Sunday Confessions: Where Did May Go?!

Sunday Confessions

Ok so I know exactly where May went (still ten days left, but have our trip to London to start fretting about now - Replacements tickets arrived last week and it all feels REAL! :-) May was spent lollygagging around with my Mom. Or Mum as Brits say, which I still don't, it feels weird. There was much (ahem...much) shopping, more on that wardrobe bursting scene to come at a later date. As was usually the case, Mom kindly brought me a few things, I gave her a few things that didn't fit me/were more suitable for her, it was fairly even stevens until we hit the high street and charity shops, hard. The weather was middling to rainy and cold mostly, which was a shame. But we soldiered on with cheesy rom-coms and numerous cups of tea and more ginger nuts than is recommended! Anyway what confessions do I have? hm...

1. I felt quite guilty and out of touch for not keeping up with my favourite blogs, never mind my own. I manged to churn out a couple of quick (for me) posts, but I wished I had been more organized and scheduled posts ahead of time. I consider myself very much a hobbyist blogger but I don't like not using that blogging bit of my brain, I quite enjoy it now and rely on it for creative brain juicing time. That sounds super weird.

2. I am in full on guilty pleasure chick lit swing, reading two Sophie Kinsella's on the trot (her latest Shopaholic To The Stars, which was not nearly as bad as I was expecting given the reviews!) and now on to the much maligned Wedding Night, which so far I am enjoying just fine. I consider myself a tiny bit of a chick lit connoisseur , and I fully admit when an author dips in quality. I honestly think maybe Kinsella has just gone out of fashion or something, her writing is as clever and fun as it ever was, I think with the advent of younger, more sassy authors maybe people are expecting something different now? Anyway I still love you at any rate Sophie!

3. Sending my mom home to Florida sucks on many levels. First, even though two weeks is about all we can cope with in our flat visitor wise, the minute she leaves I think "Oh just a few more days would be nice". I really envy my friends and family who get to see their Mom's on a more casual, everyday basis. Also because a small (large) part of me really wants to fly home with her for a week and soak up some Florida sun and beachy times. Scotland is freaking chilly again and it suuucks. I miss America, where summer is a given, dependable way of life.

4. We had a weekend away at the in-laws, just me and my Mom. Sometimes I feel a little weird when the o.h. isn't also there, but this time, being space deprived in particular with a visitor, I kind of just relished having my own room, all to myself! I spread my stuff out all over the shop, not having to share a room for a couple of nights was bliss I tell you, sheer bliss! (of course I missed o.h.  terribly etc...I'm sure he didn't miss my occasional snoring one bit though! ;-)


  1. Okay, that puts my mum having just caught the train home into perspective.

  2. Hi Steff, how are you? I hope you are well. I need to catch up on my chick lit, especially anything written by Sophie Kinsella (who i have met!). I might do that When I go on holiday. Have a great weekend. x

    1. Thanks Anna, that's amazing, love Sophie! :-)