Season's Greetings!

Hello! Hope everyone had a great Christmas (if that's a thing you do!) My Mom flew home yesterday, which always makes me a bit blue, but we had a lot of fun in the lead up to Christmas, despite some frankly dreary and unseasonably warm weather. It was a bit tricky to get that "Christmassy feeling" when Jack Frost couldn't be bothered nipping at our noses! But we did our best.

On Christmas night we went for a walk and it was clear and yes cold (ish) and so very still, I do love how quiet it is at Christmas and Boxing day in the U.K.: when you live in a city it's such a rare sensation of peace. It reminded me of the year I turned 21 (20 years ago next week!) in NYC, there was a big blizzard and we were able to walk down the middle of most streets, the city was at a complete standstill and it was so beautiful and calm.

Anyway it was pretty, we enjoyed peeping at everyone's Christmas trees (Most people here don't do exterior light displays so you take the holiday bling where you can find it!).

Queens Cross church

Pretty window at local florists

All in all it was a tranquil and pleasant day (aside from the cooking, which wasn't that bad really, though left to my devices there would be only candy canes, cranberry bread and cookies on Christmas day!). There was cashmere and shiny things and good music received and the husband even genuinely (I think!) liked the wild card present I got him, a mini amp (this Blackstar one)I bought for him to rawk out with.

My Mom got me this candle whirligig, reminds me of one my Grandma used to have, love it!

Boxing Day was really yukky weather wise, so we didn't brave the shops (Shopping the day after Christmas is the U.K.'s version of Black Friday, they have huge sales here). Instead we watched Game of Thrones - tres Christmassy! By the 27th a little bit of cabin fever was setting in, so we went for a walk to Duthie Park. I was pleasantly surprised to find their Winter Gardens were open. They had some stunning displays of poinsettia and lots of other colourful flowers to brighten a December day.

I don't know what this cactus flower thing is but it's so cool!

I didn't buy a poinsettia this year (it seems cruel, I always kill them!) but got a bountiful fix at Duthie Park

 OH, so it's New Year's Eve, (yeah we have no plans, like Jennifer Lawrence says you just end up "drunk and disappointed!"). David is getting over a cold which I am trying very hard not to catch so mostly we will be sipping hot drinks, maybe a bit of Thornton's Chocolate Liqueur thrown in for good measure though! I hope everyone enjoys themselves whatever they are up to, and wishing everyone a prosperous and joyful New Year! xo Steff


  1. I love hanging out at the gardening section at the local home improvement store :) The last time I went I was stalking some of the cute birdies that live there ;)

    I am eating chinese food and hanging out with friends tonight, nice and low key.

    1. I tried to sell the Chinese food at New Year thing to o.h. but it's not really a thing here (I guess because unlike in America Chinese restaurants close here at New Year?). We did but some Chinese appetizers which we forgot to eat (maybe today!) Low key New Year's are the way to go I think, I'm too old and grumpy to stand around in the cold waiting for fireworks! Wishing you all the best in the New Year! :-)

  2. Sounds like a pretty awesome and relaxing Christmas. Happy new year!

    1. It was, thanks, Happy New Year to you! :-)