10 Things I Hate About Summer

10 Things I Hate about Summer*...

1. Having to shave my legs all the time (because I can’t leave it long enough to wax and end up in the vicious shave stubble shave repeat cycle – and why are razor refills so freaking expensive?!)

2. Feeling like the world’s pastiest potato unless I’ve fake tanned 

3. Fake tan smell/mess/streaks

4. Underboob sweat!

6. Having nothing to wear because none of my summer clothes fit

7. Having to wear sunscreen which breaks me out

8. Being force fed everyone else’s fabulous summer holidays on Facebook

9. Pedicures – a pain in the butt necessity because the world is not ready for my manky naked toenails

10. Joggers EVERYWHERE! – stop pretending you run any other time of the year other than when it’s nice out!

Ok bratty rant over! It’s actually really nice when the sun bothers to shine in Scotland! Usually by the time I’ve lathered up my sunscreen it’s disappeared behind a cloud though!

p.s. Barbecues! - Your burnt sausages stink and you are really f'ing noisy -  shut up so I can be grumpy in peace!

p.s.s.  CONVERTIBLE ARSEHOLES! : "Ooh look at me, I'm in a convertible playing crappy music!" It's a car, without a roof - get over yourself! I hope you get a sunburn!

Ok if you are Robert Downey Jr. and it's the 1980's you can ride in a convertible, at night - that's it though!

ok I'm done!


How about you, are you more full of summer sunshine than me, or do you find it all a bit overrated? ;-)


  1. Im not a fan of summer either. Im not a student or teacher, so no summer break. Its too hot (its not unusual to have a Christmas day of 70 degrees so i dont need summer to have warm days and especially not four, five months straight of it), all the bugs and creepy crawlies come out (ive an influx of wolf spiders and black widows right now), my coworker thinks summer means blasting the ac from 6am onward, my kitties shed like crazy.... i can go on and on i think ;)

    1. Oh giant spiders would freak me out! To be fair the bug situation here isn't that bad, no mosquitos, etc. And it's really not that hot, at ALL,it's just everyone here strips off to their underwear (virtually ;-0) the minute it hits 60 -they're crazy people! No AC either which means when it is warm there's not much you can do about it. I know what you mean though I freeze my butt off in Florida when we go into stores because the a.c. is set to perma freeze/40 degrees it feels like!

  2. Oooh! I loved this! I am so going to steal this post idea!

  3. Loving the RDJ pic! In theory I love summer but in fact sweat like a pig and go bright red. No glamour.

    1. I couldn't resist! I'm a sweater too, it's not pretty!

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