Scottish Ruins

Well my Mom's trip is winding down, we have spent the past couple of days in "The NOOOOTH" as Jon Snow might say (we have also been mainlining Game of Thrones AGAIN while she's here as she has read two books now but not seen any of it). So we're re-living the glory, Ned, Ygritte, all of it....sniff.

We went to a couple of ruins that were the handiwork of a rather dastardly chap called Alexander Stewart, or the "Wolf of Badenoch." I had visited them once before but it was nice to go again with a new tourist's eyes. First up was Elgin Cathedral, or what's left of it.

We (*cough* the Scots in the party) thought it was a bit dear to pay £5.50 to go inside the gates (when locals can remember when a place was free they're rarely happy to pay entry fees) - to be honest you can see everything well enough outside the gates, apart from the gravestones up close, and there's not really any other aspect like a museum to merit the entry fee really.

 Across the road there is a lovely biblical garden that is very tranquil and full of pretty trees and flowers:

We also visited Kinloss Abbey, also destroyed in a fire by the aforementioned "Wolf" which you can freely stroll around save for one section which is fenced off. Kinloss Abbey is in a more rural setting and has a lovely still quality.

Kinloss Abbey, Kinloss, Moray, Scotland

This photo was taken on the road outside (oh god must go look up to spell never mind pronounce!) Lochindorb, it is what remains of Stewart's own castle. He obviously garnered plenty of enemies with his own pyromaniac tendencies!

 I had driven past before but forgotten how eerie and barren the landscape is when the heather isn't in bloom - it would make an excellent backdrop for a sci-fi film I think!

Well, off to the park I think as the sun is shining - woo hoo! Thanks for reading :-)


  1. So gorgeous! I would totally be willing to pay the money to go inside the gates. Touristy. These are really beautiful.

  2. Actually that doesn't seem too expensive, though I totally get what you mean about hating to pay if you can remember when it was free or much cheaper. I am always saying old person things like "I remember when stamps were ten cents" or when it cost $2.50 to see a movie. I would pay to get into that site though if it includes the ruins and the gardens. I looks like a lovely place to spend a bit of time. Thanks for the armchair tour! xoxo

    1. The Americans totally would have paid, the Scots who live 20 minutes away and are...ahem, more thrifty, not so much! Glad you enjoyed it anyway! :-) xo

    2. And the gardens were free, which maybe should have been charged for along with the cathedral instead as sadly many of the statues were vandalized.