Sunday Confessions

I confess: Hi! So Becky (United States of Becky)& Heather  (It's like a potato) have had the genius idea to change up their Sunday Confessions logos, which I think is great, change is good. Unlike them I have no idea how to do a shareable html code, sorry, so go and check out their sites for more Sunday Confessions and the link up code if you feel like it! :-).

SO I thought I would change mine up too -it's all change here on the blog- ok a little bit of change, I went and made myself a shiny new blog header in Picmonkey in case you may not have noticed! I was bored with the non-jazzy one that came with my template. I think I like it, it's better than it was anyway! I am tech/anything design impaired so it actually took me a few hours to get right(!).The dragonfly is something sort of meaningful...I guess, I mean my one and only tattoo is of a dragonfly. It's going to sound weird but in recent years I have read more about the spiritual meaning/symbolism of dragonflies and that made me feel like I was meant to have it/it wasn't just a dumb impulsive 20 year old decision of mine!

The church pic above was taken several years ago in Stratford Upon Avon - it's the Church of the Holy Trinity, where the Bard himself is buried, kind of cool. I just realized there are no actual confessions in this confessions section so I confess, I was in Stratford Upon Avon to see David Tennant in Hamlet. It was my most outrageous birthday/Christmas present ever, but it was so worth it, and we both loved it, I think it actually opened the o.h.'s opinion a bit to live theater, so that was also good. Also I watched an old David Tennant crime mystery thing on Amazon this week, The Escape Artist. It was...o.k. So um yeah, I confess that I am a crazy David Tennant fangirl, and I don't know if I will even bother watching Jessica Jones without him!

I confess: I am going to be in Florida in just over 5 weeks (YAY), but I am freaking out a little because I haven't worked out since before I went to Massachusetts I guess. Gulp. I mean, I'm not someone who is like "Must be beach body ready", but I am someone who is "Must make stomach slightly less bulging so I can indulge in all of the fried seafood and ice cream I want on vacation and put it back on again!". Plus I just feel worse about myself when I am making no effort whatsoever. So someone yell at me to work out please, I have lost my mojo! Oh yeah, and my diet for the past couple of weeks has basically been:


I confess: I kind of want/do not want to see the Bridget Jones film all at once (deep I know). Just me? Did anyone see it this weekend?


  1. I never saw the first bridgit jones, but it just feels so late for a second one? i really feel like five years max for sequels.

    like the new graphic!!! i have spent more time than i'd like to admit trying to learn all the different photo altering websites. heaven forbid i try photoshop, that would be a disaster. so far i jump between picmonkey, befunky, and canva. canva i'm still learning.

    girl, you travel so much! eventually i will make it to the east coast, but most likely just disney world ha.

    i need to order a new cushion for my rowing machine cause the one my husband bought me just isn't cutting it. my ass is super boney apparently. le sigh. need to do some more squats. and by more I mean any.

    1. I feel like lately I am all "oh yeah, just travelling again, nbd" and I never want to seem like a smug brat about it. It was actually a pretty big decision for us to take this trip after my August trip and I feel like this whole year has really been way more than I deserve.

      I think I can say, from my knowledge of you, that you would really love Disney World. It is pretty awesome.

      I have a non bony butt but I can imagine the rower would very quickly be painful if the cushion wasn't good. I squat when I brush my teeth/am waiting for the microwave/that kind of random thing sometimes. It can add up, one day I must have done a bunch because the next day I was all "Why do my thighs hurt I haven't worked out" and I remembered the random squats.

      I think I tried canva once but it confused me. It took me a while but I feel like I am getting the hang of Pic Monkey. It crashes something on my p.c. though with intermittent blackouts. I will check out befunky, like the name! :-)

    2. And yeah, Bridget Jones they are acting like it's only been like 7 or 8 years since the first film when it's been ALMOST 20. Colin Firth looks like the Dad of his original character, it's a little depressing! Plus Bridget would actually be like 50 (and pregnant!) if it were in real time...which I mean fine but it does make the suspension of disbelief a bit weird.

    3. This is awesome! I envy how much you travel!
      I had noticed the header and I do love it I just actually didn't comment earlier because I was behind on comments and thought maybe I was too late to the game and was all "awkward way too behind to comment that I liked it." Now extra awkwardness and this is life.

  2. Haha, I have no desire to see Bridget Jones. But I'm jealous of your Florida trip! Take me!

    Corinne x

    1. I admit I love the first film to an embarassing degree! I will try to leave room in my suitcase! ;-)