Sunday Confessions

I confess: Blogging life went something like this for me this week:

From this


to this


So yes, I got offered a really plum blogging opportunity in London(!) last week, and the money was enough to make me half consider it despite the last minute cost of flights and hotels. I mean, I'm pretty sure nothing like that will ever happen for me again, because I am me. Sorry to sound Charlie Brown, but the next train of events went something like this:

Realizing that if I ever want to be able to take trips as a blogger I should maybe, probably start trying to act like a real blogger and establish relationships/reach out to hotels so going places in the name of blogging isn't quite so exhorbitant, I decided I needed to re-sort out my domain, drop the blogspot to seem more "professional" and so forth. Anyone who has read my blog for awhile knows I have been through this before. I got a cheap domain when I was starting out for a year and the company hiked the price by like a hundred percent for another year so I dropped it.

So anyway I sort of impulsively just went for it (with Go Daddy, I got a pretty good deal for 2 years), and thanks to a couple of helpful Youtube videos I actually managed to transfer to the new name all by myself! On the first try! I was SO proud. I am Gen X after all y'all and a tech dunce so it was kind of a big deal for me!



And then...feeling high on life, like I am soooo sorted and doing great with this blogging lark...I somehow, I'm not quite sure how, DELETED (almost) ALL OF MY GOOGLE+ PICTURES!!!! Sorry to shout! But if you are on Blogger and you have the misfortune to ever do this, you will know the horror of which I speak. Because Google, in all its wisdom links every picture YOU upload, with YOUR time and effort, to THEIR cloud. And should you ever break that link, even accidentally, Google tries to kill your blog dead by taking all of the pictures off.


I mean, it was a dumb move for sure, I don't even know, I must have hit delete, but the pictures never went in the trash which is what everyone says they should do. And there are dozens of threads in Google support about other people making the same mistake (even trying to make your pictures private results in this too), so it's obviously a recurring problem. So I spent 48 hours trying and failing to retrieve them myself, with various undelete apps and hairpulling and so forth.

A Google chat resulted in the "impossible" becoming possible and my pictures being restored, except they put them in the Drive, not the cloud, where I can't access them from the blog. And as far as I can tell downloading and re-uploading them might be problematic, seeing as my computer is already running like a dog and won't unzip files and all of that jazz. Which is problematic because I have deleted some of my blog pics in 2 1/2 years of blogging (luckily not all of them). So I don't know what to do...should I make the blog private while I restore it as best I can? Should I delete posts that I can't deal with finding all of the pictures for (in travel posts they can be all over the place, say if I am talking about a place I have been to many times like Florida). I have already deleted one post, because it was an old fashion post with non "evergreen" content, but I don't want to end up with too many dead links because that will dent my already nonexistant Google ranking.... was your week? Much better than mine hopefully!


  1. Congrats on making strides to make your blog more professional! I know this takes A TON of work. So sorry about the photo mess :/ I've been doing better on organizing my photos on my PC so I can find past blog photos easier. I HAVE SO MANY PHOTOS. My husband says its fine, they don't take up that much space.

    1. Ha thanks, I mean, it is really looking super unprofessional right now - I think the word I should have gone for is "not a completely chaotic travesty", which is more like it! I genuinely do not ever think I will make money from blogging, but should someone be so bold as to offer me a paycheck again I might say "Yes please" (especially as in this case where it was going to involve talking about my favorite subject, curly hair!), if I am in a position to be like one of these fabulous travel blogger people. Which I never will be. ANYWAY yes my pictures are all over the place, I do have a dediccated Blog folder but if it's personal or vacation pics they could be anywhere. Plus I started deleting some pictures becausse our p.c. is at max storage, I was just trying to help. Now I'm like "Give me a damn computer that isn't dying please!" I forgot to reply to your comment earlier (SORRY!) about you losing your blog pics - do you remember if when they re-appeared they were reset on your blog? (I have already spent several hours trying to fix a few posts, but am still living in the vain hopes "CJ" at Google will put them back where they belong for me!).

  2. OH NO!!! I am so sorry about the Google+ photo mess. They are such assholes, kinda. (Maybe I will post about
    I don't have any good advice, except that maybe if a post is just TOO MUCH TROUBLE to recover the photos, perhaps don't delete it, but maybe just revert to draft, so if you want later, you can still touch it up. Broken links can be such a mess and a pain. I have thought about dropping the blogspot portion of my blog, but then I, oy, then I'd have to reset all my social media links and buttons and that's like, two hours of work.
    No wonder I am not professional. LOL Derp.
    Congrats on working on making it more professional - it's definitely not easy, but you DEFINITELY have it.

  3. Yay, congrats! Sooooo... Did you take the opportunity? I am not sure if I missed that? Iga