The Perfect Bra

I just want to share this briefly, because it's one of those things I think of sharing and forget. I have in amongst much other shopping and stuff, stumbled upon something this week that for the past couple of years I had convinced myself didn't exist - a TRULY comfortable under wired bra. I confess in the past couple of years, I have grown less and less comfortable with wires, any wires at all, near my bosom, unless it's a going out/special occasion sort of thing. I'm very much a Genie bra advocate (yes the original, I've tried cheaper makes and it is worth forking out for the real thing).

But that said, a Genie type bra is a glorified, more comfy sports bra, so it's not exactly the most feminine or shape enhancing thing in the world. I had reached that point where I just could not be bothered. I think partly because after my surgery several years ago, I was unable to wear wired bra's for a few months, and I just never got back into them once I'd felt the comfort of the under wire free life! Basically, if I can feel that I'm wearing a bra, I'm not happy. I wish I could get away without one entirely but frankly that ship has sailed!

Anyhoo, in my pre-London shopping, I resigned myself I was going to have to buy an actual, proper bra. I mean, I couldn't exactly go to the West End looking like my usual country frau self! Cue much harumphing and doom and gloom and general unenthusiastic attitude on my part. I wandered into M&S as the last vaguely comfortable bra I'd purchased had been there and let's be honest, they are the best for cotton multipack underwear!

I was grabbing random nude t-shirt bras off the rack until I had around, oh, a dozen to try on (am I the only one who must try on ALL THE BRAS to find one that even begins to fit?!) when a pretty, unassuming little pale aqua print number caught my eye. It was pretty, it was a bra, it therefore probably wouldn't fit me I shrugged. But it was soft.

I tried on a few of the plain bras first, one of which had itchy lace, the others either felt like corseted torture devices or simply didn't fit properly. Sweating and grumpy, I reached for the pretty bra, not holding out much hope. Much to my shock and felt and looked AMAZING! Like air, like I wasn't wearing a bra at all. I couldn't feel the wires, the fabric was super soft. There was no underarm bulge or quadruple boob or gaping or anything else untoward going on. It was maybe a tiny bit big actually, so I had to size down a back and up half a cup size (I run broad in the shoulder/back so I do vary a bit from bra to bra). And that one fit absolutely perfect (to be honest even if they hadn't had the perfect size I still would have bought this bra because it's that good).

Now before I give it an A+++ there is one teensy caveat. It has an itchy tag. Like, so itchy I had to send the o.h. to reception at our hotel for scissors to cut it OFF! But cut it off and the bra is perfection, seriously.

They didn't have it in nude or the pale pink which I am coveting in my size because unsurprisingly it's popular but they do have most sizes online, which I fully intend on ordering it in asap. It also comes with super soft matching pants. So Hip Hip Hooray for M&S, you've restored my faith in bras!

I heartily recommend the full cup version (it also comes in a plunge which I don't know if it's as comfy) - it's called the Sumptuosly Soft Padded Full Cup T-Shirt Bra, for some reason they don't have the prints listed with the plain (they are here) but they are the same bra.

So anyway that's my little overshare of the day, as someone who really struggles to find bras I can live with
though I did feel I should share this find! :-)


  1. Even thought I KNEW they wouldn't sell my size, I still had to click on the link didn't I? And nope, they don't sell my size :(

    1. Oh no! Boo :-( Maybe they do them separately? They list things very piecemeal on the website.