40 Plus Fashion: Biker Jacket Edition

Hi! So lately I am bound and determined to buy a cute jacket that will look relatively smart/hip for the occasional night out, something that will look equally good with a dress or jeans.

I have so far avoided the now ubiquitous bomber jackets, sensing anything that gathers at my tummy is probably not the one! (to be fair I think they look great on other women my size or bigger, but if there is one area my body positive mindest still needs work on, it's the tummy!).

So really, that leaves me with a blazer/short coat OR the midlife woman's enemy or bff, depending...the biker jacket. So here's the thing. I am not a black biker jacket girl, I just know I am not going to be able to kid myself I can pull off that rock chick look.

Which isn't to say that other women my age don't, they totally rock it, but I just don't see myself as a black biker jacket person. I think it's the curly hair...we just don't ever look tough enough for certain styles!

The next natural step from here seemed to be neutral and or pastel biker jackets...which, just no, not for me, either, sorry. Pastels wash me out and neutral minky toned jackets scream "Ladies who lunch" to me. I don't think biker jackets should be quite so....polite. I really thought I was done with the whole concept of biker jackets ever being in my wardrobe. And then this lady appeared in my life/on my telly:

(this was the only gif I could find of Ellen Barkin as Smurf, it is pretty funny/accurate to her character though!)

Ellen Barkin, as Smurf in Animal Kingdom, is a biker jacket QUEEN. She seriously wears a different one each episode, and she is 50 (or 60? Who knows, she is ageless!) plus and looks fierce in every single one.

My favourite so far from this past season is hands down the metallic red leather one she wore. So I guess I've figured out my biker jacket tribe is glam rock/ 70s rock chick (mmkay!).

My other favourite Smurf jacket was a gold one she wore. I guess my inner magpie can't help but love the shiny shiny, but I think what I love about Smurf's style is that it is so unapologetic/not giving a frack about age.

She also wears animal print with ABANDON, which I love, because it's sort of a middle aged cliche thing so I interpret it as her character reclaiming it because guess what, animal print looks awesome on everyone (if you're into it....which I am ;-)).

Unfortunately for me, metallic leather jackets do not come cheap, and the pleather ones sadly do look very cheap and seem to mostly come in Tin Man silver. Le big sad sigh.

Undeterred, I set my sights on the next least boring biker jacket for my magpie eye: the embroidered jacket ...my only hesitation, again, is that they are black. I just...I don't know (it feels too young says my inner judgy teenager!). I do think they are super cute, I actually really like the white/cream ones but they are rare/expensive/I am not the only one who wants to look like a Rhinestone cowgirl!

I guess as with previous travails in coat shopping, I view the jacket as something that needs to absolutely be "me", especially as I do think they are quite a bold statement still despite their now commonality. I guess because I am old enough to remember when only legitimately rebellious types wore them? 

At any rate. I'm simultaneously less afraid and more excited by them now. So hopefully I can eventually find one in my budget, I doubt I will rock it like Ms. Barkin but hey, at least I have a new mid life fashion goal!

How about you, do you own one (or several?!) biker jackets? Why do you like them? I feel like I've resisted them for a good decade, and resistance may finally prove to be futile!


  1. I bought one from Abercrombie (a faux one) and I've only worn it once recently, despite having bought it like two years ago (!!!). I just feel like... I don't know. Like it feels "too much"... Maybe I need to find a slimmer less bulky type, not sure. I like them to be sure! They seem so versatile. So I haven't found my "perfect" one either.

    1. Yeah I do fear buying one and not feeling like "me" in it. Maybe you can sell yours on ebay or whatever hip clothes selling apps they have now and use the money toward a new one? :-)

  2. I love mm new one which makes me feel like a badass. It is I think the Kourtney faux leather jacket from Wallis although I got it in a charity shop. It has more of a new romantic than a biker vibe.

    1. Yay for feeling like a badass! I bet it looks fab on you! :-)

  3. I love the very expensive real leather jackets from All Saints too, such soft leather.

    1. Ohhhh All Saints is s ashop I scurry into like a poor mouse occasionally for a gawp, so expensive! Have you made it to a Mary Portas charity shop yet?