My Nine (Fashion) Things For Spring!

Well here we are, Spring, hurrah! (I think…I mean, one day in Aberdeen it’s cold enough for a winter coat, the next I’m sweltering in my layers – I will never understand how people keep up with the schizophrenic weather here!). I keep thinking I need a “Spring Coat”, but it’s still a bit chilly for a mere mac, and I don’t know if I can justify buying one of those more hybrid lightweight “Easter coats” as they used to call them , because in a month they’ll be too warm.

In the meantime I have been trying to concentrate on what items I can justify saying I actually “need” to refresh my Spring/Early Summer wardrobe (tbh even in peak summer you’re never going to need what would constitute summer clothes in most of the world on this breezy rainy island!).  

Finding sartorial inspiration everywhere I look recently has led to a particularly chaotic interior closet wish list of late. Mainlining Transparent on Amazon has led to a real interest in Californian laid back chic, and even Maura’s muumuus (fab article with the show's costume designer here) are appealing to me! I love the costume design on the show, from hipster Josh and his cardigans to Ali’s anti-fashion tomboy look, to eldest sister Sarah‘s more glam boho style, it all feels sort of appealingly effortless. And then there’s Black Sails, which is a trickier box to tick because I am nigh on obsessed with feisty heroine Eleanor’s white Victorian meets pirate flounces blouse collection. I mean, look at this blouse, it’s perfection!

"I may have to put up with you smelly pirates, but my blouse is spotless!"

Not to mention Max’s contrasting Ikat print gown – is this not the most perfect dress you’ve ever seen?

Ikat pirate dream dress

But unless I get an invite to a pirate fancy dress ‘do, I’ll need to find more modern ways to draw on these looks. Alas me hearties I think we can all agree that a few key pieces can often make a wardrobe feel fresh again, so here are a few things I’m in search of! 

A pretty blouse: Ok so I “need” a new blouse like I need a hole in the head, but seeing as my go to “’look” is generally a top and jeans despite my best intentions, I may as well have something new and fun to wear. I was stopped in my tracks by this little poppy print Rocha John Rocha number in Debenhams the other day – of course it was about the only thing in the shop not on sale so thrifty lass that I am I will bide my time. On the plus side, it photographs horribly (at least on the site), it’s much more arresting/vintage looking in person so I’m hoping it won’t sell out before they put it on sale. I also like the oyster-y tone of this H&M blouse and the covered buttons:

Oyster is a colour that turns up a lot in Black Sails, and it’s fairly universally flattering I think. I also like the look of this stripey boxy shaped California surf chick type blouse (also from H&M), I can totally see Ali in Transparent wearing it while having an existential crisis ;-0:

Faded/summery jeans: Out with the cling-y dark denim, in with more breathable relaxed fits. I think I will add to my GAP boyfriend collection, they are comfy and (I think) strangely flattering in that baggy bum sort of way. Hopefully they didn’t tinker too much with this year’s version, because the pair I have taper just enough, but not in that annoying super tight ankle way that most “boyfriend” jeans do. I could really do with a relaxed straight or boot cut also but am struggling to find a pair I like on the high street just now – any recommendations? Mantaray’s (Debenhams) are decent for stretch and comfort but run seriously long, and of course the short length is far too short (I know petite and tall ladies struggle with denim lengths too, but it’s nigh on impossible for us 5’5”’s to get a decent cut too! If you’re 5’7” or 8” you’re golden I think).

Jewellery: I don’t know about you, but I’ve got rather a lot of bold/boho/"busy" jewellery, partly out of necessity for covering my scar, but I could really do with a few more simple, go with anything type pieces. Like a plain gold hoop or these really perfect streamlined earrings which admittedly first caught my eye over on Not Dressed as Lamb.I could do with just more plain stuff, generally. It’s particularly hard to find a metal only, simple necklace that would, if not cover, at least not draw attention to my scar. I had one and it was perfect but it sadly tarnished. It’s something I’d be willing to pay a bit more for but most fine jewellers don’t sell the sort of thing I am thinking of. I also fancy a nice plain bangle or three, just throw on with anything sort of things, in rose gold or gold preferably.

I always love the Orelia brand jewellery on ASOS - cheeky tip, sometimes their own website has stuff cheaper! ;-)

New Coat: As mentioned above, it’s a tricky thing. There are very few days of the year I would venture out without a coat of some sort, even if it’s just a light waterproof “just in case”. Trouble is most waterproofs are ghastly looking. The main alternative seems to be Mac/trench coats, which are classic and lovely but mostly seem to come in beige or black and be double breasted which is a no-no for this broad chested girl. Plus they rarely have hoods. So in short I need a cheerful/colourful, go with anything, dressy but not to dressy, waterproof but not hideous, hooded spring coat! Does such a thing exist? I’ve looked and looked, for years now, to no avail, help!! I find myself looking at slightly wackadoo things like an orange biker jacket from LaRedoute (because why not? It’s cute and I’m bored of all the pastel ladylike ones). But for day to day I need something more (yawn) practical.

Dress: Something I can hang in my wardrobe and think looks pretty and never wear except to try on every couple of weeks (ha!). Sad but true. I need to get in the dress habit though, preferably baby steps into some sort of GAP t-shirt number or something that doesn’t make me feel like I am walking down the street screaming “Look at me! I’m a girl!” (I’m an INFP don’t you know, we hate unwanted outside attention). But every time I see a pretty dress I think “I should wear more dresses” so I am going to force myself out of my comfort zone this season, for real. Of course the dresses I fall in love with are usually silly money, like this little Boden number, how fresh is this? It just looks like a little casual throw on dress, but it's (gasp!) £99. I must have been rich in a past life....

It's always summer in Boden-land!

Jazzy trainers: The sad fact is I have fallen arches and bad knees and wearing anything other than comfy shoes most of the time causes much pain and heartache. I fool myself this isn’t the case and buy unsuitable shoes that I simply can’t wear, so for once I should fork out on some properly soled/cushioned branded trainers that won’t make my feet cry. My magpie eyes are drawn to the current neon combinations of the sports trainers but I also like the look of the vintage style print of these Vans flamingo numbers:

Vans Flamingo Print - fun!

Striped top: Anyone who knows me can look away now. “You need another striped top like I need…”. They are my crack. And the pushers know just how to keep the addiction going strong – by coming out with new striped tops every season! “Oh, they all look the same!” says the person who owns a couple at best. But they are wrong, dead wrong. From Boden’s preppy multi-stripe to this faded beach-y light knit tee from Dorothy Perkins, there are many ways to subvert the black/navy and white dilemma. Which is not to say I don’t find an excuse to buy a new black and white top every season, oh ye of little faith! And then there are the striped jumpers…don’t get me started! Something about spring makes my resolve  here particularly weaken into no-existence. I would ask for help but there is no cure I fear. 

Comfy yet pretty sandals:  It’s surprisingly tricky to find a sandal that has a proper insole/any kind of cushioning that does not look like something your grandma would wear. I had a wonderful pair from Rohde that I destroyed in the Findhorn Bay last summer playing with my nieces (Scottish beaches are super rocky, like Maine,  going shoe-less is not an option!). I got them at the local orthopaedic shoe store (because I have old lady feet), but they were actually a great fit for my narrow yet mangled arches. I also rely pretty heavily on my Birkenstocks, which quelle surprise are holding on to being “in fashion” (I never stopped wearing them but I’ll go with it!) for the second summer in a row. I do wish I could find something just a bit more delicate looking that wouldn’t kill my feet but it seems like the shoe holy grail.

Blazer: I have a weird fixation on blazers for someone who rarely wears them. I do have a boxy black linen number that’s seen it’s day, I could do with a neutral replacement of some sort….but instead what do I do, I go buy a printed blazer in the ASOS sale. It’s a little bit “out there” for me, the printed blazer, but having fallen for pyjama pants last year I’m feeling a bit adventurous. I liked that this one has a sort of kimono print with a twist of neon lime, I think it will look cute with a plain black outfit or maybe even jeans:

I apologize for the picture quality, someday I'll have a day to try on clothes and stand by a wall and have the o.h. take numerous pics of do fashion bloggers do it?! Selfie sticks? Anyway hope you get the gist! I would link but it's sold out in all but a size 4...

Hmm so that’s nine things, that’s kind of an uneven number for a blog title! Though Nine Things For Spring sort of rhymes? What else is everyone else coveting for their Spring wardrobe this year? 

(All opinions my own, nothing sponsored etc!)


  1. I like the title Nine Things for Spring and your nine picks are all very cute. I don't think I need anything new at all but that won't stop me from coming home with a delightful find from a thrift or consignment shop. I do want some jeans but the selection in my small town is very limited and I am waiting for flares with a higher waist to arrive. The thrift shops are full of super low rise flares and skinny jeans and the local shops are mainly carrying skinny and boyfriend styles. I can't make the boyfriend style work for me. At the moment I have one pair of bootcut that are lower in the rise than I like but I make do and two pairs of skinnies that are a bit short so I wear them cuffed in warm weather and with boots in cool weather. I think 5'7" is the golden height. I am a little over 5'9" and have lots of fit problems with pants and dresses.
    The orange moto is really cute! I stick to anorak style coats for spring and autumn since trench coats don't work for me either. I am also coveting new glasses frames but that is not in the budget! xo

    1. Thanks Shawna! I really like that orange jacket too, no idea why! Sometimes my fashion senses lead me down strange paths! I should really pay more attention to jeans in thrift shops, I tend to pass them by. GAP do a bootcut but their jeans have much less stretch in them than they used to (at least on this side of the pond!), I like a bit of stretch, a mid to high rise. Skinny jeans still rule the shops here too, bizarrely imo. I mean they're not the most comfortable things in the word!

    2. With the addition of lycra spandes the current skinny jeans are more comfortable than the early nineties skin tight straight leg jeans I remember, which were pure cotton and had no give. I always check the label and only buy 1% or 2% spandex as any more than that and I find the jeans just slide down. I don't have a big enough bum to hold them up, I guess. I definitely don't wear mine really tight because going down a size would give me major muffin top. I think I have a bit of a love hate relationship with jeans. I love the idea of them but they are really a challenge. Bring on the sack dresses! xo

    3. I agree stretch (but not too much, it's a fine line!) is vital. I have managed to find a high waisted pair with stretch that is comfortable, other than that I have a few pairs that just squeeze the life out of me and give me "muffin top!". x

  2. Oooh, I covet bright colours, shoes (although they are neatly always failures due to my bony, painful feet and dodgy knee) girly things. I recently was given a fabulous turquoise scarf with gold skulls which is great for spring. And maybe a zingy pastel handbag....

    1. Finding comfy yet at least somewhat pretty shoes is my endless quest! ;-) Do you have a foot man/orthopedist? I have insoles (need a new pair actually) for my arches which do help when I remember to wear them!

  3. Maybe I should get a foot man. Inspired to also chuck three pairs of skinny fit lo rise jeans. Like stuffing a doughnut into an eggcup, sadly.

  4. I'm rubbish at transitional dressing - I can do winter or summer wardrobe, but it all falls apart in spring and autumn! Re. sandals, I have completely the same issue - I walk miles around the city and need proper cushioned support for my poor feet. My reliable favourites are from M&S, and Clarks often do some not-hideous ones with padded soles. I hear v good things about Saltwater sandals, which have a very current 1970s look about them and are also meant to be totally waterproof.

    1. Ooh, those sound promising, will check out thanks! I live in a city and walk everywhere too, comfort is key. I do like Clarks, I just require superhuman cushioning. (But then Birkenstocks which mold to my feet and are quite hard are ok, I don't know!). I need to revisit M&S, our local one keeps shrinking their shoe section which is quite annoying! I pulled out a bunch of Spring things yesterday, so today it is cold and rainy, of course! x

  5. When you mentioned changing the jeans to something breathable, immediately I thought Gap Boyfriend Fit - and a millisecond later saw that's where you went, too.