Attention: Blog Address Change!

Sorry to shout in my title, I just wanted to get your attention! ;-)

Yes so sometimes (hopefully) in the next week or so my blog address will be changing,to

Unfortunately I don't think my old address will redirect because I am letting it expire.The reason for this is Go Daddy are rip off merchants basically! I just cannot justify their price hikes on my domain. I did switch to the with them in a blind panic because it was cheap (you see the vicious cycle here lol!) which I am kind of kicking myself for now but this time it's only a year's domain rental so who knows. I did consider just letting it revert to blogspot, as is patently obvious I am a tech phobe and cannot be doing with all of this headache inducing tech nonsense at the best of times.

Other than that I am not too stressed about it, my DA is fairly in the toilet anyway for all sorts of DID I MENTION I AM A TECH DUNCE reasons, so yeah, I'm just rolling with it and trying not to stress about it (but totally procrastinating doing it!).

Needless to say, I would NOT recommend GoDaddy, at all. They are not unusual in hiking up their prices for domain renewals, but they have sent me some of the most bizarrely aggressive and almost threatening sounding emails about my domain expiring (it has actually been expired for a few weeks now), but they keep sending me these super rude emails, like "It's your last chance, or else, you are never going to see this domain again, you will regret it if you don't give us all your money NOW" etc. I am not even kidding at how the tone of these emails has crossed the line on several occasions from professional to weirdly aggressive in tone, it has really put me off them a lot. Also they have your account set to auto renew and store your credit card details without consent, they really are the WORST, steer clear.

so anyway yes, I will be Steff in Scotland still, just .com. See you on the flip side! I will put reminders on my social media too.

(Go Daddy's business model?!)

So yeah hopefully soon I will be at (if for some reason it doesn't work I will still have the address). Sorry for any inconvenience!



  1. Sorry you are having troubles! I'm super tech dunce so I will just stick with my blogspot domain.

  2. Ooh, I hate business models like that. I don't think I will have issues, and thank you for letting us know. I never actually knew what GoDaddy! was for, but the commercials always put me off so I was like "never visiting that website - ever." And I have not. And now I'm super glad. :)