American Buffalo

Hello! I've returned from the big smoke, still buzzing a bit from the energy and excitement of it all! My p.c. died the day before I left for London, so it may be radio silence for a short while.I may have to brush up on my pen to paper skills, a visit to the British Library had me ooh'ing and ah'ing over the original manuscripts of many great works- Jane Austen had particularly pretty handwriting I thought (of course she would! ).

I will write more later,  but I just have to say to anyone visiting London in June I HIGHLY recommend the play American Buffalo starring  Damian Lewis,  John Goodman and Tom Sturridge. It has unfairly in my opinion received some pretty ho hum reviews- I suspect this is why we were able to score cheap seats at the theatre on the day.

I thought the performances by all of the actors were mesmerizing. Damian Lewis gives a tour de force performance, Tom Sturridge was a revelation, and John Goodman does an amazing job keeping the whole thing grounded. The play was funny and touching and the audience loved it.

It left me inspired as only a good play can, and the only thing I can imagine that led to any criticism is maybe they are just now finding the rhythm of the piece. David Mamet is so much about the dialogue that maybe it took some time for them to find it.

I don't know, at any rate I do highly recommend it and it's worth a punt if you are in town to try for tickets!  :-) I will probably want to rhapsodize about it again later!

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