pioneering research on wild bears for many years and the bears who live in captivity at the NABC (they have four hand reared bears surrendered by people, usually who rescued them as orphaned cubs so are not capable of surviving in the wild) are amazing to watch and learn from in the warmer months on the web cams and updates. They have plenty of land to roam free on and it's just a lovely looking place I would like to visit someday. And maybe hug a bear (I kid...sort of!).


I confess: Can someone please come and take down my Christmas tree? I used to like leaving it up until my birthday but I want it gone now!

*We – I mean D. got a Portlandia dvd for X-mas, so yes I am several years behind the zeitgeist as usual. But I have thoughts, like it totally made me understand why people who live in Portland for any period of time become so…Portland-y! I visited once and it rained the whole time and I wasn’t that overwhelmed (though the coffee was good!). 

** As ever, check out Becky's blog over at The United States of Becky for more Sunday Confessions!


  1. I love your passion for these bears!!!! I really hate fear mongering, especially towards animals. We are the ones encroaching on their land and habitat!

    Portlandia has a cookbook, which is on my amazon wishlist so i cant vouch for it at all (yet).

    1. Oh wow, I am only on season two but I can imagine it is full of some organic dumpster diving treats! I find it hard to articulate my feelings about the bears, thanks for the support!

  2. I have only seen bits and pieces of a couple of episodes of Portlandia. I hear it's good though?
    I am very much over the holidays...basically, the second Christmas was over, Michigan decided to be all "oh, let's start snowing now and never stop." :)

    1. I find it hit or miss so far but I am liking s.2 more than 1. It's like every other sketch is hilarious, then there's a weird stupid one that SNL mut not have let Fred do, etc. It's great at spoofing modern hipster doucheyness, and making people who were young in the 90's references though! Oh how I would love snow. Scotland is so waterlogged and flooded it's actually a disaster zone, castles are in danger of plummeting into rivers! Seriously scary.

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