Be Still My Brain

Regular readers might have noticed an upsurge in blog posts on my part this week. It is not, I confess, down to me suddenly becoming a better, more organized blogger. No, it is a side effect of trying to escape, if only briefly, a little something I call.....what do I call it? Hmm....Pre-Holiday Frazzle Brain? Yep, that's it, in a nutshell! We are going to Florida in just over two weeks for our annual holiday and of course most importantly to see my Mom (hi Mom!).

I don't know why I get this way, because in general I am lackadaisical to the point where my brain needs constant caffeine to remain remotely present/awake, but in the run up to a holiday I become manic with energy, with stress, with OH MY GOD I am so unprepared and disorganized and I have nothing to wear and I need new flight socks and I have to remember not to shave my legs so I can wax them before we leave but not leave it too late because I want a bit of fake tan so my skin isn't quite so touristy pallid when I arrive. Also must get flu shot, exfoliate feet and push ups, must do push ups!

And so I sit for a bit and write a blog, any blog at all on any topic, though not so far not the half dozen things I planned for because no, my brain can't settle long enough for that and oh God I really should write and schedule some blog posts before I go away and my blog domain is expiring and the host is holding it to ransom so should I just let it expire and buy it somewhere else but then what will happen, will my blog disappear? Ack!

Basically I am wired for sound. I had three parcels delivered today (I am the last gasp saloon for "mid-season" aka still getting rid of summer things sales, they are timed so perfectly dangerously for my holiday). I tore them open in deepest hope (shockingly everything fit, but tummy a bit poochy (must do Pilates/buy Bridget Jones stomach holding in pants!) - then went back to planning/list making/fretting.

I do kind of feel like I could do with a valium. Some yoga? A glass of wine? Plus it has been BUCKETING rain in Scotland for three days now and I have serious cabin fever. Which just gives me more time to stress/overthink.

Here are but a few of the inane thoughts keeping me up at night:

1. What carry on luggage do I need? (after our luggage going missing enough times I know I need to pack a carry on with spare outfit and pyjamas etc.). Also what's the biggest bag can I bring and justifiably call it a purse? I need a carry on/purse that holds essential flight toiletries, magazines, books, kindle,etc. And a scarf. And a travel pillow. And maybe some slippers? What shoes are best for long haul? I can never decide. I need a bigger bag!

2. I really hope we wake up at 3:30 a.m. (kill me now!) and don't miss our flight.

3. I really hope U.S. Customs doesn't kidnap David like they do sometimes (he has the same name and d.o.b. as a wanted person, it has resulted in some beyond stressful almost missed flight connections).

4. I hope the weather is good, it's been rainy in Florida all week. Maybe I should bring a sweatshirt and extra jeans just in case.

5. But they take up room that could be used for sandals. I need new sandals. Brown ones. And maybe gold. Or black (begins thinking about various shoe and outfit combinations...).

6. Maybe we'll be upgraded to Business or First class and life will be a dream! Maybe Liam Neeson will be on the flight and I will know that no matter what everything is going to be o.k. No plane can crash with Liam Neeson on it! (drifts into champagne toast fantasy where Liam offers me his blanket because he doesn't feel the cold....ahh thank you Lovely Liam, you are so kind and exactly the Irish gentlemen I always knew you would be...)

7. I better wear something nice on the plane just in case. But comfortable. How does that work?

8. I really should be working out for two hours a day minimum.

9. Is there a spa treatment that can do this for me?

10. I need to make a mix c.d. for our long drive to the Florida Keys - definitely lots of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift and other fun sunshiney stuff.

11. Where can I download Walkin' On Sunshine?

12. I hope my face heals in time for (high spf /safe with a hat!) sunbathing (I had my thread veins zapped last week and am a scabby mess).

13. Must take pictures of scabby face for blog post.

14. No, the world doesn't want to see that.

15. But it's in the interest of....blogging beauty science? But I don't want to turn up in a Google image search for "scabby face" ugh! (nods off to sleep, wakes up scratching scabs off).

16. Must buy/pack lots of fun books for plane.

17. I wonder what movies will be on the plane....

18. I need to dye my roots.....and maybe some highlights/ombre? Is ombre truly over? I can never decide, the magazines say yes but my heart says no. Will probably go horribly wrong...(note to
self: phone hairdresser!)

19. I hope that bathing suit I ordered fits. I'm hungry. Must not have midnight snack so can wear bathing suit.

20. I really hope I see a manatee....and sharks though please...

(1:30 a.m., nods off, dreams of weird airport scene where I'm held up at customs for having a suitcase full of meat....and jeans...but not appropriate clothes - nothing to wear, worst nightmare!)

Wake up, rinse, repeat! Am I the only one who loses my ever loving mind in the run up to a holiday?

Apologies for shameless thieving of Bridget Jones style train of though list making but basically my inner Bridget is on fire!

Deep breaths.....soon....

Anna Maria Island Florida 


  1. Woohoo! You are coming to the states! Safe travels in case I don't chat with you again before you leave. And btw, Love the Bridge Jones Diary writing style. Made me giggle and I instantly recognized it!

  2. Ha thanks Nichole, I'm afraid I've read them so many times it's too natural to channel my inner Bridget! ;-)

  3. SO many questions. What are flight socks? What are thread veins? How long is a flight from Scotland to Florida?

    If I were your husband I would never fly! Being detained because they think I 'm a wanted person would give me so much anxiety!!!

    I've been planning for a trip as well, and I'm trying to curate the perfect stylish yet comfortable travel outfit. But my flight is only an hour so much easier I think to be comfortable.

    1. Flights socks are compression stockings that they recommend EVERYBODY wears to prevent blood clots for flights of any decent duration, but I particularly have to wear them because I had an actual freaking blood clot in my leg a few years back (Pretty sure that along with a few other medical weird things post chemo were possibly filed under BAD THINGS that happen to people after cancer because life isn't done kicking you in the ass).

      Thread veins I guess you could also call broken capillaries on the face, those tiny red things that pop up after oh...35? Esp. on pale faces like me who live in cold windy climates! I had them zapped by a nice woman with a laser and they are mostly gone now but sometimes it takes a few treatments.

      My main advice for comfy travelling is:
      1. Shoes you can slip on and off/don't have to lace up at security
      2. Comfy pants (I like to wear a tunic dress thing and leggings, for comfort, but that is because my long flight lasts around 8-9 hours!) Also you don't have to worry about a belt at security!
      3. Layers because I freeze my butt off on planes so I always have a light scarf and cardigan.