10 Random Facts About Me!

So my girl Iga Berry tagged me to do a 10 random facts post, do go read her post here!

1. When I was a kid, I was more musical. I was in the school chorus in middle school and even went to chorus camp away from home for a week and my school chorus went to the state chorus competitions and all of that chorus geek type jazz. I really loved singing, I knew I didn’t have a great voice but I had an "I can basically stay in tune with a group" sort of voice – I was an alto so often we had to sing the more boring bits in some songs, but I didn’t even mind that, I just loved how the songs would come together with all of the different parts layering it. We sang everything from pop and musical hits to traditional and gospel songs (which means I randomly still get ones like this stuck in my head! (um...except we didn't have only white people in our choir, our soloist was like a baby Amber Riley from Glee, she was awesome), and I still remember many of the songs. I really liked doing medleys in particular (very Glee!), and probably unsurprisingly the performances were my favourite thing. Our teacher was just pure joy, she had a real passion for music and it infused us all.

2. Iga mentioned some dream related things in her facts, so I will too! Hm. The most strange or notable dream I had was probably this: when I was having cancer treatment, my Grandpa (on my Mom’s side) came to me in a dream and told me I was going to be o.k. It was unusual because I don’t recall ever dreaming about him before that, I think maybe I did once but he died when I was 12 and I only have a handful of memories of him from childhood as we lived far away from him for most of my youth other than a couple of years. And the dream was very vivid, and felt much more realistic than a normal dream. I woke up and I felt like I had really spoken to him. I am not religious really but have had a few spooky things happen like that, my aunt also had a psychic tell her I would be o.k., and this was awhile before I was even diagnosed.

3. I never really drank until I went to college. I think I had one night at the end of my senior year where my b.f. and I went a bit mad (!), but other than that, I was lucky to have plenty of other things to do when I was a teen. We had underage nightclubs we could go dance in, concerts were plentiful as we had Providence club shows or Great Woods in Mansfield, Mass. (I forget what it's called now!). I had a job, a nice mall to hang out at (it was the 90s, Mallrats were real!). I had a lot of freedom and places to go as a teenager, I never felt like I was missing out not drinking. I am glad I didn’t start drinking too young because I was quite young/na├»ve for my age in a lot of ways.

4. I once sold Molly Ringwald a butter dish (shaped like a sheep if I recall!). She was polite (she tolerated my co-worker stalking her around the store like a fangirl, whispering/chanting out loud despite herself  "MOLLY RINGWALD! MOLLY RINGWALD!") and I felt kind of bad for her, we had other more or just as famous people come in, but something about Molly makes people freak out and turn into their inner teenager I think! I have a few random celebrity encounters from my time in retail in New York in particular, for some reason I remembered the Molly Ringwald thing this week as she popped up in Riverdale playing Archie’s mom in a genius bit of casting! My favourite Molly film, for anyone who cares, is Pretty In Pink! :-)

5. When I was a kid my favourite dining out experience was going to a Chinese restaurant and ordering a Pu Pu platter – I thought this was the height of sophistication! I don’t know if you get them in the U.K.; it’s basically just a tray of appetizers, presented with an open flame in the middle like some mystical magic. I also had to have a Shirley Temple, of course!

The glamour!pic c/o https://www.flickr.com/photos/scaredykat/1572215221

6.The first two years of college I was torn between majors. I took several anthropology classes as I'm basically obsessed with apes and Jane Goodall. I still don't know if I would have been science brained enough for that field but to this day I am really interested in all things to do with how we study and relate to the animal world in particular. Which kind of leads to...

7. When I was a kid my absolute favourite movie was King Kong. It was kind of a thing my Dad and I had, we would get very excited to watch it (the 70s version). Which I know in retrospect it’s not that great of a movie, but I still have fond memories of it. I loved that big fake gorilla so much! I really wanted to be Jessica Lange getting to hang out with King Kong all day! I miss what an event watching movies used to be in the 80s, whether it was getting your 3D glasses for Jaws 3 or going to the drive in theatre, I have so many memories of watching movies being a thing we looked forward to and got special snacks for when they came on t.v., all that stuff. I was thinking about it the other day, I remember when Gone With the Wind came on t.v. my grandmother and her neighbour would make such a fun time of it, coming armed with boxes of tissues and candy and popcorn like they were at the movies. I am going to try to make movie nights more fun from now on I think!

8. I have a dragonfly tattoo on my lower back. I got it before the term “tramp stamp” was even invented! I didn’t plan to get a tattoo but I went to the place with my friend, we actually drove over an hour to get there as my friend had heard about this great female tattooist. And it just sort of happened. I had the idea for a dragonfly in my head, I don’t know why as butterflies and daisies were much more the thing in the 90s. I have never regretted it really; I would actually like to get the colours brightened up a bit now the annals of time have faded it a bit but am afraid it would get wrecked and I would end up on Tattoo Fixers! Anyway in case anyone was wondering why I had dragonflies in my new header, it's kind of slightly to do with that, I just like them, and have only read recently that they symbolize protection and rebirth and other nice things which being a bit of a hippy I thought was apt given my life experiences!

9. My friends Kelly and Autumn and I were very much into "cool" alternative music in high school...but we also had a secret love, the love that dare not speak its name....Barry Manilow! I'm not even kidding. I don't know how it started but we would put on little goofy dances to Barry songs and have way to much fun doing so. At K's wedding we danced completely unironically to Copacabana and I still sleep in my Barry t-shirt that Autumn got me when she saw him play Vegas. There. Now you know my most shameful secret world!

10. Hm what’s a good one for the last one?...I will fess up to something – for the first couple of years (especially) after I got my license I was considered a not very good driver by some people who knew me (!). My Mom even followed me to school the first week I had my license, as no one could quite believe I'd passed the test! I mean…I just had a few minor scrapes, as most young drivers do, could have happened to anyone! ;-0 But it was a tiny running joke amongst some of my friends that I was not a safe driver and they would feign terror about being in the passenger seat, etc! I could be a bit scatty, I did once drive through a red light…after coming to a full stop and thinking it had turned green! Luckily it was a deserted street! Yes I was sober, I just (used to!) have occasional problems with my attention span/being side-tracked when I had people in the car, that‘s not so unusual is it?! #infp #scatterbrain

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  1. The music one doesn't surprise me at all, you write about music a lot!

    I don't think I've ever been at a restaurant that has had a pu pu platter, but it looks like a fun dish!

    I think most teens that start driving in High School end up with a few scrapes and dents. I remember being on the bus at the light just after school, and seeing one of the kids from one of my classes totally tbone someone while they (the student) was trying to get out of the parking lot from the florist. I didn't feel bad for him since his parents just bought him a brand new car so I was like, ha, sucks to be you rich kid. I was lacking in empathy as a teen ;)

  2. Lol! I remember new car envy, but I was grateful to have my 10 yr old VW Jetta, it was a family hand me down, ran on diesel so was super loud, and a stick shift. I don't think I ever put a scratch on it...my Mom's new car, however, I did put two dings in, I still don't think she has forgiven me! Eek. So bad. You should try a pu pu platter, they make boring old apps glamorous lol! ;-)

  3. I was a really musical kid, too - church choir, school choir, every show either put on. I loved drama, too, and always got the starring role (mostly because kids at my school were super unenthusiastic, I was one of the only ones who'd really try!). It's something I really miss, I'd love to join a choir now.

    1. Do it! I would like to but my singing voice has gone super reedy and froggy, maybe I just neef more practice! ;-0