Monday Motivation: My Weekly Exercise Log

Hi! So this week was...ok. Better than last week, anyway! I worked out twice, so I didn't hit my three workout weekly target but I'm pretty pleased, because I was soooo not in the mood, even once I got going, which normally once I get going I'm fine, but this week I was all blah and tired and not feeling it.

And when it came to going to Pilates, I lost my motivation entirely because you's summer. 

But hey ho, I did manage:

Davina: Buff Boxing, which I feel I'm getting the hang of now even if some of the lunges are a bridge too far, I can do this and not want to die now.

Davina: Cardio Box: My old faithful, even on a day where my brain was 99% not into it I can basically zone out and do it by heart and sometimes that's the best you can do.

I also walked some, and I counted calories a bit with MyFitnessPal, and I've been busy in my brain which always distracts me from wanting to exercise, so basically I'm pretty ok with how I did this week even though it wasn't amazing!

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