Sunday Confessions 26/7/15

1. I’ve reached a sort of mid-summer peak BLAH. Summer has been a wash so far this year in Scotland, which is nothing new, but every year we get the frankly b.s. forecasts that :“This is it, this is the year summer is returning to Britain!” Ever since I moved here I’ve been regaled with stories of when Britain had “real” summers in the 70’s and 80’s. Well, I’ve been here 14 years now and we haven’t had one yet, so frankly I’m starting to think they’re all a bit delusional and have convinced themselves they once had summers so as not to go completely insane with the fact that it is perpetually 60 degrees and raining here! Oh sure, we’ve had one or two days that breached 70 and had glorious sunshine, but July in general always makes me feel a bit hard done by for not being in America to enjoy the Fourth of July and general summer goodness. Even though I generally loathe faux/enforced patriotism and Budweiser tailgates at firework spots and all that other "Real American" crap! Here’s a beautiful gloomy song about the Fourth of July (sort of, more about a doomed relationship) by Aimee Mann that encapsulates the lack of summer fireworks feelings I am having right now! "A waste of gunpowder and sky" indeed Aimee :)

2.On a cheerier note, I watched this video - erm "Vine" of a pony that thinks it’s a lap dog at least a dozen times. It’s the sweetest thing I’ve seen all week.

3.I am just not in the mood this week, basically, for any crap. It’s not hormones, it’s just me. And I find that often when I’m feeling grouchy is when the most weird encounters happen. Almost as if people are drawn to the discomfort? All I know is I’m feeling old, fat and grumpy and want to be left alone. So no, grocery check out man or patchouli smelling tramp/hipster, or teenage coffee boy, I will not flirt with you today (I know you just want a tip anyway – is it just me or have they trained Starbucks baristas to be very in your face now? I don’t want a conversation with the cashier, I want a damn mochaccino and blissful silence!). Maybe it’s “summer”, but I am tired of deflecting unwanted attention. And yes I know this is very much “Oh poor you cry me a river" territory, but I genuinely don’t get it. I think it must be that you get to my age some men think they stand a better chance – honestly, when I was 25 and single it felt like I was on an iceberg when it came to meeting anyone. Now that I’m taken, not interested and definitely in the past my prime club they won’t leave me alone! I feel like I sound a big headed jerk even writing this but I do think there is some phenomenon that hits women in their mid/late thirties (I’m forty now but it’s been going on for awhile) where any random dude thinks he can chat you up – am I right? I have smiled benignly at old men who looked like Santa Claus only to be leered at (shudders). I’m over it! (I know I will soon be invisible to men and long for this unwanted attention according to numerous things I’ve read, but where I’m at right now, no thanks).

4. Hm…what else can I grump about. Oh not grumping at all, I have only just discovered, and mainlined most of, Bates Motel. It is the best show I have seen in such a long time. High goth/scary drama, camp humour, Vera Farmiga and Freddie Highmore are just so deliciously good in this it’s criminal they didn’t get Emmy nominations. It’s about Norman Bates (of Psycho fame) and his Ma (Sorry, I mean "MOTHER", Norman is all about "Mother!" as anyone who watches will find!), when they first moved to the Bates Motel when he was a teenager. Except it’s set in the present and not really a strict prequel at all, which frees them up a bit to take the show where they please. It's set in the Pacific Northwest (Oregon) in a small town called White Pine Bay with its own inbuilt mysteries. I always like shows set in this green gloomy part of America (Twin Peaks, The Killing)…um though it’s actually filmed in British Columbia. Anyway!...

It is so clever and fun, there is a nudge and a wink to Psycho every so often but Freddie Highmore is wonderful as oddball Norman, such a sweet boy(!). He really makes the character his own, you cannot help but feel sympathy for the overly coddled mama’s boy trying to break free from his mother’s hold at the start, and slowly more terrified as his blackouts and violent urges become more out of control. It is becoming darker and more sinister as it progresses which is what you would expect. Vera Farmiga as Norman’s mother Norma is also spectacularly good. She makes Norma’s high strung, slightly repressed, wacky eccentricities endearing. Plus her vintage style wardrobe is fabulous fashion porn. The show is seriously funny in between all the gothic drama and horror, we laugh at it endlessly which I hope we are meant to be doing! The supporting cast balance out the Norma/Norman wackiness and I’ve ended up liking Dylan (Norman’s half-brother), Emma (local nice girl so she’s safe…for now!) and the Sheriff Romero character every bit as much so they better not die! I do think Season 3 is maybe a smidge less enthralling than one and two plot wise but it’s still the best thing I’ve seen in a long time, I highly recommend it if it’s passed you by (on A&E and Netflix I believe).

This season one trailer makes it look super serious and scary, which it can be, but it's also HILARIOUS, trust me! :-)

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  1. I do think there is a thing about women in their mid-thirties plus...I think it's like...whether we wear a wedding ring or not, somehow, we are "safe." Like, they know we're not some twenty-year old girl who is going to think that every boy who smiles at us is trying to get us into bed and also we're probably not as inclined to flip our hair and act all "whatever, I'm so much better than you."
    I don't know about Scotland or anywhere else, but I know the US has had bananas weather for lots of years. I swear: when I was a kid in the 80's and even into the 90's, we would get sub-zero temperatures on the regular, we'd go a whole month with a high of 2 degrees, we'd get feet of snow over a couple of days. It would start in October and by March be melting. Now it's more like winter starts in November and doesn't end till May and it's a lot less intense, just more wet and dreary. Not quite as cold and nowhere near as much snow. In fact, the Great Lakes have lowered several feet because there isn't enough snow meltage.
    Thanks for the shout-out on the bottom! I am glad you enjoy doing the confessions! I really like 'em, too! :)

    1. I just feel like "I'm old and cranky, what about me are you possibly seeing as an invitation to flirt?!" I grew up with horrible sticky humid heat in Va., and I don't mind New England winters because I'm a crazy person!

  2. I'm sorry you're not having a "real" summer :( I like places that have four distinct seasons, you get something to look forward to! For me its just hot... and sometimes a little less hot. But I'm sure you don't want to hear about that ;) Look up how many fires California is having and maybe it will make you feel a little bit better? In a weird way?

    1. Thanks! I'm sure I would be bitching and moaning in the sweltering hot summers of America, it's easy to romanticize them now I don't have to deal with them! The draught/fires are awful, fires freak me out because I worry about the wildlife (and the people!).