Monday Motivation: Exercise Log: Baby Steps

Hi there! So my first week back on the exercise train went....something like this....


I worked out...once (hangs head in shame). Not counting a few half hearted Pilates seshes in front of the t.v. (we start back up this week for a month though so that's good). I have many lame excuses, not sleeping well at all (I'm serious, I ran out of melatonin and they don't sell it in the U.K. so I'm pretty wired at night at the moment), getting obsessed with writing pitches for sites that accept freelance work that will never see the light of day, I was all kinds of busy with things other than exercise.

But still. Baby steps and all. I WILL do better this week, I probably can't work out today because I don't have the house to myself (and yeah I totally want to work out when I can't because I'm contrary like that!) but I think the key is starting early in the week, because after I work out I do feel more motivated the next day from residual endorphins and whatnot. I did:

Buff Boxing section of Davina Body Buff. My legs felt pleasantly used the next day, though I admit my knee was twinging a bit during it. Like a crazy person I have been looking at yet more Davina dvd's to aquire, because I get bored fast. Her latest ones seem to focus on short bursts, which I'm not convinced is the way to go for my needs. I don't know. Does anyone recommend any of her recent dvd's, or any other fitness dvd's to re-ignite my spark?

Food wise, I did...ok-ish. We went out for a 4th of July meal at a local "American" style place, Maggie's Grill, and I had the pulled beef brisket sandwich with a mac n cheese side, yum, but not exactly healthy! But ya know, holidays don't count?! ;-0

How about you, are you getting into any kind of exercise groove? Any tips for me?


  1. I love Maggies Grill! You don't have to be healthy when you eat out, to my mind.

  2. with the heat I have a hard time working out, so I haven't... I do try to do some stretches before bed but that's about it. it doesn't take much to dampen my motivation unfortunately.

  3. Seriously the only "tip" I would ever have is baby steps. If the only exercise you can do is one push up, or five minutes, just do that. I mean, I know I'm SO the person to give exercise advice, but you know.