Sunday Confessions: GILMORE! GILMORE! GILMORE! edition (No spoilers I promise!)


I confess: My brain is still a muddled pool of simultaneously happy and frustrated confusion processing the Gilmore Girls Revival. I think I need to watch it all over again! I won't write about it yet, maybe in a week, when I have digested it... My favourite fashion things, for anyone interested, were Rory's gingham chunky heel Mary Janes in the NYC bit (SO practical for running around NY am I right? So cute though!), Lorelei's pink coat/ fluffy bobble hat combo (pictured above), Emily wearing jeans because that's awesome, and....Lorelei's dress she wore at the end (without giving too much away!).

I confess: Those last four words though, are they just messing with us?! Yeah I can't think about anything else right now.

I confess: I feel kinda Christmassy now and want to deck them halls, but that entails going up into the attic and climbing this rickety ladder....(I would love a real tree but no room for one sadly).

I confess: (still on a Gilmore related note) I was all excited because I had the house to myself for the evening to binge watch the show in solitary bliss - side note, I feel I have somehow hid the full extent of my Gilmore Girls obsession on the I know I've mentioned some of my favourite episodes before, but I have in truth seen every episode a few times over now (I think? I watched it in repeats, it's possible I may have missed one! agh.). There was a brief moment in time where after I saw the final episode, I thought "Ah well, that's it done." Baaahahaha. "It's not a show, it's a religion" as Rory once said (yeah, we need to talk about Revival Rory, another day. Guuuurl. :-/).

I might actually, dare I say it, dive back in via Netflix...ahhh somebody save me from the Bedford Falls on mild psychadelics charm of Stars Hollow and 40s film style fast banter vortex!

ANYWAY, like many a diehard fan I had planned to buy all of the Gilmore Girls related junk food to eat while watching  - pizza, ice cream, Pop Tarts (I was sure I'd seen Pop Tarts somewhere but then couldn't find them/be bothered hunting them down in every grocery store in town), dougnuts, red vines: all that Lorelei and Rory junk food jazz.

But when I went to the supermarket, I just wasn't feeling in the mood, at all. SO annoying! I mean, why is it when you give yourself license to pig out, it's less fun? Just me? I'm feeling like I want to be better at eating less junk, almost sort of against my will....I'm just less "into food" right now. I'm eating, obviously, but I don't know, it's hard to describe. Of course saying that now I want a Pop Tart after watching the damn show, and I don't even like Pop Tarts that much! Did anyone else get swept up in the revival madness this weekend? What did you think? I have so many thoughts!

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  1. I'm not a super decorating type person, even for daily life, so the holidays are a bit of a struggle for me. I did buy some things last year at Target, and brought those things out yesterday to give the living room/dining room a slight holiday look. No tree though. My brother insisted I needed a tree my first year in the house but it's just not a "me" thing. I really had no idea what to do with it, ha.

    The only poptarts I really like are the cinnamon brown sugar ones. My husband likes the frosted strawberry ones... I will eat those but only if the brown sugar ones are gone. I don't buy them that often, but every once in awhile they find themselves in the cart. Specifically if the husband is shopping with me.

    Gilmore girl mania has infiltrated all the internet, ha, even the malefashionadvice thread on reddit. who knew?

    1. Do you know what I think I liked the cinnamon ones too, I don't think I have ever seen them here, just the frosted fruit ones (and they're super expensive here too!). I have no space and way too much decor going on, I used to have a small tree, now I have a slightly less small tree, I dream of a big real one again someday. But it is a lot of work/hassle and I can see why people wouldn't want to bother with it either! Ooh I want to know what male fashion internet people care about in Gilmore Girls, how weird is that! (them...uh and I guess me too...sorry this post was nothing but Gilmore Girls!) ;-)

  2. I am struggling with Gilmore Girls. I am still stuck at the point where she's in first year college and wants to be dating Logan and I am finding Rory super obnoxious and of course I basically know how the rest of it turns out (kinda/sorta) and of course plenty of people can't keep their mouths shut so of course the major plot points and last four words have been revealed, broken down, and analyzed so I already know all of what's going on in A Year in the Life. Le Sigh. Want to watch it, but...feels like a Friday Night Dinner kind of right now. Will come back to it sometime.

    1. Aw that sucks you had it spoiled. There is a lot right with it, I definitely had some G.G. feels moments, Emily is awesome, and even though I feel like Amy Sherman P. was kind of a jerkwad for the cliffhanger ending (if there are no more), I'm still glad we got more Stars Hollow. The last two seasons aren't great but I did think they pulled it together by the end. I hope you watch the revival eventually, would love to hear your thoughts!