Friday Fun: Spotify Spring/Summer Playlist (Let's Link Up!)

Hi! So I'm finally starting to feel a bit summery in my music tastes, it's been a spell of DREARY weather for a couple of weeks here in Scotland after a promising start in April (we are still barely kissing 60 degrees, but you know, baby steps!).

Anyway I thought I would put together a "Spring/Summer" playlist, as it's not technically summer yet...not sure if my peak summer playlist will be much different but it's a fun excuse to do another one! As with my last playlist I would really love if anyone wanted to link up and share a playlist of their own (yeah nobody did last time but I live in hope!).

The first track is by Aluna George, who I just love her style of dance/electronic music, it's kinda more my vibe than most of the dance music that is popular today (shakes granny stick!). So it won't be surprising that there's some 90s hip hop and r&b, some 80s cheesy goodness and a few other curios. I hope there's something in there for everyone! I tried and failed not to include Rob Bass & DJ EZ Rock's It Takes Two but I have no control with that admittedly overplayed yet still eternally funky tune (imho!) - sorry not sorry! I also did something I NEVER thought I would do in my life, I put a Chris Martin (of Coldplay, a band I do not love) song on there - I can't help it, that little Chainsmokers colab tune is an earwig!

I am particularly a bit more open to new music when it's warm and sunny out, and generally I like to bop around more and/or pretend I'm on a really cool road trip, so that was the sort of vibe I was going for with this mix. It's a little bit throwback ("old school" and by that I mean OLD lol), a little bit Californian dreaminess, a little bit disco dancefloor.

What are your favourite summer songs/albums? Please let me know if you want to do a play list too and we can geek out and virtually dance together!


  1. Summer music for me is often Motown stuff: Marlena Shaw singing California Soul, I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos. Then there's some 70s disco-era tracks like Strawberry Letter 23 by The Brothers Johnson. And then going much more contemporary, Beach House and Tennis are the two artists that scream SUMMER to me, especially Tennis's first album.

    1. Ooh Beach House and Tennis do sound summery, knowing nothing about them! I will check them out! I don't know if I know that disco track either! I also like Motown :-)

  2. I wonder if my music preference changes with the seasons? I've never noticed! I love how you think about music this way :D