The Buyer's Archive May

Hello! So I'm trying out a post idea I've shamelessly nabbed from another blogger, the "Buyer's Archive" - a tally/monthly inventory of my fashion related purchases, for anyone interested! I first came across the Buyer's Archive blog series on Janet's fabulous blog, Words That Can Only Be Your Own, but the idea originates with the fashionable and crafty Elise of Elise and Life  - I enjoy their posts on the subject very much, do go check them out to see how it's done properly!

So this is late in coming, I had been meaning to do a buyer's archive post for May for awhile because I may have gotten carried away shopping w/my Mom (I haven't even included the nice charity shop things she brought me from time!). I enjoy reading these posts on other blogs, it's fun to have a snoop in other people's closets/see what finds they have scored! 

L to R: Dress M7S, Necklace Primark, Top New Look

The purple print Per Una by M&S dress was a sale find, much elbowing of grannies required (I kid...sort of, M&S sale racks in my town are often a tiny bit of an OAP war zone though - I often want to ask "Just who are those fuschia hot pants for, Madam?!" (I'm sure they are likely(?) shopping for the grand kids!). Anyway it's a nice, throw on casual shirt dress type thing, fully knee length and I'm pretty pleased with it! I do like a lot of M&S things the older I get (cue me in thirty years elbowing other women for all of the bargains!) ;-0

The necklace is from Primark, bought it on impulse as it reminded me of bunting -it's fun and more colourful than my usual necklace taste, a bit shorter/more choker-y than I would have liked though). The top is New Look, that's about as much red as you will ever catch me in but I'm a sucker for folkloric/embroidered anything. I don't see it on their site anymore, sorry, but it's possible it might still be in stores.

L to r: Dress BHS Earrings BHS jeans Levi £10, Orange Top TK Maxx

The dress from BHS is one of their own lines – I wander into BHS from time to time and find little treasures like this, for £18 in the sale I think it’s just a handy little b&w frock (my admitted go to), and again…embroidery, I am nothing if not consistent! It does have sort of an awkward waist line, it’s elasticated at a not quite empire, not quite waist level, so I sized up just to make it look purposefully roomy rather than pregnant-making. (Sounds weird but in this instance it worked (I think!). It also looks cute with a belt.
The little hoop earrings (sorry I am the worst at photographing little things!) are from Wallis, another sale item, I do like a little simple (ish) hoop, they go with pretty much anything and I get obsessed with turquoise in the summer.

The jeans were a charity shop find – a (seemingly new!) pair of Levi’s for just under a tenner that most importantly, fit me when I tried them on in dressing room perfectly - I felt very “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants!”. Ok actually they were too long – far too long I realized when I got them home, so I actually paid to have them hemmed, and now they really are perfect. Boot cut, a bit of stretch, and flattering  bum pockets – sadly they discontinued this cut (they are called 545 low boot cuts) but there are still pairs floating around on Amazon and Ebay I notice.

The top is a TK MAXX find, ummm…yeah that’s more embroidery at the neck. I think I need an intervention! It’s much more orange than the reddish tint of the photo, and has neat squared off cap sleeves which make it a little bit more interesting than a bog standard tee.

The canvas slip on's are by Fila, purchased at Deichmann – they have “memory foam” cushioning – they are definitely more nicely cushioned than your standard flat, have a nice narrow cut for me though they do stretch a bit so even with the size fives I need a small insole –gah, my feet are a pain! They also come in a bright peach, I’m kind of thinking of getting them too, as most espadrille things just flop off my heels entirely and I think I can work with these.

The long cardigan is by H&M – it’s a cream/beige cardi, not revolutionary but pretty useful for chucking on over summer outfits when there’s a chill, as there often is here! The necklace is from BHS, I’m always on the lookout for plain-ish necklaces that hide my scar a bit/can be worn with anything. I like the nautical feel of it and the fake gold isn’t too fake looking in person (photographs a bit green though!).

The sleeveless print shift dress (they call it a tunic, I call it a dress, it's longer than some things that are sold as dresses anyway!) is from Dorothy Perkins – they had it in several prints, including a striped one which is the only one I can find online but might be more in store - I will warn that sadly the stripes did not align at the sides of the striped version- such a bugbear of mine! It’s a nice A line cut without being too baggy either – well it might be too baggy for some but not for me! I like that it’s a little bit tropical looking but subtle enough to not look totally out of place in Aberdeen’s excuse for a summer! (I do go in for tropical prints but tend to only wear them in hotter climes).

So since these purchases were made in May I don’t have the receipts – I do have a pretty good memory for numbers though and some of the tags so the prices are pretty accurate give or take a few pennies!

M&S dress: somewhere around £18 in sale, n/a
Primark necklace: £3
White and red top New Look: £9.99 (don't see it online anywhere sorry!)
BHS dress: £18 and change in sale
Wallis bead hoops earrings: £3 (ish!)
Levi’s jeans: £9.99 plus £10 to hem them – still, £20 for new Levi’s isn’t bad! (They cost WAY more here in Europe than in the U.S. to any American friends!)
Orange top TK MAXX: £12
Dorothy Perkins print shift: £12 and change with a 30% discount (in case you hadn't noticed I do mainly only shop in sales!)
Shoes: £14.99, Deichmann shoes
Fine knit cardigan: £9.99 H&M
OOPS I forgot to add my newly discovered perfect comfy bra from M&S! £18 (I also picked up a couple more in the sale last week but that'll be filed under June :-)

So that brings my total to £138.97, give or take a few cents. Hmm…A bit of a steep month then, but in my defense I was holiday shopping and summer wardrobe refreshing! I do want to do a June post as well, which won’t be long now, hopefully I wasn’t quite so spendy in June!


  1. An expensive month, maybe, but that's a great haul for that amount of money! I especially love the Dorothy Perkins dress.

    1. Thanks Janet! I do pride myself on bargains...generally not quite so many bargains at once though! ;-0

  2. Ooh you got some good deals - I can't believe those shoes are Fila, I still associate them with dodgy nineties tracksuits ;)

    1. Thanks! They have some branded little shoe finds in Deichmann these days!

  3. Amazing post dear!