Debenhams & Primark Mini Haul: Oops I Shopped Again.

So there will be no Monday Motivation Exercise log this week because...this past week was a complete and utter bust (hangs head in shame). I mean, there are lots of reasons (busy, lady time of the month, the sun was shining and I wanted to sit and bask in it, all that) but there are people who work out no matter how busy they are, so I really need to just stop being so lame sometimes. I guess the message here is don't get too cocky, because last week I was so ON it.

I'm not beating myself up too much though, I did walk a decent amount last week and I am feeling eager to get back into the swing of it this week. Also I have Pilates which I did not last week and for whatever reason having that one routine class does motivate me more to be more active the rest of the week.

ANYway...the sun has been shining here (I even got a sunburn oops!) which makes me just flat out happy. I cannot overemphasize what a game changer it is when you get actual summery weather here. SO yeah, I may have bought a few things last week I will be wearing once or twice here and then packing away for Florida (hopefully) in the Fall.

 I bought this sleeveless(!) blouse* from Maine New England at Debenhams (I would take a pic but it's in the wash as I already wore it) and it is really lovely and cool and yet I feel covered up too, winner.

I also bought some harem style pants I don't know why. They are comfy and lightweight and I guess I still feel odd wearing actual shorts when it's like 70 degrees out even though everyone else here does!

Ok so unsurprisingly these bad boys do not photograph particularly flattering, but I do not care because my legs are Vanilla Ice Ice cool baby!

These were on sale for 30% off along with most of Debenhams' own brand Collection: they have a few prints in this style including a groovy pink and purple pair  in the same cut which I might also have to scoop up. I don't see my b&w paisley print ones on the site but they had plenty left in store - though the summer clothes are dwindling now that it has finally become summery, of course!

They come up big, I am folding the waistband on these to minimize the "crotch bag" effect but I prefer them a bit roomy like this. They are super soft and lightweight, almost semi-sheer but not so sheer you can't just wear black undies and deal if you know what I mean. I think these will be perfect for the beach in a few months :-)

I also had a tiny little delve into Primark. Where I could not say no to what I think are these shockingly good Converse dupes:

Not bad, am I right? They were only £6, and to be honest I can no longer justify forking out £50 for Converse, which have NO support for my fallen arches (I will still wear my orthotics with these obvs) - these actually feel slightly more cushioned to me, and I was needing a plain, go with anything trainer (sneaker ;-0). The fashion trainer game in Primark is impressive at the moment, I was also eyeing up some pretty metallic rose gold ones.

Also in Primark I picked up a more next season type item: a warm-ish cardigan.

It's dreamy Aztec blankety goodness just called to me from across the shop floor, I was powerless, really! I bought a large and it's not super roomy but I don't even care, I love it so. It was £14 but I still had some leftover birthday pennies on a gift card so it only cost me £7. I won't lie, I also immediately though "Airplane sweater!" because I am a travel wardrobe obsessed nut. ;-0

Are you guys still scooping up things in the summer sales or are you ready for Autumn? It's a weird time of year here, because often August and September are much nicer than June & July in Scotland for summer weather (fingers crossed!), and yet in a couple of weeks there will be nothing but Fall/Winter stuff in the shops. I wish they gave us a bit longer to just live in the moment and enjoy where we are at, just me?

* Along with getting my arms out, I also did the whole "Walking around without something covering my butt" thing this week. CRAZY am I right? (I don't know if it is just me but I am a serial, lifelong butt coverer upper, I blame years of having a bubble butt when flat butts were in!). Here is a pic of me on Instagram, all  brazen like (shameless ploy for Insta follows, my Instagram game is um...getting there!)


  1. After a few sunny days, it is time for rainy summer day! Every night I say I should wake up early and take a long walk/run then it never happens because of the rain, it makes me a lazy person! Sleeveless blouse looks pretty, you will probably be able to wear it in Florida without covering yourself up :) I hope weather will be warmer in Scotland!

    Ela BellaWorld

    1. Ha ha we had plenty of rain today! Nice weather never lasts long up here in the North but I live in hope! ;-0 x

  2. I really need some new black Converse but might pick those excellent Primark lookalikes up instead - thanks for the tip! Love the trousers, also, not Vanilla Ice at all.

    1. Thanks Janet, I do think the faux converse seem pretty good value! I never know what to wear with the baggy jogger/harem pant...a top that is too baggy just makes me look pregnant, but they are not the most flattering on the old tuchus either!

  3. I've been trying not to buy clothes unless there is a specific occasion that I *need* something. Need being not really NEED cause my closet is full. But I feel if I buy something with a specific idea in mind, I will be more mindful of my shopping. I have too much I feel! Though I have lots of online shopping carts full ;)

    Those converse look a likes are soo soo similiar! And might even be better quality, even though I love my converse, I have noticed a steep decline since Nike took over. Bleh.

    1. Wow I didn't realize that Nike took over them! I have no real "need" of clothes, but I always find a need! Though I went through a real dry patch of not buying much all spring/summer so I don't feel too bad! Filling up online shopping carts is super satisfying, I totally do that too! And then when you go back like a week later and it has still saved it and you're all "What was I thinking?!" ;-0