New Bathroom

Hi again. So last night in a jet lagged insomniac haze (in between ranting about Trump/'Murica -sorry not sorry! ;-0). I wrote down approximately 5 million and one blog post ideas. You guys, jet lag is totally the answer to blogger creative blocks! Except now in the cold light of day some of them seem a bit daunting. So I will start with an easy one, not too taxing on my my brain or yours, hopefully!

Anyway, while we were on holiday, our flat had a new bathroom installed, after a years long back and forth with the landlord. Anyone who has seen my bathroom knows it was long overdue - we are talking avocado baths here, people. And a lack of ventilation than meant a never ending battle with mould. It was not pretty.

And so we arrived home on Friday, with slightly baited breath. We had been told what it was going to be like, but were very much still in "Believe it when we see it" mode. The house smelled of paint - a promising sign! And I noticed immediately there was a whole new door (the old one was a bit battered), and I opened it to see...

Not gonna lie, I felt a little bit like I was on The Price is Right "A brand new bathroom!" etc.

Our old bathroom had a tub, as it was a small bathroom and we never used it (mostly due to the tub being crappy at keeping water hot tbh) a space saving shower was put in. We knew about this, but I wasn't quite prepared for how small it would be...not exactly sure how I am going to shave my legs in it to be honest! ;-0...

Also I was unprepared for a mirror with UV lights...what is this grooviness?!

In place of a small corner cabinet for storage is this much larger one...

All in all a vast improvement.

Our old sink had no storage underneath, so again, this is a winner. ALSO we still had the old fashioned hot and cold water taps in our old bathroom (this is not that uncommon in older homes in Scotland!), so an actual modern tap that won't scald or freeze me is a most welcome addition!

Heated towel rail, whaaat!

And so, overall, a major improvement. They also installed a new fan so hopefully that will help keep  it ventilated. As with anything though, there are some minor niggles...

While the modern neutral finish is obviously nice, I do find it a bit cold/austere. My personal tastes are more Colonial meets Moroccan meets Vintage (it's totally a thing if my Pinterest decor board is anything to go by!).

The trouble with rented living, the husband and I agreed we both find it a bit "hotel like" and it will be tricky making it feel more personal as one of us thinks it's not ok to hang pictures in the brand spanking new room (one of us thinks whatever, like we are ever getting our deposit back anyway...;-0).

I don't love the grey everything. I think a light blue or even white wall would have looked nicer. It's definitely lacking colour. I hope to add some with accents like my blue starfish dish (shells courtesy of recent Florida beachcoming :-)

Also I now feel our old plastic storage case is suddenly very old/yellow looking! This definitely needs an update!

Also, we have a pretty major everyday use problem with the loo roll holder. It's one of those modern open ended ones, and it is far too close to the toilet (also it was installed backwards, cough), so it is impossible to sit on the toilet without knocking the stupid thing off. I am already finding this more annoying than Larry David finds life, at the moment we have given up on the thing entirely.

We lost around six inches of space with where the new toilet had been brought out from the wall, and it's obvious attention to detail wasn't involved with this, but it's not like I paid for it so what can I do really. It's a small price to pay I suppose, but in typical me fashion I'm already thinking "We need to move and I need to design my own bathroom so this kind of travesty never happens again!" ;-0

Anyway it's a BIG improvement, no question, and hopefully I will adjust without too much stress (I am pretty sure I am going to have to get creative with the leg shaving though - how do other people accomplish it with these types of showers?!).

Things I need to make this jazzy new bathroom more user friendly:

A shower caddy: I think I like this one.

A toothbrush holder: This one isn't exactly my taste but it is pretty/colourful and I am finding most bathroom accessories neutral, which is not what I'm after!

A very small bath mat (do these exist?!), and we can't get a toilet doo hickey mat either with the way the space has been cut down so I am struggling here.

Storage drawers: Again, struggling to find anything that is not neutral. I found this on ebay - it doesn't have enough drawers but I think the style is pretty/wouldn't clash too much with the modern-ness?

New hand towels, again, for some colour...I'm thinking blues or maybe even prints? Our old bathroom was too busy to contemplate such things but I think this one can handle it!

Anyway, how about you all, do you have any bathroom decorating tips for me? Are modern bathrooms your bag or are you like me/more into quirks and vintage charm? Is it weird I miss my avocado bath and peach walls just a tiny bit?!


  1. Hi Steff. I found your blog through the Blog Community on Google+. I didn't see pictures of your old bathroom but I think your new one is lovely! I love the shower but I see what you mean about shaving. I especially love the lighting. I've never seen that in a bathroom before. Love it.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Diane! I had never seen the lighted mirrors before either but they are everywhere online now that I have looked them up! :-)

  2. My bathroom is painted dark grey and I really like it. To soften it, I've used wicker baskets, one to store flannels, a large one to store cleaning stuff, and a third one for moisturisers, etc. Then I hung a matching woven heart on the wall and my step-mum made us a beautiful sort-of-mobile out of sea glass and driftwood. For small bathmats I found H&M really good (actually all their homeware is lovely). Finally, I have a plant in there - I find they immediately make any space feel less hotel-y. So! Those are my bathroom tips, haha!

    1. Thanks I will check out H&M, I am not 100% if ours have the homewares but I will look online! :-)Not hanging stuff on the wall is going to be a problem for me. Love the plant idea too, although no natural light so maybe a cactus! :-)

  3. How awesome to go on vacation and then come home to a new bathroom :) That heated towel rack, love! I'm a total novice on decorating so I have no tips or ideas, sorry. But a shower is so much more practical than a bath.

    1. It was nice, we had been waiting a long time though! :-) The shower proved pretty tricky shaving my legs yesterday... :-0

  4. The bathroom looks great! Although I could not do without a bath!

  5. Ooh, lovely! I can definitely see the need for some brightness, but it is very nice. "more annoying than Larry David finds life." HA HA HA