Sunday (okay Monday!) Confessions

Hey so I was too hungover yesterday to lift my head off the couch but I need to get out of my not blogging in over a month* rut so here goes nothing!

I confess: Despite the above mentioned hungover-ness, I generally don't drink much. So we went to a barbecue at a friend's house, it was a sunny all day affair, I got to play with dogs and drank my bodyweight in cider without really being aware of my consumption. I forgot about the cider is dangerous in the summer thing because it goes down like juice! We don't have alcoholic cider in America (well we didn't when I was younger I guess it is an emerging craft drink there now?), and I do really like it. Oh and I had an Eden Mill blueberry vanilla gin and tonic it was loverly I need to buy more fancy gins (hic). My hangover wasn't too epic, just that sort of lethargic headachey type.

I confess: We had such a crazy good run of sunny, warm (for here) weather the past couple of weeks that mostly I have been lolling around the back garden getting an actual hint of a tan where possible. I cannot emphasize enough how unusual long stretches of nice weather are here in the summer especially. Basically ever since I moved here I have been promised that "we do get summers sometimes, honestly, there was one in 1988!" but it has been 17 YEARS that I have been waiting!

Today it's cooler and much more Scotland appropriate, too much summery weather here really freaks people out after awhile, it's kind of hilarious! This video that has been doing the rounds is a bit of tongue in cheek hilarity on how well Scottish people cope with the "extreme" heat, it reminds me of one very pleasant sunny day when my Mom and I went to Crathes Castle a few years back, it was probably in the 70s and a couple of older Scottish ladies were fanning themselves in the shade, commiserating "Ooh I cannae stand the heat!" It cracked us up, there is a peculiar intolerance here for anything "too hot" that most other countries would find laughable!

I confess: I finally bought a biker jacket! Well, I ordered it online, hopefully it fits, I saw one I liked on the sale rack in Marks and Spencer. It's not super jazzy but baby steps, maybe once I settle into it I will find my dream 70s metallic one. Is this item of clothing at all what I need right now? Not really, I need a new waterproof/raincoat, but I have bought and returned three recently. I just can't find the right one, plus I find them inherently boring. So I will be fashionably wet once the real Scottish summer returns, ha ha!

I confess: Kinda need a nap, I guess post barbecue hangovers last two days at my age zzzzzzzzzz.

*Yikes it's more like almost two months!

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  1. I like the jacket! I'm not that into the one I have, even though I've worn it a ton, I'm still on the look out for a better one, but since I already have one, I feel like there are other things I should spend my money.

    I'm not sure if I've had any cider before? Probably, maybe? But that blueberry vanilla gin thing sounds AMAZING.