41 Things To Do This Year

So I'm not really doing resolutions, but seeing as it's my 41st (gasp!) birthday Friday, I thought I would challenge myself/treat in some instances to some things I would like to accomplish/enjoy/etc. this year. Ideally little things, this isn't an "Overhaul my body and diet and read all of the Game of Thrones" list of craziness.

It's a bit inspired by Sarah's 31 Things to do in January last year (which I also wrote my own post in February inspired by...and maybe did a few but forgot to blog about. Yeah 28 things in one month was way too ambitious for me in retrospect! ;-0). Heather also did an "2016 Objectives list" this and last year, of similar fun challenges and hope to do type things that I find way more fun to read about/contemplate doing than kale cleanses or sweat lodge yoga or whatever is the 2016 form or self torture!

Ok so here goes:

41 Things (I Would Like) To Do This Year 

1.  Finish my book. I know this sounds big, but it's basically done. Ok it needs major editing, but that's just laziness/fear/whatever. 

2.  Ride a bike (this sounds sort of lame, but I don't have anywhere to store a bike, and am afraid to ride one in the city, so the next time I am somewhere where bike rental is a thing I'm totally doing it)

3. Figure out my "season" on the colour wheel: You know that four seasons colour palette typing thing that was big in the 80's? My Mom had the book - anyway it's back, on Pinterest anyway and it bugs me I can't figure mine out! If anyone knows of any good sites help me please thanks! I need to stop wearing colours that wash me out!

4. Drive a car. Most likely this will be a rental, but again,we live in a city, don't really need one, etc. And I feel rusty and I don't like that, I used to love to drive.

5. Go to the movies by myself.

6. Take more pictures for the blog and not be so self conscious about it.

7. Visit someplace I've never been before.

8. See an old friend. ( I have way too many I haven't seen in forever!)

9. Get a job. Again kind of a big one but pretty necessary if I'm to do some of the things on my list!

10. Figure out how to make my crazy hair do a bun or something swellegant.

11. Eat more popcorn. I love popcorn, but I very rarely make it.

12.  Go to a play.

13. Spend a whole day listening to music.

14. Wear red lipstick.

15. Read a non-fiction book (trashy/fun biographies not included!)

16. Buy something impractical that I think I shouldn't.

17. Buy some nice, comfortable shoes that fit. And go with almost anything (!)

18.  Get a facial/massage/some other "treat yo'self" type thing.

19. Write a letter. Ok I feel like if I wrote someone I knew a letter at this point it is so not done they would think it was a cry for help or something! Maybe I'll look for a pen pal service or something.

20. In that vein, I would like to get involved with a blogger swap/some other interactive blogging activity. It sounds fun, if anyone knows of where I can find such things please steer me in that direction!

21. I'm only halfway done? God to be 21 again! Ok how about do something I did when I was 21...hmm...polyester minidresses and cheap margaritas at my age might not be cute! Um. Ok. I have one. I'll keep it a secret because it's a long shot.

22.  Go to an event and not buy a new outfit. Seriously.

23.  DO something charitable (not including donating money etc)

24. Write something in a style/genre I've never tried.

25.  Go to the beach where I live.

26. Overdress sometime.

27.  Learn a new dance move.

28.  Take a boat ride.

29.  Have a weekend with NO internet. (note to self: by choice, being at the in-laws with no wi-fi doesn't count!)

30. Go to a concert. Do not feel self-conscious about encroaching age and dance like I can't dance no more.

31.  Tell someone how much they mean to me.

32. Write a poem. Share it (um...if someone else will agree to do this with me that would be awesome!)

33. Sing. Like not in front of anyone, but just for singing's sake. I mostly stopped singing awhile ago, I don't have a great voice or anything but I used to be one of those sing in the shower types. I do think singing makes you happier.

34.  Take a compliment without deflecting it.

35.  Give a compliment when I think of it instead of feeling weird. I'm kind of rubbish at it.

36.  See that new Star Wars movie in the cinema (before it's gone?) because...I don't know why, it feels like a necessary thing in modern life?!

37.  Take up pilates and/or yoga again in some form. Ok that's not ONE thing. Take A pilates/yoga class. Baby steps.

38. Also I want to try Tai Chi.

39. Call an old friend on the telephone. If anyone still has a landline!

40. Start a blog calendar/ideas book etc.

41.  Ok this is less of a "thing" but....Cut myself much more slack if I screw up or let myself or anyone else down, in any situation. I'm tired of beating myself up all the time over little things, over nothing. This, I hope will be a birthday year more of bigging myself up, in as un-obnoxious a way possible! Because shockingly, the older I get, the less I do care what other people think. Which is still way too much. I just want to do my thing, be who I am, and....be o.k. with it. Be more American, less British and apologetic, (sorry Brits! I love you I do). I just don't think it's healthy for someone as naturally introverted and overly sensitive as I am  to try to bend/blend myself as much as I do. Which is kind of something all expats do naturally I think? I don't know, tangent, sorry! I mean, NOT sorry!

So yeah, happy birthday to me! And if you like the sound of any of my little things to do please go for it!

So I'm going underground for today I think. This birthday is freaking me out just a bit, weirdly a bit more than last year's. I'm officially a forty something! OMG. I need to grow up and stop using omg? I won't lie, it's still seeming impossible to me. Dylan from 90210 (original obvs.) is turning 50 this year! I mean, Christ. Who knows where the time goes, as Joni sang it best. But no weepy songs on my birthday, no, we're going for some 90's Sugarcubes/ vintage Bjork, a great inspiration for any woman, I think, who is wondering if it's possible to grow old and stay weird gracefully. We can try!


  1. Hey, I got mentioned! :) :) :)
    Popcorn: I have this popper and I love it http://www.surlatable.com/product/PRO-1031483/Cuisinart+EasyPop+Hot+Air+Popcorn+Maker the trick is to buy larger kernals, the small ones do get unpopped more often.
    Penpals: I've been lurking this site but haven't actually participated in any swaps or letter writing http://geekgirlpenpals.com/

    1. Ah I would love a popper, need a bigger kitchen though, have reached peak gadget! I used to love popping it with old fashioned poppers though. Thanks for the link, I may have a lurk! Though the "geek" things scares me, usually self proclaimed "geeks" are into things that are too cool for me!

  2. I also want to try tai chi, let me know if you find a class....Colour wise could you be a summer? I did this and I am a winter (bold yet cool colours) autumns do warm autumnal colours and spring and summer are lighter versions of these respectively. I think a lot depends on your natural hair and eye colour. I actually found this super helpful and use it all the time.
    Good luck with your goals!

    1. I think there is a drop in lunchtime class starting at citymoves this Tuesday if you are free. Also Pilates starts up Wed. evenings. I totally see how you are a winter. I veer between summer and autumn mostly but then they have the whole soft/muted thing which is also confusing. I think my skintone is cool but hair and eyes warm which seems to make me not fit any of them! :-0

  3. http://www.colormebeautiful.com/seasons/ Does this help?

    1. That was the original book! I will check it out thanks :-) x

  4. These are such great ideas! (Also, what the heck, how are you 41?!) #35 is a big one for me- I've really noticed my tendency to deflect compliments lately. I always thought it was a British thing but perhaps not if you do it too!

    1. I think it's natural instinct, it's so hard to just say "Thanks!" when someone says something nice. :-)