March Favourites: Part Two

You didn't think I'd be back so soon did you? Ye of little faith tee hee (me of little faith also! ;-0))

In an effort to keep my blog posts a bit shorter (for me! ;-)) I have split my March favourites into two posts – my first post on my favourite recent t.v. and music is here if you want to check it out.

March Favourites: Beauty (and other miscellany!)

Daisy by Marc Jacobs: So like many women (I guess?) I like to switch up my perfume to something a bit different in the spring and summer months. My most recent fragrance purchase, Marc Jacobs’ Daisy, is something I have  enjoyed vial samples of several times but could never quite bring myself to purchase for kind of a dumb reason -I thought it was “too young” for me.

Which is nonsense, if you like a perfume there is no reason you can’t wear it. I find that perfume marketing is aggressively ageist and backwards thinking in this respect, and I’m a little embarrassed I let it get to me. I have never worn “age appropriate” perfume, in my twenties I liked a lot of heady and rich scents that probably would have been deemed “too old” for me by a perfume counter “expert”/the brand’s marketing.

I have always just worn whatever I like, not what was the trendiest fragrance at the time (I admit Daisy’s mass popularity might have put me off of it a bit too!).

Yes I know these are rose, not daisy petals, deal with itl! ;-) How cute is this bottle (I love this mini travel bottle too)

I had some birthday pennies burning a hole in my pocket but I second guessed myself right up to purchase, as it’s not my usual sort of scent. I can’t remember the last time I bought a fairly straightforward floral fragrance; I usually go for something a bit muskier or more citric, so it’s definitely a fragrance family that was missing from my collection. I admit the large array of variations of Daisy have turned my nose in recent years as well, I think I might be tempted to pick up one of the lighter/fruitier iterations they usually produce in the summer at some point too.

Marc Jacobs’ Daisy is described as a sparkly woody floral, with top nots of strawberry, grapefruit and violet. Its middle notes are gardenia, violet and jasmine, and its base notes are vanilla, white woods and musk. 

Which all sounds very interesting but I can’t honestly say I detect any of these things individually with my nose! I definitely get a green/citrus note on top, a creamy floral base, and the dry down is not particularly musky or warm, it’s more of a neutral, smoothing note. This fragrance has a pretty decent staying power on me too, nothing startling but I don’t expect a scent like this to last all day and into the night without reapplication.

To me it just smells “pretty” in an almost inoffensive but not too girlie or sweet way. I usually like my fragrances a bit more sultry or zingy than this, but I love how fresh and comforting it is. I used to wear Sensuous Nude by Estee Lauder when I wanted a “me, but better” fragrance, it’s a very nice perfume but I feel like the space that kind of perfume fills in your life, the everyday, casual, throw it on and know it won’t offend anyone scent, evolves and changes more than say, your go to night time or event type scent. For me anyway!

So yes, I am glad I bit the bullet and committed to this not marketed to fortysomething me at all scent. Sorry Marc, old hags like your perfume too!

Nag Champa California White Sage Incense (Satya brand):   

"Ohmmmmmmmm" ;-)

I don’t know how, but somehow I never tried Nag Champa incense, even though I burned a lot of incense in my youth…um we won't go there (to be honest I burned incence the most in my college dorm when I was trying to cover up the stench of humanity lol!). I don’t think it’s as common in the U.K. either, perhaps? Although they do sell it in hippy crystal type shops which a new one opened in my town which is how I discovered the Nag Champa! 

It was some kind of kismet that made me randomly pick this scent from the selection of numerous other Nag Champa scents too, because I have discovered after ordering a couple of other scents on Amazon that I really am only crazy about this particular one from the brand (they do a different sage one which isn’t nearly as nice I discovered when I ordered it by accident instead of the California White Sage). 

This scent is both heady and potent but smooth and sweet. There is nothing spicy or throat choking about it at all despite its strong scent. It is hand rolled by Buddhist monks in India (supposably ;-)). It burns a little bit quickly and is messier/chunkier than my usual Stamford incense, but I am ridiculously addicted to it.

I have gotten more into incense with my recent crystal dabbling and candle intention setting, it just feels natural to light incense when you are getting your meditation/zen/inner witch or whatever on! ;-) 

The fact that this one is white sage (I guess, tbh it doesn’t really smell like my sage oil!), also adds to the ritual cleansing vibe. I have been curious to try sage or Palo Santo smudging recently but nervous it will set off my smoke alarms, so I also made a homemade sage “smudge spray” as well as using this incense when I feel the need to “cleanse my space” as it were. :-)

Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer: So my story with this concealer is, I have had terrible luck with it up until now. I actually bought and had two break/become unusable almost immediately after purchase, a couple of years ago. It has a uniqe sponge applicator that you twist to apply, which for whatever reason I managed to break quite easily. 

So no matter how many people raved about it I was all “Nah thanks, fool me twice, shame on me”, etc. But time heals all wounds and the other week I stumbled upon a Youtube concealer best of video by Hot and Flashy (I love her channel; it is great for women like me who want to see someone other than a twentysomething face applying makeup on Youtube!). 

By the way I might want to do a “my favourite Youtube channels” post if anyone is interested/cares? I have only recently gotten back into Youtube and I am really loving it at the moment.

So Angie of Hot and Flashy narrowed down her favourite concealers for ageing skin to another more expensive one (I forget which), and this Maybelline one which she showed in a time lapse video held up really well on the face over the course of a day in terms of not settling into fine lines or making them look worse the way so many concealers do.

I admit this has been a bugbear of mine recently. I have dark circles that I feel require covering, but am also developing those lovely little crosshatch wrinkles under my eyes (uggggh the 40s are a JOY) that just look delightful with makeup caked on top of them.

So when I saw this concealer on sale in Boots recently I thought “What the heck, I will give it one more try”.  And….so far so good! With the caveat that I think, as with most drugstore concealers, I am somewhere in between the fairest and second fairest shade. I bought the palest shade ivory as I had a gap in my concealer collection for a fair one to mix with other slightly darker ones.

And it is a tiny bit too pale/sheer on its own. So OF COURSE I will probably try the next shade up now and mix them because that is my life. But I am really enjoying using this concealer, it is super lightweight and blend-able and versatile in how it plays with other products. 

On its own this shade isn’t enough for my dark circles, but I am kind of coming to the begrudging conclusion that I am going to have to choose at some point between looking a bit tired by not obsessing about covering them entirely, or having my concealer age me ten years. Yay ageing!

Toner toe to toe!

So I have been rotating two toner type products for a month and a bit now, so I can’t honestly say which is making the biggest difference.

The first is the...

Nip+Fab Glycolic Fix Sensitive Pads: I tried a drugstore (non-sensitive version) of these, and it was fine, but I am super paranoid about irritating my skin because of its unfortunate tendency towards thread veins in the past few years.

Last month I had my first electrolysis treatment in a couple of years for my facial thread veins*, which have unfortunately sprung back/formed new ones on my cheeks, probably due to the lovely freezing windy city I live in on top of my pasty Celtic roots.

My beauty therapist does a great job scaring me off of most interventionist/aggressive anti-ageing skincare, which kind of sucks, I want to play with retinols and acids like many women my age. So I decided to dip my toe in with these Nip+ Fab glycolic acid pads designed for sensitive skin. I mostly just use them on my forehead, chin and nose because I am nervous about them irritating my cheeks.

My nose has been more prone to blackheads lately, I think because the cell turnover rate slows as we age or some such, and also possibly due to my less vigorous treatment of my skin because of its brattishness.

These pads do not sting my skin at all, have my favourite orange blossom scent, and so far don’t seem to be drying or irritating my skin at all. I do feel that my blackheads/exfoliation has improved from using this, although saying that I only use them maybe twice or three times a week, I have been rotating them with….

Witch Hazel (!): Yep, good, old fashioned, plain witch hazel. Which I admit I haven’t used on my skin since I was a teenager. I actually bought a bottle for the purpose of using it in homemade essential oil room sprays (you need to add a bit to the water and oils I don’t know why, chemistry?).

Anyway I bought it in my local pharmacy, but I had noticed when looking it up online that people were saying both “Do not put this directly on your skin!” and “I use this on my skin constantly it’s awesome!”  I honestly couldn’t remember how my much oilier teenage skin reacted to it, but I feel like a lot of the toners I have tried recently have just been glorified scented water, so I brazenly started applying this (I know, I live on the edge!).
And…it’s really fine. It definitely gives my face that “toned” feel. It does have alcohol in it (I only just read the bottle oops!) but I have combination skin so in moderation hopefully it will be fine. I do feel like maybe it’s a bit full on for daily use, I am tempted to try to mix it with some rose water or something to get a slightly gentler effect. I am getting more into the idea of simpler, more natural skincare where possible, especially as my skin ages and becomes more sensitive to the various ingredients thrown at it in the name of “anti-ageing”.

SO those are my recent favourites, how about you, are there any must have beauty things or other things you are loving right now?

 *(I have been meaning to write a blog post on this too!)


  1. I bought myself the perfume set from Sephora for Christmas, but I'm still trying to decide which one to get with the coupon. I've never been a perfume wearer, but I kinda want to be? Plus they come in such cute bottles.

    1. You bought a Daisy Set? They have so many to pick from, that was part of my problem too I do like some of the different varieties they have come out with. The bottles are super cute! So many other brands have ripped them off too oops he he.

  2. I've never been much of a perfume girl, but I'm a big fan of Marc Jacobs scents. There's a new Daisy one, in a yellow bottle, I really enjoyed sniffing on my way through various airports the other week - not that I have any need for any more perfume in my life!

    Lis / last year's girl x

    1. OH NO A NEW ONE I MUST SNIFF IT?!! I am kind of a perfume addict I admit.