February Beauty Product Empties!

Hello! So I seem to accrue beauty “empties” in batches. I ran out of quite a few products this month, so I thought I’d share my thoughts on them, and if I plan to repurchase!

Olay Complete BB Cream SPF Tinted Moisturiser:  I really like this (confusingly named/covering all of their bases or what!) product a lot, comprised of classic Olay with spf with an added touch of Max Factor foundation. It blends effortlessly and feels light on the skin. It’s not sparkly at all to my eye but a nice dewy matte finish. It’s a light/medium coverage but that’s why I like it. The last couple of BB creams I bought felt quite heavy and claggy on my skin, whereas this just feels super light/like I’m not wearing anything really. It does moisturise nicely but I usually wear moisturiser under it anyway.

My only complaint is the lightest shade, Fair, is still a tiny bit dark for me, so I tend to wear this more in warmer months/if I have a bit of fake tan on. Or I can add a drop of paler foundation: I tend to have to blend stuff sometimes so it’s not a big deal, but really if you are wearing tinted moisturiser you want as minimal an effort as possible! It’s a very cool tone though so it’s not like it’s orange dark if you know what I mean, I can just about get away with it. PLEASE make an extra pale version for us British vitamin D deprived types Olay!

Lancome Genefique RepairYouth Activating Night Cream: I bought a skincare set containing the full range of Genefique skincare, primarily for the serum, and it came with the day and night creams as well as an eye serum. I purchased in early December and have used it almost every night since, so these were pretty generous “sample” type sizes.  Anyway…this night cream is ok, for the money I wasn’t honestly blown away, on the odd night I used it without the serum underneath I could see that my frown lines of doom (! ;-0) weren’t quite as smooth the next morning as when I used the serum. It moisturises well without being heavy or greasy though, and I definitely needed an extra moisturiser on top of the Genifique Serum, which almost feels like a mini peel on my face/ isn’t really moisturising. So it pairs well with that if you are thinking of trying the range, but I wouldn’t say in good faith it is any kind of wow product on its own.

Boots No.7 Melting Gel Cleanser for Normal/Dry Skin: I am a pretty big fan of No.7 skincare, I have yet to try a cleanser by the brand that  I wasn’t happy with, and I think I have tried them all at this point! They are especially bargainous when you get one of the Boots No.7 vouchers.  I think they are comparable to many more expensive cleansers I have tried. This Melting Gel cleanser is a very gentle, foaming/ wash off type cleanser. My skin doesn’t feel tight or dry after I use this. I tend to alternate between cream/cloth cleansers and foaming cleansers depending on how my (combination) skin is behaving, and this has been a really nice addition to my routine. It foams up nicely on damp skin but rinses quite easily too. It has a lovely balm-y texture.

Boots No.7 Intense Volume Mascara: I bought this when they discontinued the Lash 360, which I loved so much I kept buying online long after it was discontinued until they were sadly all gone from the earth (sheds tears). Of course the sales girl told me this one would be just as nice, and it…wasn’t. Saying that, it’s a perfectly nice, natural, daytime mascara. I have it in the brown/black, which is great for natural/daytime looks (or whenever!); it also comes in navy and black. It’s a slightly wet formula so you do have to take care but once it’s on it doesn’t have any fall out. It also comes in waterproof which I might check out next.

Jessicurl Gentle Cleansing Shampoo: (citrus lavender scent): SO I have been using this and the Jessicurl Cleansing Conditioner off and on for a few years now. And I don’t know if my hair just gets bored/ has product build up/it's the Scottish water, or what, but it’s not rocking my world like it used to. Plus the price of imported hair products is kind of killing me right now. This costs £14.95, and I just don’t know that it’s worth it to me anymore.

I don’t feel my hair is any better behaved or less frizzy when I use this, especially as I only shampoo a couple of times a week generally. I have been using the Lush Karma Kormba shampoo bar since this ran out and my hair is like “Whatever, shampoo, that’s fine too”. This isn’t to say I won’t try a different low or no sulphate free shampoo when I get bored, because I’m a hair product addict for life. I wouldn't not recommend Jessicurl, it's a great line of haircare for curly girls, I think sometimes my hair just gets too used to products and needs a break.

Co-Lab Dry Shampoo (Tokyo scent/invisible look): I LOVE Co-Lab. Brought to market by Ruth Crilly of the fabulous A Model Recommends, I often shied away from dry shampoo in the past. With my curly, dry, frizzy hair, I just didn’t see the need. But then I discovered a sort of secret miracle that dry shampoo performs on my hair: if I have overloaded it with product/it is being a limp or greasy at the roots by day two or three, a few spritzes of this dry shampoo line in particular help bring it back to life. It can make my hair a little “floofy”, but not necessarily in a frizzy way, more a sort of bedhead flyaway way, which doesn’t sound cute but it is much preferable to flat, lank curls, trust! I have tried several of the scents/varieties, I don’t know that this Tokyo scent is my favourite, there’s nothing wrong with it, I think my hair just preferred the other scents/makes slightly for whatever reason.

Bayliss & Harding Midnight Fig & Pomegranate Shower Creme: Christmas present fancy shower gel goodness. I’m a cheapskate when it comes to shower gel, so lucky me I got a large set of this gorgeous scent, which means I still have lotions and bath salts and another version of the shower gel to use. I have mentioned my love of fig scents before, so this one is right up my street. It’s lightly fruity and leaves the skin subtly scented, and layers so nicely under the corresponding lotion. The only thing I don't like is it’s a screw cap bottle, which is kind of fiddly to use; a squirty cap would have been much better (yes I’m pretty sure this is a ploy to make you use it faster so you run out and buy more!).

So those are my February empties, how about you, are you running out of any of your favourite products/would you repurchase them?


  1. My current must haves are Nivea night cream (cheap but good) and Origins Check and Balances facewash (not cheap, but excellent) I am also loving Elemis Frangipane and Monoi body lotion (very expensive).

  2. I would buy the first two again but not the last purely as we are living on a tight budget in the crazy expensive world of London. Also love Neutrogena Norwegian Formula handcream which is amazing on my dry hands. Luckily I had a massive stash of beauty products I brought down which I am working through!

  3. I think I am currently doing my daily beauty routine rather poorly. I left my skin to do what she pleases and I must admit... It's a bit of a disaster. Love, pugs and kisses! Iga http://www.igaberry.com

  4. I have never finished a tube of mascara, it's just not something i use often!!! but i guess i could say that about almost all makeup, lols.

    you definitely put more thought into products than I do, I feel. I mean, I have a few favorites and brands I tend to lean towards, but I'm not always so loyal and consistent in my repurchasing. I might have to "steal" this idea from you in the future, I like seeing/reading what you've used and liked!

  5. also: i also deleted all my blog photos once on accident and magically recovered them by some voodoo i don't remember because i was so frantic. worst day of my life <--- not really, but I hope you know what I mean.

  6. I really loved how you covered all the bases with these reviews. The one I am most interested in/grateful for is the Olay BB cream thing. You really nailed all the things - I can't stand heavy-feeling make-up of any kind, and I've always been curious about this, but it sounds like it might be too dark for my skin, too. Perhaps when they make a lighter shade?
    I fully believe in the hair getting bored/used to thing. I know professionals say it's our imagination, but I disagree. Use a clarifying shampoo and the first time it feels great and refreshing - too many times in a row and it feels like straw. Same (but opposite) with a too-heavy moisturizing shampoo.