Sunday Confessions

I confess: I feel like a schmuck. I drank the kool aid, I believed the exit polls and the media and well, that common sense and decency would prevail. I spent election night, like most other liberal schmucks, in utter disbelief and horror. It's not like there weren't warning signs. At a comedy gig (in Florida), a straw poll of the audience gave a resounding cheer for Trump. It chilled me, but I thought "Meh, rich white southerners". I didn't think she needed Florida anyway. I cried today, for the first time, at this, of course.


Just wow and fuck the world, pardon me. How amazing is she/this? It's not that I was Hillary's biggest ever fan. But she 100% was the better candidate (the only one who has actually held public office, is that not a Constitutional requirement?! sigh). I do feel like this election was stolen from her, by sexism (yes, I said it), by fake smearing by the FBI/Guiliani's former cronie, by misguided protest votes killing her in the swing states. I am sick of already being told how to feel, how to think, to get over it, to have faith that Trump won't be as big a monsoon of destruction as he is already promising to be. PU-FUCKING-LEASE. If Trump had lost, those who voted for him would be howling at the moon, so yes, the protests might be "too much" for some people but I don't care. I am really disappointed barely half of Americans voted. Good luck to you all and I am so sorry.

I confess: I guess I shouldn't be writing about this stuff yet. I'm clearly too livid with rage to form a thought without a four letter word. Sorry. Also we were re-watching Deadwood at my Mom's so my vocabulary has taken an inclination towards the Calamity Jane after this week's events especially! Sorry. Hopefully I will calm down eventually.

I confess: R.I.P. Leonard Cohen though. I still remember the first time I heard this song, someone put it on a mix tape for me when I was a teenager and I was done. What a man. I think he would have loved what Kate/SNL did with his song (above). I also really love the version of Suzanne by Judy Collins. Do you have a favourite Leonard Cohen song?


  1. Apparently Trump's meeting with President Obama went... well, there was a lot Trump didn't know and Obama will be helping him more than what is expected. And by help, I hope that means manipulate 😉

    1. I fear once he is surrounded by his cronies any common sense/Obama imparted wisdom will go out the window tbh but I admire your optimism! :-0)