London: Regent's Park Meanderings...

I had only skirted around Regent's Park on my 2015 trip to London, on this trip I was hopeful of getting to dive in properly...and luckily for my Mom and I, it was another glorious sunshiney day! (I feel like I big up a sunny day more than might seem normal to anyone who doesn't live in the U.K. - trust me, it's a big deal!).

Anyway we retrenched to the park (It's Jane Austen's 200th birthday this week so I must pay her a wink and a nod....anyone with me? "We must retrench!"'s from Persuasion, it always makes me giggle!), as we had gone down to the river seeking a possible boat ride....but it was blaring heat and there were huge queues - we are just not that into standing in long lines in the heat!

Regent's Park is in the north of London, saying that it was only a 15-20 minute tube ride from Waterloo Station down below the Thames so it's really not very far on public transport. It's nearest tourist attractions are 221B Baker Street (the fictional abode of Sherlock Holmes, which houses a museum), and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, which I know is probably the tackiest tourist spot you can find but someday I will visit it when I am on my own or with someone amenable to my garish ways!

So I had heard about a "secret" rose garden of Queen Mary's, (I probably read this in a guide book, there was nothing secret about it!), so we aimed for that after meandering through a few tranquil paths and a few more imposing, Parisian style paths - Regent's Park, I have to say, has something for everyone in terms of garden style, and I think it's so lush and amazing.

We then arrived at St. Mary's Rose Garden...which words really cannot do justice to.

I mean, it's legit idyllic, walking in a sea of roses bliss. And the SMELL! My Mom and I were like Bambi, sniffing every rose, and they all have their own unique scents. It was fairly crowded but still somehow felt very tranquil. Pure sweet summer bliss, London is so lucky to have this place.

The park would be worth visiting for the Rose Gardens alone, but there is soooo much to it. Honestly we only saw like a a quarter of it it seemed (London Zoo is at the top though so that takes up a bit of acreage). As you leave the roses (reluctantly!), you come upon a beyond pretty lake and wooded garden area, complete with black swans.

I have a weird fondness for Willow Trees despite the fact I broke my arm under one when I was three!

On a hot day you might be tempted to take a dip, although I doubt the swans would approve!

So Regent's Park definitely gave us the chilled (if hot!) vibe we were hoping for this trip. There are lots of lawn chairs for people to bask in, it attracts families and younger groups along with the usual tourist suspects. It's ideal for a leisurely cycle or row boat ride too along the longer waterways (we had a little panic at one point looking at the map, as we had to find a bridge to get across the water to get out - honestly you could have waded across if you had to it's not that deep (!) but there are plenty of ways to explore this park.

It also hosts open air theatre in the summer and has a few cafes, so you could easily pass the day here. I hate to choose favourites, but it just may have won my heart from Kensington Park...sorry lover, we can still be friends! If you can find a way to visit in the summer/when the roses bloom, I HIGHLY recommend it. I mean, I have been to some pretty gorgeous castle rose gardens in my day, but nothing I have ever seen comes close to the sheer fairytale beauty of Queen Mary's Rose Garden.


  1. Oh wow, what a beautiful garden!!! It's so funny to hear you mention your rare sunny days while I'm over here sweltering :D Do we even live on the same planet, ha. And a selfie with your mom!!! LOVE IT.

    1. Aw sorry you are sweltering! Ha yes I am forcing my Mom into the selfie thing, she's still like "What is this?!":-)

  2. OMG - beautiful! So glad you had such a great time!